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Steps for Manifesting Anything Successfully

Manifesting anything successfully

Why is manifesting anything successfully that hard?

Many people are disappointed because they cannot manifest money or anything else.

I constantly hear things like “the Law of Attraction is useless”, “it is a waste of time”, “it is yet another lie”.

Let me tell you, I have been studying and applying the Law of Attraction for enough years to know how it works for me and when it works.

That is why today I want to share my experiences with you and show you the path that I have followed to obtain the desired results.

Please, do not skip any section of this article because you could miss some determining concepts when manifesting anything successfully.


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The Manifesting Process

In any course, video or guide about manifesting with the law of attraction, they recommend that we follow a few very simple steps.

In most cases, the steps are to be clear about what you want, visualize it, believe in the process, and receive what you want.

Sounds really simple doesn’t it?

So why do so many people fail trying to manifest what they want?

Why do they never manage to manifesting anything successfully?

In my opinion and based on my results, everything starts badly from the first step.

It is not that the process is wrong, the problem is that we are not clear about what we are asking for.

That is why manifesting whatever is successful becomes a difficult task to complete.


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The Way We Structure Our Thoughts

Let’s now look at how we structure our ideas when trying to manifesting anything successfully.

To facilitate this, I am reminded of something that happened in a course I took several years ago.

Our instructor asked us to think of something that we wanted with the greatest desire.

Right away, we had to write our wish in as much detail as possible.

I spent several minutes thinking about it. Neither idea seemed good enough.

Next to me, a classmate was writing at full speed.

When our tutor pointed out that time was up, I had nothing written.

“Antonio” – said the teacher – “share your results with us.”

I had to regretfully admit that I hadn’t found anything good enough to choose from.

The instructor then spoke to the whole group saying:

“That’s the first problem. Many people don’t know what they want or that what they want is really what they want.”

“Worse still” – he continued – Many of us feel that we are not good enough to have what we want “- he concluded.

At that moment I understood that I was just blocking myself. I had to admit that “who does not know where he is going, gets anywhere”.

It was my partner’s turn, who had filled out a sheet on both sides with his ideas.

“I want to finish school to get a better position at my job” – he began.

“With the extra money I’m going to earn, I’m going to save and invest to buy a car so I can get a job on the other side of town.”

When we all thought that his idea ended there, he continued.

“With that new job I’m going to earn more money to buy a house on that side of the city” – he finished.

Our instructor hesitated for a moment before exclaiming: “Why do you think so much about your wish? What you want is a house, ask for it.”

In which of the two cases are you?


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The objective and the means

Maybe you run into the problem of not knowing what it is you want.

Thus it is impossible to manifesting anything successfully.

But you may feel that you are not valuable or important enough to deserve what you want.

In both cases, you have to work a little to clarify what you want and to understand that if there is the power of manifestation in you, it is because you are valuable, worthy of everything in the Universe.

In my partner’s example, mistaking means for end or goal is more common than you can imagine.

Many of us focus on manifesting money. Large sums of money indeed.

But most of us have negative ideas about money and its handling.

And I have to tell you that things started to work for me the moment I understood that money is only a means to an end.

You can buy a house, a car, vacations with money, but in a desert island, money means nothing.

So for manifesting anything successfully, we need to have a clear idea of what we want, and forget about the means.


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Fixing a Hole

So how do we fix the hole?

To manifest anything successfully, we must begin by knowing what we want and what we really feel about it.

If you want to express money but you are part of that great majority that has conflicts with money, you have to rethink your desire.

Let’s see, what do you want the money for? What do you want to buy?

If you want money for a house, a car, to pay your debts or take a trip, do not focus on the means, focus on the goal.

It manifests a house, a car, in being debt free.

Start by manifesting that trip, the places you are going to visit, the experiences you want to live.

Forget the how and focus on the what.

Many of us want to manifest money to feel safe.

Well, it better manifests self-confidence, security, courage, enthusiasm and a full life full of satisfaction.

Remember, you deserve all that and much more simply because you are a work of creation.

Each and every one of us are divine beings and must live in total abundance.

Ask for what you want and forget how it will manifest.

That is the work of the Universe.

The Universe knows what is the fastest, simplest, most harmonious and effective way to provide you with what you want.

But it starts with asking for what you want, everything you want.

It’s like going to a McDonalds or some fast food place.

“I want a cheeseburger, bacon, pickles, double meat, fries, and large soda.”

And they will still ask you: “Do you want something else to accompany your order?”

Exactly like this I began to ask the Universe and I obtained surprising results.


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Taking Action Makes It Work

Taking action is crucial to manifesting anything successfully.

The law of attraction is not a matter of magic or spells.

The miracle is not going to happen that while you are sitting on the sofa playing x-box or watching series your desire is manifested.

You have to move.

The Universe will be in charge of giving you inspiration and clues about the steps to follow.

If you wait for a divine apparition between bright lights and balls of smoke announcing that your wish has been granted, you will see that time passes and nothing happens.

Take action, move, be attentive to the signs and experience the joy of knowing that what you want is already yours.

From the moment you had to decide what it is you want, you are taking action.

If the genie of Aladdin’s lamp appears to grant you wishes, you will have to take action.

Action is important. It is the way to send the signal to the Universe that confirms that your wish is real.

Why do you want a car if you are not going to go out and drive it?

Do you want to travel but without leaving the comfort of your sofa?

Take note of the contradiction!

The vibration that you emit is the language that the Universe understands.

Unifying the image, the feeling and the action of what you want generates the vibration that warns the Universe “a new order has arrived”.


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Your Order is Never Complete

This is a common slogan in business, but in the case of manifesting anything successfully, it is a reality.

Every time you get results, you will want more.

The more successful you get, new ideas and wishes will go hand in hand.

I want to anticipate that this path will guide you to realize that what you want is simply to live happily.

Happiness is the real and only goal in life but humans need to create and manifest small successes to understand what it means to be happy.

And as your rally focuses on a better life for your family, your friends, your community and your country, you will create the conditions for a better world.

Why do you think we were given the power of the demonstration?

To collaborate with the Universe in the wonder of creation and be one with the Universe.

But we need a starting point from where to grow and Manifesting anything successfully is the first step.



F.A.Q. Manifesting anything successfully

  1. What exactly does manifesting anything mean?
    • Manifesting anything refers to the process of intentionally bringing your desires or goals into reality through focused thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It’s about aligning your energy with what you want to attract, creating a positive and purposeful mindset.
  2. Do I need to have a specific goal in mind to manifest successfully?
    • While having specific goals can enhance the clarity of your manifestation, it’s not mandatory. Manifesting can be applied to both broad life changes and specific objectives. The key is to be clear about your intentions, whether they are overarching life improvements or specific achievements.
  3. How can I overcome skepticism or doubts about the effectiveness of manifesting?
    • Overcoming skepticism is a common challenge. Start with small manifestations to build confidence in the process. Keep an open mind, be patient, and observe the positive changes in your life. Many successful manifestors started as skeptics but witnessed transformative results through consistent practice.
  4. Is there a timeframe for manifesting anything successfully?
    • The timeframe for successful manifestation varies based on factors like belief, consistency, and the nature of your desires. Some manifestations may occur quickly, while others may take more time. Patience and persistence are vital, as the universe works in its own time to align circumstances for your success.
  5. Can manifesting anything replace traditional goal-setting and hard work?
    • Manifesting complements traditional goal-setting and hard work rather than replacing them. Manifestation enhances your mindset, motivation, and overall approach to achieving goals. While positive thinking is powerful, combining it with strategic planning and effort maximizes your chances of success in manifesting anything you desire.



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In conclusion, the art of successfully manifesting anything is a transformative journey that goes beyond wishful thinking.

It involves cultivating a positive mindset, aligning your energy with your desires, and taking intentional actions towards your goals.

Manifestation is a versatile tool that can be applied to a broad spectrum of aspirations, from overarching life changes to specific achievements.

Overcoming skepticism and doubts about manifesting is a common hurdle, but many have witnessed remarkable transformations by starting with small manifestations and gradually expanding their practice.

While there is no fixed timeframe for successful manifestation, patience and persistence are essential virtues, allowing the universe to orchestrate the alignment of circumstances for your success.

It’s important to note that manifesting anything is not a substitute for traditional goal-setting and hard work.

Instead, it complements these efforts, providing a powerful mindset that enhances motivation and strategic planning.

By combining positive thinking with practical action, individuals can maximize their potential for success and actively participate in the co-creation of their desired reality.

As you embark on your journey of manifesting anything successfully, remember that the key lies in belief, consistency, and an unwavering focus on your intentions.

Manifestation is a dynamic process that empowers individuals to shape their destinies, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment along the way.




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manifesting anything successfully
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