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The Ultimate Law of Attraction Definition – All You Need to Know

Law of Attraction Definition

Looking for an exact Law of Attraction definition?

Some people apply mathematical laws to get results like secretary’s law or the first 30% of a search may not be right (for short).

However, it has been proven that determining upstream what you want deep down is the best way to find it quickly and even on the first try.

This is particularly worked through intuition and it is one of the bases of clairvoyance: The Law of Attraction.

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Law of Attraction Definition


Definition of the law of attraction

The law of attraction is that you attract to yourself the things on which you focus your attention.

One could imagine that you are a magnet who will bring back to him the object or the event which he maintains in his thoughts, these being themselves resulting from your system of belief.

Here is a little more than a law of attraction definition.


Understanding the Law of Attraction

You have undoubtedly heard or read that neither compose nor compose our universe vibrates.

Our thoughts and words emit their vibrations and therefore emit waves.

Just as the string of a guitar vibrates and makes a sound, so do we vibrate the information we carry.

You will undoubtedly agree that you cannot see the waves of your mobile phone, nor those of wifi, radio or television.

And yet, they exist!

Our world is an ocean of natural and artificial vibratory waves.

When you send out a thought, a wish, you are sending information through waves.

Like a wave, the wave will resonate with a frequency that resembles it.

The Law of Attraction works to live up to your confidence in this system and invites you to visit beliefs that limit your fields of manifestation in matter.


Emotions and thoughts

Your emotions and your thoughts attract you to your events, things, and people who resonate with who you are.

From this understanding, we can choose to control our thought system to move towards what is best for us.

We must not forget that the unconscious is built by default on most of the elements that we have not decided, on or chosen since childhood.

This is why sometimes we realize that something is not good for us.

We know that we deserve better and yet he guides us for example towards partners who do not give us back hours and/or are not made for us.

One of the ways to identify bad messages from the unconscious and above all to reprogram them and to go through psychotherapy and use the benefits of psychoanalysis.



The power of attraction is a vibratory power

To have a better understanding of the Law of Attraction definition we have to understand the power of attraction´s nature.

All your thoughts, your emotions, your sensations, and your impressions, change the vibration that will generate energy that you will benefit from.

This vibration is in every being, every animal, every plant and even object has one.

This vibration is not immutable, it changes and evolves.

You have the power of attraction as you read these lines, this power is innate no matter what you do.

With this power, you attract to you everything that happens in your life, positive or negative, events, meetings, thoughts …

You have around you an invisible space, it is your bubble, this one contains all your accumulated vibrations.

Everything you feel fills your space: your thoughts, your anger, your worries, your anxieties, and your happiness are vibrations that will occupy your bubble. 

What do you put in your bubble?

To be honest, what do you usually put in your space?

Reflect on your most common thoughts throughout your day.

What do you think about the most? failure? to your fears? your doubts? about your difficulties? your memories?

Let´s go deeper into this law of attraction definition.


Become aware of how you feel about these thoughts.

It is in fact this feeling which fills your vibratory space.

It is your “inner dialogue” that can help you with this awareness. you know… that little voice that speaks in your head.

Whether you are aware of it or not, that little voice follows you, comments on your actions, and enters your head.

You are not aware of it all the time, like your breathing, for that matter,  but yet it is there.

So? what does this voice say most often?

Do you often devalue yourself? do you hear things like: “you suck! » But what an asshole, » you can’t do it » you believe in Santa Claus »
« It started badly! ”

The next time you have negative feelings, remember what the little voice was telling you just before.

  • Instead of blaming the events for making you uncomfortable, seek the cause in your inner dialogue.
  • Become aware of your thoughts and what they trigger in you.
  • It is not your thoughts that fill your space, but your feelings.

You’re angry and your thoughts are going that way, it’s going to make you logically feel angry, and you’re going to fill your bubble with anger.


This example is easy to understand.

You play the lottery and by taking your ticket you are giving yourself positive suggestions like “I’m going to win”, “I’m going to get rich”, and yet it doesn’t work.


Because the moment you think “I’m going to get rich” you’re not being sincere, you don’t believe it.

There is perhaps even your inner voice which tells you to stop dreaming, which speaks to you of doubt, of fear …

At this precise moment, the vibration is not the right one, it is not that of wealth and abundance, but the vibration of doubt, of fear.

Your feelings are very often undetectable and contrary to thoughts.

This is why with the only strength of your mind, with your only will, you cannot attract what you want into your life.

If you have a positive thought but your inner feelings are negative, you will spread a negative vibration.

You have to be fully confident to emit a positive vibration.

At each moment, the vibration you emit is unique.


Every observation you make emits a vibration.


When you look at the struggles you have right now, the bills to pay, the relationship issues, whatever makes up your reality.

What do you feel? and what is the vibration that you send into your vibratory space?

The power of attraction responds to the vibration you send.

The content of your vibrational space will attract even more of that same content into your life.

This is how the power of attraction works. Quite simply.

Your vibratory space is like an investment in a bank, it makes fruitful what you place there inside. it is inescapable, it is the power of attraction.

Even if you don’t agree, even if you don’t think you care, it won’t change a thing.
The power of attraction acts like a magnet attracts a piece of metal.

In the end, since your birth, you have the power of attraction within you.

Everything that has happened to you is the result of your vibrations.

As a child, you might have let the adults influence you and put certain things in your space, but now you know the power of attraction and you know that you are fully responsible for what you are going to attract in a moment.

The force of attraction is so extraordinary that nothing can stop it and it can work miracles.

Today, you can decide what vibrations you place in your space, or choose to continue to let your mind influence how you feel without you being able to act.

Regardless, know that the power of attraction will always be present and will continue to act whether you are aware of it or not, whether you like it or not.



You hear about it more and more, but you remain sceptical. How is it possible?

You are telling yourself that this is all “bullshit”. You even think that if it was so easy, it would know.

Yet you would like that to be true. It would be easier to succeed. 

Positive thoughts will make my life a dream life, that’s great.

You just have to ask for things to make them happen, that’s great.

But you doubt and this is normal. Asking questions is legitimate, what is less is not looking for the answers.

But you know, the mind is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open. Let’s see this law of attraction story in more detail.

In recent years, the law of attraction has made more and more followers, who are more and more convinced of its veracity.

This fascination with the law of attraction comes, without a doubt, from the undoubted success of:  “the secret” of Rhonda Byrne. But what exactly is it?


But what is the law of attraction definition?

The law of attraction is the most powerful. It makes it possible to request the Universe.

It appeared at the beginning of time and will always exist. People who attract good things to their life consciously or unconsciously use this law of attraction.

The law answers your thoughts. Your thoughts are creative.

Based on the principle of “birds of a feather flock together,” you attract negative if you have negative thoughts, and pleasant things if you have positive thoughts.

The law of attraction was brought up to date at the start of the 20th century.

Writers like James Allen (man is the reflection of his thoughts) or Charles Haanel (the key to mastery) Wallace Wattles (how to get rich to burst) have explained to the general public the interaction between emitted energy and vibrations that surround us.

Several schools and schools of positive thought have emerged.

Joseph Murphy, who founded Divine Science in Los Angeles, speaks in all of his books about the power of mental power to achieve what we desire.

If you’ve never read:

The Power of Your Subconscious, I strongly recommend it. Divine Science is part of the “new thought” family.

The new thought was born in the United States at the end of the XIXth century.

The basis of the doctrine is a belief in divine energy at the origin of the creation of the universe and present in each of us.

Here are some “great figures” of the new thought ( source Wikipedia )

  • 1859: Phinéas Quimby
  • 1879 Mary Baker Eddy (founder of Christian Science)
  • 1886: Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • 1888: Malinda Cramer (founded a divine science)
  • 1889 Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (founders of Unity Church)
  • 1927 Ernest Holmes
  • 1931 Emmet Fox

This “new thought” was strongly influenced by philosophical and religious sources such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Neoplatonism.



How does this law of attraction work?

We all emit vibrations that will attract identical vibrations. As in the field of electric or magnetic waves, we do not see them, yet they exist. 

But be careful, you must connect to the correct channel.

Take the example of radio. If you want to listen to Europe 1 and your radio set is tuned to the RMC frequency, even though Europe 1 is broadcast, you cannot hear it. 

Yet it exists, you are simply connected on the wrong frequency.

The law of attraction works much the same way.

The vibrations that you are going to send into the Universe have a certain frequency.

If the “frequency” of your vibrations is “lack”, do not be surprised if you do not know abundance.

Change channel !! All thoughts along with feelings and emotions come true. If you often think negatively about your job, you may not be happy with it.

Pay attention to your thoughts as you are creating your world.

Like thoughts, like vibrations attract.

If you have positive thoughts, your emotions emit a certain vibration that will “meet” a similar vibration and therefore bring favourable circumstances into your life.

Conversely, when you have negative thoughts, your emotions emit vibrations of a certain frequency which will “meet vibrations having the same frequency, and therefore bring unfavourable circumstances in your life.

It’s easy to understand, isn’t it? But it is not easy to apply. Simplicity and ease should not be confused.

At the origin of everything, there is a thought.

Before building a house, you have to make a plan. Before making the plan, you have to imagine it and think about it.



The 3 steps for the law of attraction to work

This knowledge, like all knowledge elsewhere, is worth nothing. Because what matters is not to know, it is to apply, to take action.

Knowing that a treasure exists but not looking for it is a shame, right?

Today you are starting to be introduced to this law of attraction, but you must use it.

If you don’t use it to your advantage, that’s silly. Imagine someone who has found a winning lottery ticket and… .forgot to go and collect the money!

What would you think of him?

Here are the 3 steps allowing you to apply this law and attract to you what you want.

The process of creating to get what you want is simple: Ask-Believe-Receive.


1- Ask

This means that you have to be clear about what you want and not what you don’t want or want anymore.

You have to be very specific for the Law of Attraction to work.

The law exists, it is present, but will only trigger if you use it in the right way.

It’s like water or electricity.

Water is in your house, it circulates in the pipes, but if you don’t turn on the tap it will never flow into your sink, right?

The same goes for electricity, it is present in your house, but if you never press the switch, you will not be able to light up.

However, water and electricity are present and await your “order” to bring you what you want, such as, for example, to quench your thirst, or to light up a dark room, isn’t it?

Imagine a mail-order catalogue. Will you be sending the store order for the same item every day? Certainly not!

You know that once you order it you will receive it. 

And this is where the second step comes in.


2- Believe.

As with the catalogue order, you need to be certain that you will receive it.

Better yet, you have to be in the emotional state that you would be if you were already in possession of your desire.

You must have certain faith.

You are sure that what you have asked for is on its way to happening in your life.

It is only in this emotional state of joy, happiness, and gratitude that you will put the law of attraction into operation.

Place your order at Universe and wait.

Be patient, you wouldn’t think of digging up a seed you’ve planted to see if it starts to grow, right?

So with the law of attraction do the same.

Do not focus on the fact that you have not received anything yet, otherwise, you are emitting negative vibrations and you will attract not receive anything.

Our thoughts and emotions. are creative.


3- Receive.

To receive, you just need to feel good. You will thus be in harmony with the good vibrations of the universe.

You will emit vibrations that will bring to you what you have asked for.

Imagine the realization of your desires and being in an emotional state identical to that in which you would be with the possession of your property.

You’ve probably noticed that some people mainly attract difficulties, haven’t you? They speak of “the law of series”.

In reality, it is their negative thoughts about life in general that make it difficult for them.

Long before the writings of Charles Haanel and long before the film “the secret”, a wise man was already saying it. Buddha said: “What you think, you become” 

This law of attraction is not a new age invention to sell books or seminars. No! it has been around and has been in operation for thousands of years.



The secret of the law of attraction: an essential ingredient

There is a secret to the law of attraction besides the simple law of attraction definition.

Often we forget an essential ingredient. Indeed in the law of attraction, there is the word action!

Some people think that just sit back and ask and everything will fall out of the blue. I think they did not understand how this law of the Universe works.

Positive thoughts and positive emotions are going to emit vibrations that will bring you favourable circumstances in your life.

But if you do not exploit these favourable circumstances, nothing will happen.

We must take action 

Take the example of prosperity.

You can have strong positive thoughts, send positive waves through the Universe if you don’t take action if you don’t work if you don’t share your knowledge with the greatest number, if you don’t put not in place a “system” for you to make money, it will not fall from the sky.

Favourable circumstances appear. The opportunities appear. New possibilities will appear.

But if you don’t enter anything, if you let everything pass, it’s like waiting in front of the fireplace for Santa Claus to come down …

It reminds me of a story …

During a major flood, the water rose at high speed and houses began to flood.

The various rescuers had the inhabitants evacuated from their homes because the water continued to rise.

One of the inhabitants climbs on the roof of his house and tells the rescuers. “I stay there, I asked the Universe to save me.

The Universal Energy (God, the great architect… choose the name you like) will save me. I’m staying.

The water continued to rise. A boat approaches the house of the “recalcitrant”. : “So you come, the water continues to rise, you will end up drowned,” said the captain of the boat.

No, I asked God, he will save me…  The water continues to rise. It is almost at the level of the roof of the house.

A helicopter approaches. The pilot shouts to the man: “This is your last chance, grab the rope ladder and climb into the chopper, you will be saved”

“No,” he replies, ”  I asked the universe, I sent positive vibrations so I will be saved.” The water continues to rise, the house is buried underwater. The good man drowned.

His soul reaches the place he hoped for and there he asks whoever welcomes him. “But hey, I don’t understand, I had positive thoughts, good emotions, I sent the good vibrations and nothing happened. You did not intervene ! You let me drown ”.

“Ah good, answer the Universe, and in your opinion who sent you the firefighters, the boat and finally the helicopter …. ”


Make the law of attraction work by taking action

And you, you who see the water rising, are you waiting to drown or will you finally act?

Water can be a growing bank overdraft, accumulating debts, excess weight, a growing lack of energy, or motivation that “goes badly” …

The universe will never do anything FOR you. It does THROUGH you.

If you don’t do anything, nothing happens. You must act.

Favourable circumstances will pass in your life if you are positive, but you will have to grasp them.

Real madness, said Albert Einstein, is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

The thoughts LEAD TO emotions, which in turn lead to action, that provides results. 

It is true that initially if the thoughts are negative the results will be negative.

If the thoughts are positive the results are positive. But you can see that before having results you have to take action.

So I repeat my favourite sentence

The universe does nothing for you it does through you! Morality… Get moving!


So now you have more than a law of attraction definition.



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