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3×33 Manifestation Method to Manifest Successfuly

3×33 Manifestation Method

Today I want to share with you the 3×33 manifestation method to manifest what you want.

Recently I posted an article called “10 best manifestation techniques according to LOA experts” and the questions about other manifestation methods came fast.

I have to say that the  3×33 manifestation method approach is similar to the 5 × 55 strategies.

Both are based on scripting, the method based on writing down your desires.

Nevertheless, I will be going a lot more in-depth on the “how-to element” in this short article so, do not hesitate to use the principles laid down right here while doing the 5 × 55 approaches.


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What is the 3×33 manifestation method?

The 3 x 33 manifestation method is a potent law of attraction technique that integrates the power of several items.

This is one of the most known manifestations of writing methods.

Spiritual numbers, purpose, emphasis, feeling, and rep to imprint the subconscious mind with the need or goal we so want to materialize are part of it.

In this technique, we initially pick an intention (what we want to manifest) and after that craft a simple affirmation that speaks with that intention.

We then take place to compose (with a pen on paper) this affirmation 33 times daily for 3 days.

Once the 3 days are over, we released that need as well as permitted it to manifest normally in magnificent time.


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What is the significance of numbers 3′ as well as ’33’?

Number 3 has energies of creative thinking, growth, and positivity.

It stimulates the divine within you and also with the help of ascended masters assists you in the manifesting process.

Number 33 is called the ‘Master Teacher’ and also is composed of incorporating two other master numbers ’11’ and also ’22’.

This makes ’33’ a really powerful spiritual number. Additionally, ‘3’ appears two times in ’33’ which better improves and magnifies the impact of the number ‘3’.


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Why does this method work?

This 3×33 manifestation method works because it helps to set in your mind your intentions.

The repetition of feelings involved helps a lot in printing in our subconscious the ideas of what we want to achieve.

Let me go a little deeper on this:


1) Feeling:

The mind recognizes the language of emotions. It is the inherent sensation because feeling inscribes the subconscious.

This is why when certain occasions (excellent or negative) take place, depending on the emotional cost behind them, they end up being deeply embedded in our memory.


2) Rep:

Once it is signed up in the memory and based upon exactly how we associate with that occasion, our beliefs are created psychologically through a continual rep of that thought over and over again.

As time passes, our ideas become more powerful, as well as the world starts to form itself around our ideas.

We then start to attract people, occasions, scenarios, etc. that match our present state of being. This is how manifestation occurs.

So, in this method too we are making use of the very same concepts of ’em options as well as ‘repeating’ to manifest our wishes.

The only distinction right here is, that we evoke ’em options through making use of words and ‘repeating’ through the act of composing the same affirmation numerous times.

Additionally, with the help of spiritual numbers and the power of empathy, the indications pertain to us much faster.


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Just how to do the 3×33 manifestation method?

To obtain the most effective outcomes from the 3 x 33 manifestation method, adhere to the actions listed below:


1) Set an intent:

An objective is a declaration that plainly expresses our objective or needs to the universe.

Take some time out as well as think of what you want– cash, work, connection, good health, and so on

. If you have a pushing need then establish an intention that resolves the seriousness initially.

You can take the aid of the listed below inquiries to obtain more quality on your goals as well as needs:

Some instances of intents are as follows:

  • I intend to be financially debt-complimentary
  • I intend to shed 50 extra pounds
  • I mean to end up being extra social as well as outbound
  • I mean to make a full-time revenue from my organization
  • I plan to be in a caring partnership with my soulmate

Please bear in mind that you can only deal with one intention at once for this particular workout to function.

Make a different publication for your purposes. Create them individually in a list form. We will be assessing them periodically and crossing them out when they show up.


2) Convert the purpose into an affirmation:

Currently, we will select one intent from our list and also transform it right into an affirmation.

To give you an instance, let’s utilize the objectives we composed and convert them right into affirmations:



As you can see above the affirmations start with “I am” declarations. When we talk with ourselves we generally say “I am so …, I am such a …”, and so on.

Because our mind is currently accustomed to resolving us that way, we will certainly continue with this “I am” pattern of self-talk in our affirmations.

Next, the affirmations include “sensation” as well as “emotive” words like satisfied, happy, love, etc.

These are powerful words that put you in a state of happiness, appreciation, and abundance normally. So, please use them in your affirmations.

Make certain that you limit your affirmation size to one line.

A lengthy-winded affirmation is not just uninteresting yet you will likewise make a lot of errors as well as mistakes while writing it.

I wrote a lengthy affirmation (regarding two lines) for 3 days, and also when I evaluated it, I observed that I had blended words many times by mistake as well as which made the whole exercise useless.

Just keep the affirmation brief and simple. Trust me on this.

Ultimately, the affirmation has to be written in existing stress. Make use of a sentence that starts with ‘I am now …’, ‘I currently have …’, etc.

The suggestion is to reside in a state of the dream is fulfilled.

The affirmation needs to share that the need is here and also is already part of our facts.


3) Create the affirmation:

So, since we have the affirmation all set, we will certainly start the composing process.

Initially, we need a notepad, journal or loose paper.

Likewise, we will make use of a pen to write the affirmation. So, no keying on a computer system.

Utilize a ‘green pen’ to compose cash affirmations as well as a ‘red pen’ to write love affirmations.

For other affirmations such as– weight loss, social life, etc., we will utilize a blue pen.

Okay, let’s get to the meat of the matter.

Sit in a quiet area with no diversions and compose the affirmation 33 times in one sitting and do this for 3 days straight. You can not avoid days.

Compose slowly and intentionally. Put your heart and soul into it. You can additionally talk about the affirmation in your mind as you compose it.

Secret tip # 1: Do the workout when you’re having solid sexual urges. This will alter your sex energy from your body to the pen and also onto the paper giving it that creative spark.

After 3 days you can move on to your following wish or pause, it’s up to you.

The perfect time for doing this technique is early morning or at night before going to bed.


4) Releasing:

As soon as the 3 days more, we release the need so that it can take shape and kind.

‘ Letting Go’ indicates removing ourselves from any kind of doubts, fears, or stress and anxieties related to the taking place of the claimed wish.

As we do this law of attraction workout much more regularly, our faith as well as belief in the ability to manifest increases.

Gradually, as we start to trust the process, we can relinquish our wishes much more conveniently.

This takes place normally and automatically without applying any will.

So, let’s not fret too much concerning the idea of ‘letting go’ right now. Our focus ought to be on doing the major technique appropriately, 95% of which is sitting down and creating.

The other 5% is simply add-ons (e.g., releasing, meditation, etc.) to make the symptoms show up faster.


3 x 33 manifestation method - Manifestation Techniques: 3 Most Powerful Law of Attraction Techniques — The Path Provides


Will the need show in 3 days or otherwise?

It’s extremely unlikely (yet not impossible) that your goal will show up in 3 days.

Every need has its own divine time and gestation duration so don’t compel the concern, let it come to you normally.

To get even more clarity on the principle of ‘timing’, read my short article ‘How long does it take for Subliminals to function?’.

Even though I have created this article from a ‘subliminal manifestation’ point of view, the very same principle of ‘timing’ must apply to other law of attraction methods too.


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Which technique is better 3 × 33 or 5 × 55?

Both methods are exceptional and have been shown to give impressive outcomes, just see the testimonials online on discussion forums and social media sites.

So, I would not put one over the various others.

What I would do rather is, make use of the 5 × 55 manifesting technique for tackling life-modifying troubles and also dealing with dilemma-like circumstances.

An example is winning legal action, safeguarding loved ones from damage, handling psychological health problems, turning life around, and so on.

And also use the 3 x 33 manifestation method for materialistic desires as well as possessions, for example, earning more money, bringing in a soulmate, getting a far better job, ending up being muscle, travelling extra, buying a house or an automobile, etc

. Yes, you have to create much more in the 5 × 55 methods yet I directly do not think that must be the only factor behind selecting 3 × 33 over 5 × 55.

Try them both as well as see which strategies reverberate extra with you and also select that. Always pay attention to your intuition.






Video: 3×33 manifestation method


Video by Esther – Visit the channel




The writing procedure enables us to concentrate on points that are important to us.

It engages our brain in the task as well as opens its cognitive capabilities (imagination, retention, and so on).

Make the practice of writing affirmations a day-to-day part of your life as well as witness the magic unfold right before your eyes.

Before we part methods, I request you to go and read these posts additionally: 5 × 55 Manifesting and Scripting Your Life.

I hope this post was useful. Attempt the 3×33 manifestation method routine today as well as share your thoughts in the comments listed below. I’m waiting …





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3 x 33 manifestation method

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