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How to Manifest Your Dream House using LOA

How to Manifest Your Dream House

Do you dream of owning your own home? Your dream home?

In this article, you are going to find the steps on how to manifest your dream house.

You might wonder how, but it’s a simple concept, based on the principles of the law of attraction.

The Law of the Law of Attraction states that if we can focus our thoughts on a specific goal, or physical result that we will attract it into our lives – that our thoughts become our reality.

People have used the Law of Attraction for success in their relationships, their businesses, and their careers, and by manifesting physical objects like money, cars, and houses in their lives.

Maybe now is time to find how to manifest your dream house.


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Subliminal Messages

By using subliminal messages you can achieve a much better result with the law of attraction – you can naturally try without the subliminal.

But if you neglect the subconscious element completely then you cannot achieve the result you want. really.

This is because in your subconscious mind there will be negative thoughts and a lack of belief in the principle that you can think of something physical and manifest it in your life.

As long as these beliefs exist, they prevent you from having the desired result.

However, when you add subliminal messages to your efforts to reprogram those negative beliefs, fill your mind with positive thoughts and focus on your goals of attraction.

So be sure you can start manifesting abundance and deserving it.

In this case, of attracting your dream home.


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Determination and Intention

Let me share a simple success story from a friend of mine who use the Law of Attraction to manifest the dream house.

Since he had decided to live in Florence, Italy, he was looking for an apartment. He had a whole list of criteria as to what he was looking for:

He absolutely wanted a two-room apartment, in the city centre, bright, modern, upstairs… etc.

However Florence is a rather expensive city, and he was facing some obstacles against him: He is French, and a self-entrepreneur (paying her taxes in France), so without a permanent contract,

But he was determined to find this apartment. Better yet, he knew he was going to find it.

Quite simply because he knew deep down that it was a choice calling him, that it was the right path to follow.

At the beginning of his research, he kindly declined my profile and the calls were linked without ever ending in a visit.

The prices were high, and the period was not ideal for the market.

Of course,  he has had doubts several times when faced with these obstacles. Like everyone else, he asked himself: “Is this the right time?”,

“Is this really where I should go?”, “Do I have to lower my criteria?”…

But deep down, if he listened to his heart despite the difficulties, he knew very well that the decision was made. That sounded right.

My friend applied visualization and trusted the process.  After a month, he found the place he was looking for, on a budget.


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What to do to attract the dream house?

Now is the time to resort to visualization, or “mental theatre” to attract that dream home with the law of attraction.

I can’t promise you success every time. I can only tell you that I have witnessed hundreds of instances where the technique of visualization and the law of attraction have worked perfectly.

As if by magic, am I tempted to add.

I have repeatedly resorted to visualization to attract what I wanted to me with the law of attraction.

Despite the many successes I have had, I am always amazed. Things happen so mysteriously …

But let’s get back to our problem which will probably be fixed shortly.


Is this dream home nowhere to be found?


And for the following simple reason: whether it is sentimentally, professionally or materially, as in the case which concerns us, tell yourself that your thoughts can bring you into the presence of the dream house by the simple power of the law of attraction.

That dream home you are looking for exists, you just need to use your subconscious and the law of attraction to attract it to you. In any case, this is how one of my friends proceeded, who then told me about his “wonderful” adventure.

It was the first time he had used the visualization technique I had told him about sometime before, he said, ” try to attract his dream house.


Destiny tuning manifestation miracle

Another Visualization Success Story

He could not believe his eyes. Here is his testimony.

Once put into a state of self-hypnosis, I emphasize that he was in his beginnings since he had only known this technique for a few weeks and that moreover, he retained a little bit of scepticism which was soon lifted by the miraculous results he obtained.

He saw himself with as much detail as possible arriving in front of the house of his dreams.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for him because he had been “hacking my ears” for hours, having himself made plans, one day, with the idea of ​​building it himself.

He saw this dream house exactly as he wanted it, as he had sketched it on paper. The storefront was exactly as he wanted it to be. And the front door, what class …

Besides, he felt he was anxious to enter. His wonder only grew once he did.

He saw the house of his dreams with a skylight. It was his dream. Or rather that of his wife. But whatever, they shared everything since they loved each other.

The kitchen was perfectly functional. In the living room, a fireplace. The parterre was already planted. He certainly wasn’t going to complain about that, since he wasn’t too keen on manual work.

As for forging a dream, you might as well forge it according to your most precise wishes.

Besides, in his flowerbed, he saw his favourite trees growing, exuberant health. In one corner, he imagined a small garden where his wife could grow some vegetables.

The only annoyance in all of this was that he only had a fairly small amount of money to spend on buying this house. Now, “ his dream house ” was probably worth a third more than what he had.

I had explained to him, however, that he should not bother with such details. His subconscious through the law of attraction would obey his dream, his order.

A week later, I received an enthusiastic phone call from my friend. He had just discovered this dream house. He had just found his dream home.



Positive visualization on How to Manifest your dream house

Here is a practical visualization exercise to attract your dream home using the law of attraction. We will see step by step how to attract the dream house.

  1. To begin with, adopt an attitude of benevolence, of non-judgment towards yourself and all those around you. it is essential to attract your dream home.
  2. take something to write down, and separate your sheet into two columns with a line. On the left column, write down the things you don’t like about your current home.
  3. Things that bother you, that are not appropriate to your daily life, everything that is wrong with who you are … Write down broadly, without stressing these points. Then on the right column, in front of the defects, you put what you want. this is the second step to attracting your dream home.
  4. For example, I want to live in the city l live in the countryside
  5. When you are finished, eliminate the left part by tearing the sheet and keep only the right part. Then there you add the things that you already have and that you like, that you want to keep.

And then, add points that come to you in addition.

Be generous with yourself, but make sure that your desire arises from a pleasant feeling. For example, as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t thrill me to add a Ferrari or a tennis court!

Read your list quietly, and add other ingredients, if the need arises. At the same time, begin to visualize these things coming together in a project, inside of you. If you can’t see anything, just act as you do. Try to find images when you close your eyes.


Positive Visualization:  You are now ready to begin visualizing your dream home.

    1. Isolate yourself for a little while longer.
    2.  This moment may be after the previous exercise
    3. Sit comfortably.
    4. Close your eyes, and take a moment to relax your body. Relax your face: forehead, temples, eyes, nose, mouth, jaws … then your neck, shoulders, back, chest … Feel your buttocks resting on the seat … Release your legs: your thighs, knees, calves, then your feet.

The Process

    1. Calm your mind. ..
    2. Also, breathe slowly and deeply three times … Place your hands on your abdomen if necessary to feel the air flowing through your body. Breathe in through your nose, hold, then breathe out slowly through your mouth. take your time…
    3. Feel this wave of relaxation throughout your body.
    4. In imagination, see yourself walking along a path; you feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. While walking you see a wonderful house, the dreamed-up house – your new home; feel the joy that runs through you as you walk up to the front door and insert the key into the lock. You slowly open the door and enter; What do you see? A smile appears on your face as you discover the interior and take the first steps into your home. You notice the decoration, appreciate the choice of colours and are delighted with the effect this visit has on you.
    5. Take the time to look at this wonderful home again.
    6. Visit the different rooms of the house … Discover, until you feel deeply at home. it is the dream house.
    7. Smell the smells … in the kitchen, your favourite dish is almost ready to be served, smell, until you feel the taste of it!
    8. There are sounds too: welcome the music to your favourite corner … then head outside the house. See the surrounding landscape: perhaps you have a direct view of the sea, the mountains, the countryside, or even a city landscape …
    9. You feel the sun on your face and feel immense gratitude.
    10. You enter your home again and return to your favourite chair. To once again enjoy that satisfaction of having attracted that longed-for desire … your dream home.
    11. Let this feeling of well-being rise in you
    12. You will come back whenever you want, listening to your breathing.
    13. Feel your body perfectly relaxed.
    14. You will move again, starting with your fingers, hands, legs, and feet, and you stretch!


How to manifest your dream house final

By practising this exercise regularly, you will surely attract your dream home by the law of attraction.

It’s proven, We attract to ourselves what we think about regularly; whether for good or for bad through the law of attraction.

The reason why we should only entertain positive thoughts. Otherwise, our life may well be a disaster.

The dream home is within your reach, but you just need to know how to attract it through the law of attraction and your subconscious mind.


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