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369 Manifestation Method to Achieve Everything You Want

369 Manifestation Method

In the world of manifestation methods, the 369 Manifestation Method has gotten substantial attention.

Recently the 369 manifestation method has become a trend on social media sites, especially in videos on Youtube and TikTok.

It is said that this method or technique can achieve anything that one sets out to do.

It is said to have come from the Serbian-Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who drove pioneering developments in electrical energy technology.

Looking at Tesla’s biography we should not be surprised that he focused some efforts trying to study the energy field and the way our minds can influence its behaviour.

In this write-up, we will certainly explore the depths of this method, explore its variations, and also understand exactly how it can be harnessed successfully to bring your desires to fulfilment.


How to Manifest Properly

Occasionally obtaining what we desire can feel like a genuine battle am I right?

Maybe you’ve been burning the midnight oil on a project and also despite your best shots points simply don’t appear to be removed.

Or do you seem like your partner has been ignoring you recently as well and you have no suggestion why? (check out our potent honey container love spell or some love spells that function).

Perhaps things at the office aren’t going as well as you would certainly hope and also you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. (Check out our spell for job success).

For a lot of us, life can feel like an uphill struggle as well and regardless of our best efforts, we discover ourselves worn down and disappointed at the end of the day.

We ask ourselves why our actions have, once again, stopped working to create the results we’d expected and feel a little disillusioned with life.

If you can connect to any one of these you’ve come to the best place.

With each other, we’re going to uncover just how you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you want without leaving you feeling like you’ve been surrendered by a truck at the end of the day.

You may have heard the expression that ‘everything is energy’ am I right?

Or maybe you have stumbled upon the famous quote by Nikola Tesla which states “If you want to discover the tricks of deep space, think in terms of energy, regularity as well as vibration.”

Understanding how to show up, simply put, implies collaborating in harmony with, as opposed to against the energies of the universe to attract the things which you desire into your direct experience.

Collaborating with the 4444, which mentions that ‘that which is alike is drawn unto itself’, manifesting appropriately involves tuning into the frequency of that which you prefer to become like a magnet to it, consequently drawing increasingly more of it into your experience.

This must be done in a very easy way without ‘attempting also hard’ as this would directly oppose the vibration of convenience as well as the flow that we are aiming to attain.

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What is the 369 Manifestation Method

The 369 manifestation method is a paradigm or exercise of practice as well as recurring thoughts throughout one’s day that functions as a tool.

It is among the different manifestations of writing methods or scripting.

It is based on strong affirmations that you accept absolutely and use as a mantra.

Its function is specific to show up or come up with anything you prefer. from the Universe.

You do this by using regular and particularly worded affirmations that assist your subconscious mind in believing that you already have what you want.


The Origins of the 369 Manifestation Method

The 369 Manifestation Method, as its name recommends, revolves around the numbers 3, 6, as well as 9.

But what’s the importing these numbers? To comprehend this approach, we have to delve into its historical context.

Nikola Tesla, the play played Serbian-Croaatan innovator, played a crucial role in the beginning of this approach.

Understood for his innovative work in electrical power modern technology, Tesla’s attraction with the numbers 3, 6, and 9 unveils a much deeper link with deep space.

We’ll check out just how Tesla’s beliefs and convictions straighten with the core principles of the 369 Manifestation Method.


But, why the numbers 3– 6– 9?

The synchronicity of these specific numbers is in direct correlation with the Universe

  • The number three is substantial because is it the direct link to the Source/Universe.
  • Six represents the inmost strength we have within ourselves.
  • Nine is by moving on from the past and helps release any kind of feelings of self-doubt or negative thoughts.

As someone who has been practising the law of attraction often for over a decade currently, I have never stumbled upon this certain method till lately through a close friend.

I’m not sure exactly how deeply I resonate with the significance of the numbers three, 6, and 9, yet I do consider myself broad-minded to try brand-new points.

With that, I do not find it necessary to agree with every single element of ideological background.

I am fine with tweezing out little bits and also pieces from a suggestion, unique to me or not, that might offer to benefit me as well as enhance my general feeling of wellness.

So I determined to try the 3– 6– 9 technique to help ensure I am picked for a specific task I am in the process of interviewing with.


369 Manifestation Method: Why Nikola Tesla?

First of all, someone may have attributed this method to inventor Nikola Tesla in the course of the viral spread of 369.

This is even the more likely option. There is one important reason for choosing him as a reference person: Tesla was probably obsessed with the 3 and its multiples.

He considered the series of 3 numbers to be a “new law of nature” that underlies the cosmos and all other laws.

He probably linked this conviction with a solid superstition: he only chose hotel rooms with a number divisible by 3, he cleaned his dishes with 18 napkins and initially walked around a house that he wanted to enter 3 times.

This type of eccentricity is also known by other geniuses and is considered forgivable. However, using them for new hype is at least questionable.



How Does the 369 Manifestation Method Work?

There are several options for this. Number 1 seems the most believable:


369 Manifestation Method Variant# 1:

This variant is all about setting a clear goal and speaking it out loud 3 times in the morning, 6 times at noon 9 times in the evening, or both.

The method thus serves to firmly anchor this goal, whereby the repetition must be more impressive and therefore more frequent during the day due to the decreasing concentration.

The fact that this happens with a frequency divisible by 3 is again attributed to Nikola Tesla, who was downright obsessed with the number 3 and its multiples (see below).

Maybe 2, 4 and 6 times or 4, 8 and 12 times would also be helpful. In any case, such persistent repetition can of course anchor the goal very firmly in the subconscious.


369 Manifestation Method Variant# 2:

The second interpretation of the method boils down to the fact that you can use it to “manipulate” other people – for example, to make contact with yourself.

This should work via explicit messengers or social media portals.

Again, however, your imagination is required: If you want to use the 369 manifestation method to induce someone to contact you, you must first imagine who this person should be 3 times.

Then think 6 times for a reason and in the end even 9 times.  t. Some propagators of Variation # 2 claim that it works.


369 Manifestation Method Variant# 3:

As if variant # 2 wasn’t esoteric enough, there is also a third version: We are all in a “matrix” and need the 369 methods to leave it.

Funny: connoisseurs of the film of the same name always believed that the red pill was enough for this.

Be that as it may: Since the red pill is not at hand, we have to imagine, as usual, first 3, then 6 and then 9 times in the morning, noon and evening that our surroundings are not real.

Then we can break out. If that works, however, we cannot go back.

Therefore, those who succeeded in Method # 3 cannot tell us about it. But we cannot refute that no one has made it yet. Isn’t that a clever theory?

Then there are warnings about method 369: Allegedly, it can conjure up “bad things”. Warner claims that it can make someone seriously ill and even die.


Nikola Tesla Anverso De El Dinar - Foto gratis en Pixabay

Using the 369 Manifestation Method

I want to make it easy for you so here is an easy 3 steps technique you can apply for using the 369 manifestation method.


Step 1

Obtain a pen and paper and begin with this method as quickly as you awaken.

An example declaration comparable to the one I am currently practising:

  • “I am so thankful for my job at ____.
  • It exceeds my expectations and I am treated with respect and also thoroughly enjoy my job.
  • I am so excited to have the possibility to embrace my enthusiasm for composing and material production each day at work with advantages.
  • I feel that I am valued by my manager and group and I am so grateful.”

Each early morning, you will compose the same statement three times, as well as try your hardest to stay clear of any other distractions.

It is extremely important that you remain focused and also get in a place where you get on the vibration of getting.

This message must be seventeen seconds long.

According to Abraham Hicks, the law of attraction as well as manifestation professional, seventeen secs of a pure idea is what obtains the sphere rolling as well as ignites the beginning of manifestation.

During these seventeen seconds, we should not negate our needs or enable any kind of uncertainty to slip in.

This will decrease the momentum as well as serve no function at all. Though challenging initially, the technique makes perfect.



Avoid ending up being irritated if your mind wanders off throughout these seventeen seconds.

Additionally, steer clear of promoting any type of sensations of compulsive objectives or underlying feelings of lack.

If you are incapable of regulating uncertain feelings, you will create resistance as well and absolutely nothing will certainly result from all your hard work.

Take a go back, facilitate yourself, and also come back to reciting your affirmations when you are at the very least in a neutral way of thinking.

You will at some point, often swiftly reach a factor where you genuinely, deeply feel that what you are asking the Universe/God/ Source/etc, for will certainly concern you.

If you are new to deliberate manifestation, in time you will come to know the wildly different sensations of absence vs. true recognizing in your heart that your desires will pertain to fulfilment.


Step 2

In the afternoon and in the middle of the chaos of our day, it’s easy to ignore our manifestations.

It may likewise be tough to enter a favourable mindset and become focused on the vibration we are looking to be in.

One of the highlights of this approach is to train our minds to enter and also stay in this high-frequency vibration throughout the day.

This will certainly aid us to remain on track to manifest generally as well as more quickly.

The more frequently we duplicate these affirmations, the quicker our subconscious will adapt to believing it is true. Now of day, you need to document the same declaration from the early morning a total amount of 6 times.

Attempt not to consider it a part of your everyday self-care. After you create it, you can duplicate the statement six breaks loud (with interest, not desperation!)

Advise yourself that this is the fact you prefer as well as will have it.


Step 3

Before your head strikes the cushion for the evening, it’s time to get out your notepad and document this affirmation once more 9 times.

This will certainly be followed by you reciting it 9 times out loud promptly before rest.

This is such a critical step since during sleep, our mind does a lot of settling of what has built up throughout the day. With no external disturbances that might potentially impact our vibration, we should make use of allowing those thoughts to sit in the mind undisturbed.

It can be the fast-track method to reprogram your mind when make use of it successfully.


369 manifestation method


Practising 369 Manifestation Method

We practice the 3– 6– 9 approach in an initiative to rewire our minds.

When we initially begin this brand-new technique, it’s normal and also natural to experience a mind that leaves our body oppressive and doubtful ideas.

However, when we continually imagine, our mind can not tell the distinction between a memory, a desire, or if something is comprised just because we feel like it.

When we affirm and also imagine without any kind of resistance, we allow the belief to stay in our minds.

When you make use of the 3– 6– 9 methods and continually put forth the energy to produce the life you desire, you should try your best to stay within the positioning.

It is so vital to hold yourself at the vibration of receiving and also recognise that you will receive all that you asked for.

At times this might be tough– especially when you are trying to materialize something you seriously require or want like a job, vehicle, cash, and even a relationship.

However, it is suggested to repeat your exercise affirmation throughout the day to keep you feeling good.

When you are on a positive vibration, or even neutral, you get on vibration to approve as well as receive. Get delighted! (Yet not also ecstatic that you begin to experience feelings of resistance.).


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Personal Experiences as well as Professional Insights

As a person who has submersed myself on the planet of manifestation for over a year, I was presented with the 369 Manifestation Method through a buddy.

While I may not comprehend the profound significance of the numbers 3, 6, as well as 9, I remain broad-minded about the potential advantages of this technique.

Resolving Common Inquiries and Doubts

Is the 369 Manifestation Method Effective?

One typical concern that develops is whether the 369 Manifestation Method yields outcomes.

Apprehension is all-natural, yet the essential hinges on recognizing the underlying concepts as well as staying committed to the method.


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Materializing Your Desires

It’s very easy to materialize something you do not desire yet might think about wanting.

Just the other day, a buddy, as well as I, talked about the highest-paying nearby towns we might babysit in.

And that evening on Facebook, I found a listing for a childcare gig in a certain town we discussed in detail.

If you don’t proactively practice LOA or manifesting, you might take into consideration that a coincidence and not such a big deal at all.

Directly, I do not rely on coincidences and I felt that I had shown up on that task listing without truly attempting.

If you’re brand-new to manifesting, you mustn’t compel a timeline on your manifestation concerning when you want something to take place.

This will naturally incur resistance and force you into a vibration of desperation, regardless of exactly how sure of yourself you will certainly materialize by that specific date.

When I’m manifesting, I seldom put a timeline on it as well as merely explain in words that the Universe will certainly approve my need( s) in divine timing.

That’s not to say that it is difficult to materialize something in as brief as a couple of days.

I leave that component approximately the Universe!


Law of Attraction Techniques

When utilizing this technique or others about the law of attraction do not hesitate to request an indicator that your manifestation is on its means to you.

While we materialize, time doesn’t exist. Time is simply a social construct since, in truth, all that exists in the current.

If you think about the timing of your manifestation and enable it to leak right into your mind, you are informing the Universe that you will manifest this, that, or the various other things in the future that you are currently waiting for this manifestation ahead to you.

When we remove any type of feeling of time from the equation and experience the sensations of having it now, we are continuing to be straightened with our desires and informing our subconscious that we have it currently.

Do not stare at the clock. Know that it is on its method to you.

Your desires are in your vortex merely awaiting you to accept them with open arms.


369 manifestation


FAQ about the 369 Method

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the 369 manifestation method:

1. What is the correct way to do the 369 method?

The 369 method involves writing your desired affirmation three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before bed. It’s important to write your affirmation in the present tense, as if you’ve already achieved your goal.

2. What is the 3 day manifestation technique?

There isn’t a widely recognized “3 day manifestation technique.” The 369 method might be confused with another technique due to the number sequence. The 369 method itself doesn’t have a specific timeframe attached to it.

3. What is the 369 manifestation law?

The 369 method isn’t a law, but rather a manifestation technique based on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a belief system that suggests positive thoughts and affirmations can attract positive outcomes.

4. Which is the most powerful manifestation technique?

There’s no single “most powerful” manifestation technique. The effectiveness of any technique depends on the individual and their level of belief and commitment. Experiment with different methods like visualization, journaling, or gratitude practices to find what resonates most with you.

5. How long does it take for the 369 method to work?

There’s no guaranteed timeframe for the 369 method to work. Manifestation can be a continuous process, and results may vary depending on your goal and the effort you put into achieving it.


Additional Resources:



Video: 369 Manifestation Method



Final thought

To conclude, the 369 Manifestation Method uses an exciting trip into the world of manifestation.

By recognizing its background, versions, as well as potential impact, you can harness its power to straighten your power with your needs.

Bear in mind, that manifestation is a journey that calls for devotion, an open mind, and a willingness to explore the undetected pressures that shape our truth.





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After reading the guide, I will send you information and exercises I never share in public.

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369 Manifestation Method

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