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Successful Manifestation of One of My Biggest Dreams

Successful Manifestation of One of My Biggest Dreams

Today I want to share with you a story of the successful manifestation of one of my biggest dreams.

For a long time I wanted to travel and see the world but that seemed to be a very distant dream for me.

But I never imagined that life had many surprises in store for me and that by knowing the Law of Attraction things would change drastically.

Let me tell you some details about my relationship with the Law of Attraction to put everything in context.


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How I learned about the Law of Attraction

I was working as a freelance accountant a few years ago, and things looked to be going well.
Due to my workload, it was quite difficult for me to take a few days off to go on a multi-day trip.
My favorite trip was three days on a beach near my hometown.
It wasn’t bad compared to the majority of people I knew, but it wasn’t enough.
During those years, the country had a severe economic downturn, with many firms and corporations going bankrupt.
I accompanied them too.
Things didn’t appear to be getting any better, and sadness was on the rise.
Someone invited me to a metaphysics conference in the midst of the tragedy, and I gradually became involved and changed my way of thinking.
I learnt how to meditate, utilize positive affirmations, envision my goals, and recognize that I am more than a body and a mind there.
New positive thoughts slowly but surely entered my head and created my new self.


Successful Manifestation of One of My Biggest Dreams


The Manifestation never stops

Many things changed in my personal and in my life as a result of practice and discipline.
Gradually, I dared to set larger goals for myself. In a few years, I started my own insurance agency, and it was amazing to see how much my income grew year after year.
I’m not sure how long it took for me to get what I desired.
Time appears to take a backseat when you apply and trust the process.
It dawned to me one day that a trip to Canada would be fantastic.
That country has piqued my interest since I was a child, and something told me it was time to take on new challenges.
Because of my work in the insurance industry, I was able to visit many amazing destinations throughout Mexico.
Oaxaca, like Zacatecas, captivated me with its majestic air and vast historical legacy.
I told my wife about the idea of travelling to Canada.
I showed her pictures and movies from the internet, and we started to get excited about making it happen.
Hopefully and even the journey is free,” I recall saying without thinking.


The incredible ways the manifestation

After a few weeks, I forgot the whole thing.
I concentrated on the business’s operations, and the routine absorbed me.
As the new year began, I learned that I had not been selected for a convention trip.
It was disheartening, but the qualifications for winning that prize were obvious, and I failed to meet them.
I received a visit from the director of one of the insurance firms I deal with a few weeks later, and it occurred to me to inform him that something was amiss, that I had won the prize.
I said that purely to embarrass myself. So I was certain there was nothing to complain about.
The CEO assured me that he would review it and that if a mistake was made, they would gladly compensate me.
The next day, I received a call from the insurance office:
“Mr. Ortega, please accept our apologies; you did indeed win the convention”.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
There was no blunder. I was simply making a claim that was not supported by evidence.
They gave me the option of choosing where I wanted to go. “Canada would be wonderful,” I said.
I received an email with the specifics of our vacation a week later.
Tours of Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Quebec, and Montreal were included in the ticket price.
It was the realization of one of my most cherished wishes!



A true believer

Jovvana and I had an amazing trip for ten gorgeous days.
Everything was lovely and unexpected, and we felt as if we were children opening Christmas presents.
Let’s meet some wonderful people who helped make our trip the best it could be.
Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and vibrations all came together flawlessly to give us one of life’s greatest pleasures.
One of those nights, while watching Niagara Falls, I realized the actual power that we all possess.

The power to manifest our dreams, our desires, to achieve everything that we set as a goal and in a harmonious way, with wisdom and perfection.

That day my consciousness about myself changed. And since that day, I have been able to manifest things that in my old life, I would never have imagined.



Video: Successful Manifestation of One of My Biggest Dreams


Manifestation Ups and Downs

I must tell you that achieving the manifestation of some of your dreams is not like reaching the top of your possibilities and staying up there.

Thanks to the application of the Law of Attraction we have been able to achieve many things, we have lived a better lifestyle but we have also made the mistake of falling into old practices.

We run the danger of attracting things that make us feel awful by improving our ability to create what we want.
Some times we lose sight of what is vital and we are confronted with terrible challenges to alert us that we have gone astray.
We neglected ourselves this year, especially in the face of the epidemic, the deluge of bad news, and pervasive pessimism, and enabled negative thoughts to take root in us.
The storm refuses to let up, and we’ve allowed the feeling that we’ve lost our magic to creep in.
You must exercise extreme caution and return to the fundamentals.

We are in this moment practising, meditating, filling ourselves with positive ideas and stillness.

So we are aware that this is a challenge, and the reward will be to come out stronger and with new skills.



A lesson from the Law of Attraction

Everything we need to succeed on this plane of existence is contained within our minds.

That tool can be used in two ways.

Use it purposefully to attract what we desire, or unconsciously to attract the situations that it may attract.

It’s not a case of good fortune or luck. It’s only a matter of conscience.

The eventual destination is undetermined if we let life carry us like a leaf carried by the river.

But if we change our ideas and allow ourselves to be conscious, we will arrive at our destination with a clear vision of where we want to go.

It is claimed that a person who has no idea where he wants to go will never get there.

That is why daily, constant, determined and conscious work is important to fill our journeys with happiness.


Successful Manifestation of One of My Biggest Dreams





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Successful Manifestation of One of My Biggest Dreams
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