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Law of Attraction Tips The Secret of Attracting Wealth

The Secret of Attracting Wealth

The Secret of Attracting Wealth

How would you feel if you were told what every young child dreams of, that you have a superpower that can give you anything you want.

It turns out that this dream might not be so far removed from reality as you might think.

This brand new concept has to do with the exact way in which reality works. It’s called the law of attraction.

According to this Law of Attraction, you can have anything you want, as long as you can create it first in your mind and emotional state.

People mainly use the law of attraction for money, and many people have been able to improve their financial situation in this seemingly illogical way.

But many people have used it for other things such as having the love of their life, or healing …


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7 Secrets to Using the Law of Attraction

Besides the video on this article, I consider it important to give you more information for a better understanding of the secret of attracting wealth.

Here are 7 secrets to using the Law of Attraction.


Achieve Clarity

It’s important to take the time to achieve exactly what you want. You have to be clear in your intentions to make it work faster.

You set your intentions on how much money you want to receive.


Use Visualization Techniques

Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to invoke motivation and change your mental and emotional state.

According to physics, any energy you put out has to come back to you. When you visualize the thing you want to receive, you draw it into your everyday reality.

Let’s say you want to have big sums of money and financial freedom.

You should imagine yourself in this new state of being – how would you feel if you had all the money you needed and more?

Imagine holding the money, stepping into your new home, driving your dream car, or travelling to a foreign destination.

The more you use your senses, the faster the result will be. You can even use the scent technique


Uproot Limiting Beliefs

Most people have a set of negative values ​​when it comes to money. Because money has been a great struggle for mankind, it has become a subject of great negative writing.

You can’t attract something that you judge or stereotype negatively, says Tonio Macy.

You will indeed run into difficulties at first, but write down your beliefs about money.

Do you respond negatively to the rich and have negative expectations about money?

You can use visualization techniques to erase old patterns and allow abundance to flow into your life.


Focus on Abundance

The more you focus on a topic, the more common it becomes in your life.

Make it a daily routine to focus on the abundance you already have. Express your appreciation for the money you already have, your home, your car, and all the other comforts you use in your daily life.

Feel that you are abundant and that you are getting richer every day.

This is the secret of success according to Tonio Macy and other coaches and it is true.



Overcoming Interior Criticism

Our beliefs are the ones that make us sabotage ourselves when things aren’t as hard as they seem.

Whenever you try to attract abundance into your life, the inner voice may tell you that you can’t or don’t deserve it.

This negative talk is not coming from you, it is a reflection of your parents and the conditioning society received about money.

This is why Tony Robbins talks about the inner wealth that one must obtain with being able to attract financial wealth.

Whenever the inner critic contradicts a happy thought about money, you can use visualization techniques like a “stop” road sign or a big X, or you can just state an opposing sentence to yourself.

That phrase could be “Making money is easy and everyone deserves to be plentiful.”


Take Care of Your Feelings

Being rich and abundant should make you feel a certain way.

How would you feel if you had everything you ever wanted? Try to keep this emotional state as much as possible throughout the day.

A lot of people want to be rich and then be happy. However, it works in reverse. As has been taught by most of the world’s religious teachings, faith precedes reality.

Be kind to yourself and take your emotional state into account as much as you can – the better you feel, the better you will perform in all aspects of your life.


Let Go and Stop Thinking Too Much

The only thing that can sabotage the Law of Attraction (at least for a while) is overthinking what you want.

This can lead to feelings of tension and resistance. It’s more important to take care of your emotional state and know that what you want is already happening to you.

Let go, and let God – the Universe support you.



Video: The Secret of Attracting Wealth


Date: 2016-01-26 22:05:01

The Secret of Attracting WealthLaw of Attraction Tips that will help you attract more wealth and success into your life.

The Law of Attraction is a concept that says you will attract into your life the things you focus on.

For example, if you are a negative person you will vibrate at a negative frequency. Therefore, you will attract other people who vibrate at this negative energy level into your life.

The secret to attracting great wealth and success is to convince your subconscious mind that you are already wealthy.

The reason being is if you are constantly thinking about being poor and in poverty then that will translate into your actions.



Beware of fears

This fear of poverty will cause you to not take risks you should have otherwise taken. Furthermore, you will be attracted to others who live in a perpetual state of poverty.

One of the best ways to program your subconscious mind is through the use of affirmations. This is the process of repeating phrases over and over, usually out loud.

The key to getting the quick and lasting change with affirmations is to put emotion and feeling behind them.

Napoleon Hill says that by adding this key element you will greatly increase your chances for success.



Vibrational Frequency the Secret of Attracting Wealth

In speeches, Bob Proctor has talked about the law of attraction being based on the law of vibration.

The vibrational frequency you emit into the world is usually based on your state of mind.

By utilizing deep breathing and meditation techniques you can manufacture a positive state of mind and therefore a positive vibration.


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The Secret of Attracting Wealth

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