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Train Your Brain to Think Clearly : Tony Robbins & Joe Dispenza

Train your brain 

Ever felt like your mind is stuck on autopilot? Do you yearn for sharper focus, improved memory, and a more agile intellect?

The good news is, you’re not limited by your current mental capacity.

Just as you train your body to become stronger and faster, you can train your brain to reach new levels of performance and unlock its hidden potential.

This article is your knowledge bomb, detonating a compelling understanding of brain training and its transformative effects.

Discover the science-backed methods, practical exercises, and inspiring insights that will empower you to boost your cognitive abilities, enhance your mental agility, and unlock a world of possibilities.

Within these pages, you’ll learn:

  • The secrets of neuroplasticity: Uncover the remarkable ability of your brain to change and adapt throughout life.
  • Powerful techniques for memory enhancement: Learn proven methods to remember names, faces, facts, and more with ease.
  • Strategies to boost your focus and concentration: Discover how to sharpen your attention and filter out distractions.
  • Effective ways to improve your problem-solving skills: Develop your critical thinking and find creative solutions to any challenge.
  • Exercises to enhance your learning and comprehension: Accelerate your learning process and retain information more effectively.

This is not just theory. This guide is packed with real-life examples and actionable tips that you can immediately implement into your daily routine.

You’ll also find inspiring stories of individuals who have transformed their cognitive abilities through brain training, demonstrating the unlimited potential that lies within each of us.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and mental empowerment?

Start by detonating this knowledge bomb and let the insights explode, igniting your curiosity and fueling your desire to train your brain and unleash the hidden potential within you.


Train Your Brain

Your mind can find out and also grow as you age– a procedure called brain plasticity– but for it to do so, you have to educate it often.  You have to train your brain.

Changing the ideas that we accept throughout our lives is necessary to remove any lack from the past.

It is not easy to “unlearn” all the things stored in our minds, but it is a real adventure to start changing our thoughts into positive ones.

It is said thoughts become things so if you are full of negativity, bad concepts and doubts.

Remember, the apple tree bears apples and the banana tree bears bananas. What can a mind full of scarcity and suffering give?



Reframe your purposeless ideas.

Assuming points like “This will never work,” or “I’m such a pinhead.

I simply messed up whatever” isn’t useful, because unfavourable predictions tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies and exaggeratedly adverse thoughts prevent you from taking favourable action.

However, the good news is that you can respond to purposeless ideas with even more practical declarations.

Find more on using positive affirmations.

When you think, “No person is ever going to employ me,” remind yourself, “If I maintain striving to try to find work, I’ll enhance my opportunities of obtaining work.”

Or when you are thinking, “This is most likely to be a calamity,” try to find evidence that your initiatives might be a success.

After that, develop a more well-balanced declaration, such as “There’s a chance this won’t work out, however, there’s additionally a possibility I could be successful. All I can do is my best.”


Create an individual concept.

Analyze your unfavourable thought patterns. Do you call on your names, or talk yourself out of doing things where you might stop working?

Identify these patterns, then develop a personal rule you can make use of to talk back to the adverse messages.

Repeating things like “Make it take place” or “Do your best” disregard the negativity and, with time, you’ll expand to believe those declarations more than the undesirable things you’ve been informing yourself.

These are known as affirmations or mantras and are excellent tools to train your brain to set positive ideas.


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Steps to Train Your Brain Meditating


 20 minutes of Resting Reflection

One of the most exciting training I have found to train your brain is called “MAP”.  MAP means “MENTAL AND PHYSICAL”

This train of your brain program begins with 20 minutes of mental training with resting reflection.

In typical circles, the sort of meditation we exercise is most comparable to Zen reflection. To start, simply sit down directly, either cross-legged on the flooring or in a straight-back chair.

It might appear unpleasant initially, yet you will get used to it (a little bit!).

Now place your hands on your lap with the palms of your hands facing up. Place the right hand under your left hand and allow your thumbs to be freely touched.

Hold your arms a little away from the body but freely at your side.

You can either shut your eyes or leave them half-open as well as focus 3 feet in front of your legs. The idea is to be rather comfortable yet nevertheless not so comfortable that you go to sleep. The idea is to be “awake.”.

Begin by concentrating your interest on your breathing. Amusing just how you commonly do not discover that you are taking a breath.

This is why most meditation practices start with the breath. The breath is always with us and also constantly changing and yet we seldom pay attention to it.

Now begin to discover exactly how the air goes in as well as out. Do you see that little space in time between the out-breath and the in-breath?

This tiny space is often called the “little death.” Focus on this room and just consider that room as “one.” See one more breath come and go and then count the next space as “two.” See if you can get to a thousand! If you shed matter, just return to one.

Learn, neglect and keep in mind. This is how we discover. So don’t chastise yourself when you lose matter because you will– everybody does.

Simply observe when you lose matter, allow the idea to go, whatever it was and afterwards return to the breath.

After you practise such as this a couple of times, you will learn more about your mind– the sorts of ideas that inhabit your mind as well as brain every day as well and perhaps also obtain a peek into the person you are between all the thoughts.

As Socrates was recognized to stated– “If I do not require time to recognize my mind, that will?”.

Just sit in silence for 20 mins. It is tough as well as tough to do. It is effortful. This is why it is called “brain training.” You are providing your mind with a workout, no question.

When the bell or timer rings, STEP ONE is over and also it is time to stretch out your legs before you as well as even rub your feet a little bit to get some blood moving.

Do not fret if they are asleep or feel tingly. I have it on the great authority they will not diminish. Simply slowly stand, once again in silence.


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10 Minutes of Strolling Meditation to Train Your Brain

Currently, we are most likely to do some strolling reflection – for 10 minutes.

Merely stand up and start to stroll EXTREMELY GRADUALLY.

You can stroll anywhere yet if you remain in a group, walk in a large circle. If you are alone, you might stroll in a straight line back and forth throughout the space.

The idea is to move your focus from your breath to your feet.

To do this, put your hands behind your back in a light hold and also start to feel your feet.

Take note of the weight in your feet as well as feel the transfer of weight from the ball of your foot to the heel of the next foot as the weight changes to the opposite of your body.

We stroll constantly however seldom consider it. So allow’s consider it.

When you stop considering your feet, discover them and also just bring your interest back to your feet. It may seem foolish but remember that you are discovering an ability– a brain ability that you can utilize regularly in your day-to-day life.

Yet you have to train your brain to discover this brand-new skill. Just be patient and don’t remain in a rush.

Nevertheless, this is the only minute that exists.

Find more on how to reprogram your mind here.


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30 Minutes of Aerobic Workout

The last step of MAP Training is half an hour of cardiovascular exercise. The goal is to move the blood into the brain.

You can do this in any way you desire– operate on a treadmill or elliptical equipment, rotate inside or out, swim, or whatever it requires to obtain your heart rate in the cardiovascular area.

Heat up for concerning 5 minutes. And then get involved in it. Heart rate must be maintained between 60-80% of your maximum heart rate for most of the thirty minutes. To determine the best array, subtract your age from 220.

After that increased by 0.6. This will certainly offer you 60% off. Do the same for 80%. Now compute your real heart price. Just place two fingers on the side of your neck until you feel the pulse, which is blood being pumped from your heart into your brain.

Count the number of pulses in 10 seconds, and then multiply that number by 6. This is your heart rate in beats per minute. Now you have all the numbers you need to finish up this session of MAP Training.

Check your pulse a few times while you are exercising to stay in the range.

After 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, cool down for a few minutes and you are done. You can now reap the benefits of MAP Training!

Try to do one session twice a week. Pay attention to how you feel after you are done. Then use this memory to help you do it again … and again … and again, until it becomes a habit.

AND REMEMBER– MAP Training is a learning experience– so keep learning, forgetting, remembering that you forgot and learning again!

Here are 5-night practices you can use effectively.



Video: Train Your Brain to Think More Clearly


Date: 2019-06-20 11:00:05

train your own brainTrain Your Brain to Think More Clearly | TONY ROBBINS & DR JOE DISPENZA *CREDIT Tony Robbins Visit Tony Robbins.

In this video two of the most known Law of Attraction, mentors talk about how to train your brain to think clearly so you can reach your goals in a better way.

This video is a must if you want to change your life for the better.


Frequently Asked Questions about Training Your Brain

1. How long does it take to see results from brain training?

The timeframe for seeing results from brain training varies depending on the specific program, the intensity of your training, and your individual baseline performance. Some studies show improvements within weeks, while others suggest it can take months to see significant changes. Consistency is key, so aim for regular training sessions to maximize your results.

2. Are there any risks involved in brain training?

Brain training is generally considered safe for most individuals. However, it’s important to choose reputable programs and avoid unrealistic claims. If you have any pre-existing cognitive concerns, consult with a doctor before starting any brain training program.

3. What are some alternatives to brain training games?

While brain training games can be a fun and engaging way to challenge your cognitive skills, there are many other ways to keep your brain sharp. Activities like learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, reading challenging books, engaging in social activities, and getting regular exercise can all contribute to cognitive health.

4. Can brain training help prevent age-related cognitive decline?

Research suggests that brain training may help slow down age-related cognitive decline and improve cognitive function in older adults. However, more research is needed to determine the long-term effects of brain training on overall brain health.

5. Where can I find free or low-cost brain training resources?

There are many free or low-cost brain training resources available online and through libraries. Some reputable options include Lumosity (, Elevate (, and websites like PBS Learning (


Additional Resources:



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