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The 5 Mistakes that Make us Fail with the Law of Attraction

The 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction

What are the 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction?

Many people are extremely frustrated, if not completely desperate (I’m exaggerating a little, but maybe not that much!)

Because for years they have been studying the principles of the law of attraction, they have devoured all the books. who came out on the subject, they fully understand the mechanics and intricacies of this law, and yet, they still do not see their dearest wishes come true!

They have sometimes (often even) made a lot of small things happen, sometimes even big things, but those that are most important to them are always at the “dream” stage and despite their efforts, nothing happens, or on the contrary. everything seems to be going awry about it.

So today I suggest you review the 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction.

Desert Under Blue Sky - The 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction

Mistake N ° 1: Believing that the Universe is unlocking or that it has broken down!

The law of attraction still works and always will be!

What you have to understand is that the Universe just responds to the vibration that we are emitting and it does nothing other than that.

It doesn’t sort through our requests, it doesn’t rank them based on what is good or bad for us.

He reacts to each request in the same way: by sending us a concrete experience corresponding to the vibration we are emitting.

It is as if we were a radio station which transmits constantly, sending a signal to the Universe according to our inner state, an inner state which will be modulated by the thoughts and beliefs maintained, as well as what we lend to.


If you observe something that you don’t want and feel bad, your energy takes a “nice” plunge and you will emit a more or less negative frequency depending on what you are observing.

The Universe will therefore pick up this signal that you send to it and send you in return concrete circumstances and events which will be perfectly aligned with the vibration you emit!

This is really how it works, and there will never be a filter outside of us that will let our signal through when it is positive and block it when it is negative.

The only filter that can act is you!

If the experiences you are having are not suitable for you or if you just want to have new, brighter and more exciting experiences, then observe, to begin with, what is going on within you and see what you are paying attention to and what kind of thoughts and beliefs you have.

Tendency to maintain.

By directing your attention to positive elements, to anything that balances your heart, and brings you joy and enthusiasm, you send a very positive signal to the Universe and it will then send you back circumstances and experiences aligned with this positive signal.

This is one of the 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction.

Think about it from now on when you let your mind wander on its own, it might come in handy.

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Mistake N ° 2: Trying to steal the Universe’s job

Your part of the job is choosing what experiences you want to have, setting your preferences, what rings true for you, and internally aligning yourself with the frequency of those elements.

To do this, all you need to do is try to associate a feeling of joy with the elements you want to see enter your life, because the more enthusiastic you are about it.

The faster you will see them materialize in your life experience.

The job of the Universe is to respond to your vibrations by sending you circumstances and experiences that will perfectly match what you are emitting.

His job is to tap into the heart of his unlimited resources, to see which is the shortest and easiest path to bring you what you want and that it also corresponds in every way to the signal received from your part.

The Universe, unlike us, has an overview of all that is.

He knows all the ins and outs, he knows exactly what outcome is going to come from such a choice, while on our site, we only see a tiny portion of this big puzzle.

Do you find that it would make more sense to define for yourself what best fits your requests while you are sailing almost blindly?

Let the Universe do its part of the job, and just do yours, which is already good enough and will keep you busy for a little while.

It’s a team effort that takes place here and you don’t need to be afraid that you will be forgotten or that your order will get lost along the way.

Remember, the Universe always responds to the vibration you put out by sending you concrete experiences that will match.

So just take care of that vibration to make it as bright as possible, and let your teammate do the rest!

You will also avoid a lot of frustration and suffering of all kinds, so learn to let go and delegate. It is not about a questionable partner, but about the Universe.

He’s the best ally you can have because he doesn’t work the human way (good news isn’t it?),

So put your preconceptions aside and slowly learn to trust him. You will not be disappointed!

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Mistake # 3: Trying to teach the Universe how to do its job (or trying to control everything)

This poor Universe sees all the colours!

Not only do we try to steal his job, but in addition, we allow ourselves to tell him what to do rather than letting him go about his business peacefully! A shame!

I will insist on one point because it is often one of the aspects that we have trouble letting go of and that make us stay frozen in place:

The Universe does not work according to the instructions for use humans, for the simple reason that it is not a human, but pure energy.

A quantum physicist would be better able to explain this to you.

For my part, I will simply ask you to accept this notion or to do some research on your end which will explain the matter to you.

There is therefore no fear to have as to the Universe and the possible “dirty tricks” that it could do to us, voluntarily or not.

Sending Signals

You send a signal through your inner positioning, and the Universe makes the emitted vibration concrete by materialising it in a physical and tangible form.

This is the way of presenting the mechanism which seems to be the most coherent to remain in a simple explanation.

We’ve talked about it, the Universe knows all the possibilities, all the shortcuts and has unlimited resources, so it’s in the best position to know HOW things need to fall into place, but also WHEN it will be the most auspicious time.  !

And there again, it is not for us to define these aspects, nor the WHO, the OR, the WHAT, the HOW MUCH, etc.

I know it’s not easy to let go of this furious urge we have to control everything, but I assure you that it is truly liberating and a source of so much joy.

Already because giving one’s full confidence in the Universe relieves us of a sacred weight and feels good, but also because the fact of accepting to let go opens the door wide to the fulfilment of our wishes. more expensive.

As long as you try to force things or say to the Universe, “So what’s it coming?” “

Nothing will happen and you will get stuck in your frustration, disappointment or pain. Not very encouraging, is it?

Letting Go

Letting go, like anything else, can be learned and worked on. Do not try to turn everything upside down at once, but go slowly and gradually, respecting your rhythm.

This is what will work best.

So, we make sure to say to ourselves “Ok, I understand that I cannot force things, and I choose now to accept to let the Universe do its work because I know that I am in the best hands. who are! “

You can use this phrase as a positive affirmation and repeat it often until you start to feel it within yourself as being right. It will help you in this process.

One more point I will add on this subject: refusing to let go is like having a whim when you’re a child.

You ask your mom for something (it’s the Universe).

She tells you no! You insist, but she still doesn’t give you what you want.

So you start to sulk, you get frustrated, maybe even angry, and you start to express that anger “If that’s the way you’re my mom!”.

Suddenly, you stay stuck in place, refusing to do or say anything, thinking that after a while, the “bad” mom will eventually give in.

You can then instantly regain your smile and allow yourself to feel good again. Nice mom!

Well, when you start to resent Life, when you get embittered, frustrated because you don’t live or get what you want and say something like “It’s okay …

From now on I no longer believe in anything, life is m…, I will no longer make any effort for nothing and I will no longer lift a finger!

Ah, that’s how it is, eh! Well, you’ll see… ”

Who has never had this kind of reaction or one that comes close to it?

Universe against you?

You might feel like the Universe is trying to torpedo your plans, punish you, or annoy you for free by not giving you what you want, but it doesn’t do any of that.

It just responds to the vibration you emit, so rather than ‘sulking’ (even if your reasons for doing so are understandable and legitimate).

Stay stuck in place, just take the time to observe what is going on. within you and understand that there is something within you that is causing this problematic situation.

By changing that something in you, by seeking to realign yourself internally, the Universe will send you another experience that will fit in with your new vibration and so on.

Do not turn against Life and understand that it only responds to your call.

If something is wrong, see what is causing the problem within you, and just change that element rather than wasting your time and energy blaming something or someone outside of you (or even yourself).


Man Sitting on Chair Beside Table - The 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction


Mistake # 4: forgetting to take perseverance out of the closet

Eh yes! We cannot change the way we operate overnight and adopt new habits with the snap of a finger.

It takes not only practice but also perseverance so that the new patterns that we want to introduce in our life become our new way of functioning.

I like to compare all of this to discover a new sport.

When you discover a new activity, there is little chance that you will accomplish feats from the start.

At first, you may be clumsy, not very skilful, and you may have difficulty feeling comfortable, but the more you practice this new activity, the more progress you will make, and the more pleasure you will have. especially in this practice!

It’s the same with any new thing you want to learn.

Your habits of thought

It concerns your habits of thought as well as your daily automatisms or anything else.

To be successful, you have to practice, over and over and over again, until what you train becomes familiar and even natural.

If you give up from the start, or even after several tries because it hasn’t worked so far, where do you go?

If children stopped practising walking just because they fell or couldn’t do it right away, who would be standing today? No one!

Try it over and over again and stick with it until you’ve achieved your goal (or defined a new one that better fits with what you want)

There is no possible failure this way, but to find out, you have to go to the end of your process!


The 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction


Mistake N ° 5: Thinking that if we offer you concrete exercises, it’s just for fun

Knowing the creative process is one thing, but if you don’t practice what you are taught, nothing will happen!

Knowing is good, but doing it better and above all essential!

The proof: there are thousands of people on this Earth who use the creative tools they have inside.

Them without realizing it, who succeed and realize even their wildest dreams, while they do not even know what they are. is the law of attraction!

All the knowledge in the world will be of no use to you if you don’t use it.

I’ve heard many people say, “I don’t understand! I have read dozens of books on the subject, and I know exactly how it works, but nothing is happening in my life!

And digging a little deeper, it turns out that these people are not applying the lessons learned. They just know, thinking that’s enough to trigger the long-awaited great movement.

I was one of those people too!

For a long time, I believed that theory was enough to make a difference until I allowed myself to use it all to transform my life.

If you want to see yours change, go for it! Take the plunge and try out all the methods offered. What have you got to lose? Nothing!



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The 5 mistakes that make us fail with the law of attraction

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