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10 Best Manifestation Methods According to LOA Experts

Manifestation is the result of applying the Law of Attraction using manifestation methods.

That means that manifesting means materializing into the real world what you are focusing on by your thoughts, feelings, emotions or acts.

The Law of Attractions states “Like attracts like” so, when you want to manifest anything, it all starts with your thoughts.

Have it clear.  Your thoughts have the potential to manifest in your life, according to the law of attraction.

If you think positively and envision yourself having enough money to live comfortably, for example, you will attract possibilities that will allow you to realize your dreams.

How do I start manifesting what I want?

I asked different experts and this is the result of that research.



Manifestation Methods

Manifestation is the result of materializing into reality what you wish for using the power of thought.

It is easier said than done, but there are ways to make it possible.

But manifesting can be done in a variety of ways, including prayer, meditation, visualization, saying your intentions out, creating a vision board, and/or creating a “future box,” which is a container filled with photographs of goods you wish to manifest.

Affirmations are encouraging and motivating comments that you make to yourself. For example, you might say “I am confident and capable”.

Visualizations are pictures that represent what you wish to happen in your life.

You might envision yourself getting a promotion at work, for example.

Talking to God or a Higher Power to receive assistance in manifesting your desires is known as prayer.

Let me guide you through the different manifestation methods.



The activity of visualizing what you wish to achieve in the future is known as visualization.

As if it were still the case now. The five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing are all used.

The act of visualizing trains your subconscious to recognize the eventual objective you’ve set for yourself.

To get the most out of visualization, use all of your senses. Incorporate the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch into your practice.

If you get distracted, don’t be too hard on yourself. If this happens, return your attention to your visualization and the exercise.

You can use vision boards for your visualization practices.

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Meditation can be used as a great manifestation method indeed.

When you practice meditation, all your senses are focused in one direction, so your thoughts, feelings, emotions and breath become one.

In addition, meditation’s relaxing response lowers metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate, respiration, and brain waves.

As the body hears a gentle massage to relax, tension and rigidity drain from muscles.

Meditation’s effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

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Positive affirmations are positive remarks that can assist you in overcoming self-defeating and negative thinking.

You can start to see positive improvements if you repeat them frequently and trust in them.

Affirmations can help you increase your self-esteem by increasing your positive view of yourself as well as your belief in your capacity to attain your goals.

They can also help with anxiety’s associated sensations of panic, stress, and self-doubt.

Find out more about affirmations here.



Scripting is a manifestation technique similar to visualization, although it is better for persons who have trouble getting their thoughts to function.

Writing (literally, scripting) out the life you want in the present tense as if it’s already in the works is an element of the Law of Attraction.

Depending on how many times you write your goal, there are numerous variations on this strategy.

You only have to script once if you want to.

It’s not about how many you have, but how good they are.

You will be able to construct a powerful screenplay that will place you in vibrational alignment with your desire if you follow some easy steps.

Find out more about scripting here.



It is known that gratitude is a great force that makes your life a better one.

When you are thankful you are in a state of grace and elevate your vibrations to the highest levels.

Many experts think that practising gratitude is one of the best ways to manifest what they want and made out of this is one of their favourite manifestation methods.

When you practice gratitude you are not only able to manifest your desires but become a better human being.

Learn more about gratitude here


Mind Reprogram

The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed.

When we were all very little, we were all programmed. Even before we were born, the programs were in place.

We were already programmed in the womb.

Patience, commitment, and moment-by-moment intention are all necessary factors in rewiring your brain to be more positive.

Start the 30-day negative thinking stop challenge today, and you’ll see a difference in just 30 days. This can influence your mood and perspective on the world.

You can use any of the manifestation training programs available that are going to help you a lot.

If you want more personalized help, you can contact a life coach, Law of Attraction coach or any professional in that field.

Find out more about reprogramming your mind.

manifestation methods


10 Best Manifestation Methods According to LOA Experts

As a Law of Attraction fan, I asked some LOA experts what is the best manifestation method in their experience.

The answers were really interesting and the approach of each manifestation method was inspiring.

I think here are some of the most common methods, so you can pick the ones you feel most comfortable with

So here are the 10 best manifestation methods according to LOA experts.



Nikita from The Path Provides shares why is so fascinating about scripting.

Scripting is an advanced Law of Attraction technique that tricks your mind into thinking that what you currently wish for has already happened.

Simply put, scripting is a technique where you describe in writing your life as if you already had what you wish to manifest.

When done correctly, the results are so mind-blowing that it might just be the most powerful Law of Attraction tool out there.


The scripting-based manifestation methods are very popular.

Writing down your desires is so effective and using this principle we have the 369 methods, the 3×33 method, the 5×55 method and so on.

You can find more about the scripting manifestation methods in this article.


Multi-Perspective Visualization

Katherine Hurst suggests this interesting technique we can use to get amazing results.

When you do a creative visualization exercise, you imagine doing what you want to manifest, right? Well, you can also do visualizations from a third person perspective, seeing yourself from the outside.

In fact, studies show that sports stars often improve their skills most effectively by seeing themselves in their visualizations.

Try alternating the perspective you use, and see which gets the best results. For what it’s worth, many people find the third person perspective the best, though it may take some getting used to if you’ve always conducted visualizations from the first person.


Visualization is one of the most powerful manifestation methods.

Athletes, actors, millionaires and successful people affirm they succeeded due to practising visualization.

To learn more about visualization, visit this article.



Create a gratitude loop:

Pooja Jhamnani shares another great resource on her LinkedIn profile.

In order to shift into a gratitude loop, first, you must do a few simple tasks. First, what I want you to do is take 5-10 minutes to visualize what you are thankful for.

Once you have thought of 5-10 things, channel your emotion into those blessings. How does it feel to have these wonderful people, materials or tools in your current reality?

After a few minutes of feeling good about what you have, you then need to write everything down.


Gratitude is a great power to heal your life.

When you practice gratitude, you get in touch with all that is good, clean, perfect and enjoyable.

Gratitude transforms your entire being and elevates your vibrations to incredible heights where you become one with the Universe.

Learn more about the benefits of gratitude in this article.



Sensory visualization

In a remarkable post published on Happiness,  Sonia Vadlamani is a visualization enthusiast.

The legendary heavyweight boxing champion Muhammed Ali credited visualization techniques for enhancing his performance in the ring. It can also prove to be a worthy exercise for those who lack a vivid imagination or have a difficult time picturing their dream life to be able to manifest it.

Instead of using only one or part of your senses, this manifestation technique encourages you to experience your dream or vision by immersing all your senses.

For example, if your dream is to build a fitter and stronger physique, start by picturing the day you achieve your goals. Imagine the way you’d look and feel, your improved health, your ability to pick up heavier objects with great ease, and your improved relationship with food.

Indeed, involving all your senses in this manner offers a more wholesome visualization experience, enabling you to channel the law of manifestation more effectively.



Another variation on the visualization method.

This sensory visualization is also known as visualization meditation.

You can find an in-depth article about visualization meditation here.




Charlie Rogers from Modern Day Manifestations thinks that Gratitude is the key to manifesting what you want in life.

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” —Zig Ziglar

Gratitude is all about being thankful for the present moment.

It’s not just about the thoughts you have, but also the emotion you emit too.

When done right, sending out feelings of gratitude can cause a massive shift in your vibrational energy.


This is the second mention of gratitude as one of the favourite manifestation methods.

Gratitude connects you with the Universe and you will live in a state of grace when you practice it.



Vision Board

Luke is an enthusiast of meditation and personal development. He has a blog at where he writes about meditation, lucid dreaming, stress, binaural beats and more.

In an article published on Thrive Global, he explains why vision boards are so powerful.

A vision board, or a dream board, is a crux in the art of manifesting.

This is a great place to begin your manifestation practice as it will help you to hone in on what the big picture looks like.

Vision boards are like scrapbooks.

They contain words and images that convey the energies and values you wish to experience in your life.

Supplies you’ll need will vary according to your personal artistic flair, but typically you will want to have: a large sheet of heavy weight paper, magazines, flyers, other print materials, scissors, glue, and writing tools.


Vision boards became so popular when they appeared on “The Secret“.

There are too many versions of vision boards or dream boards.

From the simple photo collecting board where you pin all the things you want and make you feel comfortable to sophisticated apps.

I have several articles about vision boards you can find here.



Mind Reprogram

A great suggestion for this list comes from The Gem Goddess who shares a very interesting video full of details.


The 5×55 Manifestation Method

Esther, the founder of Through the Phases likes this manifestation method and shares an in-depth explanation of her reasons.

The 5×55 manifestation method is a structured system to bring your desires into reality.

Over the course of 5 days, the aim is to align with the frequency of your intentions by targeting the unconscious mind.

This method works on the basis of the law of attraction, but adds a more structured approach in order to really commit to manifesting.


This is one of the most popular manifestation methods.

It´s easy to use and requires little time and effort but the results have been amazing.

Jake Ducey has several videos on how to use this technique and he shows his results as well.

Check-in more detail on this manifestation method here.



The Sacred Flame Method

Karin Yee from Choose Gratitude has been practising the Law of Attraction for over 20 years. and she shares this outstanding manifestation method.

What exactly is a sacred flame?

It’s about using the element of fire to manifest. If you look at any ancient civilization, you know that fire plays a role in every single one of them.

Our ancestors have carved the images of fire in all those caves. So we know that our ancestors were masters at manifesting with fire. You may say, well, if they were still masterful, how come they didn’t have the civilization that we have today?

You know, I would argue that the civilization that we have today is a manifestation of our ancestors and look at what they have manifested.




Jake Ducey´s Manifestation Technique

Jake Ducey, a well-known Law of Attraction expert, shares a video with a manifestation technique he thinks is the best of all.


If you research a little, you´ll find Jake is a devoted practice of the Law of Attraction.

He published lots of videos sharing his experiences and thoughts and the way he explains the topics makes them easy to understand.

Watch the video above to learn more.



How to Make Manifestation Methods Work?

The first thing you have to do is make clear what you want.

No method is going to work if you don´t have it clear.  I know you want so many things, but take it step by step.

So start with something no matter how big or small.  The secret is to focus on something that you believe is achievable.

Now, when applying one or more manifestation methods you have to create alignment.

That means your thoughts, mental images, feelings, emotions and acts must have a congruency, they must never be opposite one another.

For instance, think about a new pair of shoes.

You have an idea of the shoes you want.  You have the exact image of them and feel their comfort in your mind and create emotion as if they are already yours.

Now, move to get them.  Don´t allow negative thoughts like “I don´t have the money”.

Never care about how they will come to you.  That is the Universe’s job.

Once your order is complete, and your alignment is correct, let it go and move to another desire.



What is the Best Technique?

Surely from these 10 best manifestation methods according to LOA experts is hard to choose which one is better.

In my opinion, they all work great and you can get results applying any.

But the best manifestation technique of all is always going to be the one that makes you feel comfortable and gets you results.

In the end, they all are designed to help you manifest anything you want in your life.

My recommendation is to try everyone so you can elevate your vibrations and synchronize with the Universe properly.

As a bonus for you, check this manifestation resource by clicking the image below.








If you are serious about the Law of Attraction and you want to manifest a better life of yours, download our free manifestation guide.

After reading the guide, I will send you information and exercises I never share in public.

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10 Best Manifestation Methods According to LOA Experts

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