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Abundance And Perfection Universe Awaiting For You

Abundance and Perfection Universe

Great news!  There is an abundance and perfection Universe awating for you.

You have in the palm of your hand everything you ever wanted just learning how to apply the Law of Attraction in the right way.

As you know, it is said that anyting you want to manifest or make real into your life, shall become real with three steps: Ask, Believe, Receive.

I know you might have tried it with poor or no results at all.

That is because there is more than this in the equation.  There are things you have to learn and comprehend due to succeed.

So let me show you something I´ve learned long ago about the abundance and perfection Universe awating for you.



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The Supreme Plan

In the vast tapestry of existence, there unfolds a grand design, a Supreme Plan.

This plan, woven with the threads of abundance and perfection, governs the manifestation of all that is. Perhaps the concept of true perfection eludes your grasp, yet it undeniably exists.

Imagine an existence brimming with dynamism, a constant dance where beings and things evolve towards their fullest expression, driven by a swift and wise process.

Look around you and witness the abundance that saturates every corner of this universe – an infinite wellspring of life and energy. Millions upon millions of stars, scattered across the boundless expanse of space, each a testament to this abundance.

In the four great kingdoms – mineral, vegetable, animal, and human – countless forms teem with life, bursting forth, thriving, and evolving.

The invisible hand behind this grand display orchestrates a symphony of harmony, love, and wisdom. An irresistible internal power, silent and unseen, conducts the magnificent forces of nature.

Harmony, a rhythmic song born from perfect organization where natural laws co-operate seamlessly. Love, the ever-present creative force that fosters all harmonious conditions. And wisdom, the guiding light that directs the manifestation of love and harmony with unwavering power.

This invisible force pervades every kingdom of nature, and within it all, humanity stands as the pinnacle, the vessel best equipped to manifest the essence of this grand design.

We are participants in this boundless abundance, created with the potential to embody the universe’s inherent perfection.


Abundance and Perfection Universe Awaiting For You

Unconscious application of the Power

The world around us hums with an energy of infinite possibilities, an abundance and perfection universe where anything we desire can manifest.

Yet, we often find ourselves lacking, facing struggles, or even illness. How can this be, when surrounded by such boundless potential?

The answer lies within. Through unconscious actions and thoughts, we tap into this universal power unknowingly. Sometimes, this results in a positive reality, a comfortable life – a testament to the inherent power we hold, even if wielded unknowingly.

But more often, our unconscious application attracts negativity, hindering the perfect manifestation of our desires.

This is where conscious awareness comes in. By taking the time to meditate, reflect, and truly understand the universe’s abundance and perfection, we unlock a new level of control. We can choose to replace those negative, habitual thoughts with positive ones, aligning ourselves with the universe’s inherent good.

Imagine yourself as a powerful magnet, attracting experiences based on your dominant thoughts. By consciously choosing positivity, you become a beacon for the abundance and perfection universe, drawing in the perfect manifestation of your desires.

This is how we remake our lives, our environments, and our circumstances – by aligning ourselves with the universe’s limitless potential.


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A New Life

The universe operates within an intricate dance of forces, a symphony playing out in an abundance of perfection.

While you might crave an immediate explanation of these forces and how to navigate them, dear friend, patience is key. Building confidence within yourself is the first step – a foundation upon which we’ll construct a transformative journey.

The practices I’ll introduce you to will lead to positive experiences, the very building blocks for a transformed life.

Remember, at this initial stage, simplicity and effectiveness are paramount. Let’s bypass intellectual hurdles and focus on practical work that yields tangible benefits.

This preparation is all about setting the mental stage for alignment with the universe’s grand design. By cultivating specific thought patterns, we’ll create the perfect conditions for your inherent potential to manifest.

This “new life” isn’t about creating something from scratch, but rather about revealing the life you already possess in its full glory – a life overflowing with abundance, harmony, and, of course, perfection.

The perfection that has always existed within you, waiting to be embraced by the abundance of the universe.

Soon, you’ll witness the fruits of your efforts. The seed of this new life, brimming with potential, will take root. You’ll then be able to manifest all your inherent strengths and possibilities, living a life perpetually bathed in the universe’s perfect abundance.


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Abundance and Perfection Universe Awaiting For You: Your First Practice

Transforming Understanding

From the very first breath we take, we embark on a journey of understanding ourselves and the universe around us. It’s a constant dance of exploration, sometimes filled with missteps and stumbles. But within this beautiful mess lies the key to transformation: a positive approach.

The universe, in its abundance and perfection, doesn’t expect flawless decisions from us. It’s a playground of experiences, some joyous, some challenging. Mistakes are inevitable, but they hold the seeds of growth.

By taking responsibility for our choices, we acknowledge the power we hold to shift our perspective.

This shift is the bridge between reaction and action. It’s about stepping out of autopilot and consciously choosing a different path. The more we stumble, the more potent this shift becomes.

It awakens a deep well of inner guidance, a voice that whispers about learning from the past and building a better future.

Imagine the universe as a vast library of possibilities. Every decision becomes a stepping stone, leading us closer to the knowledge and wisdom we seek. By taking an active role – learning, growing, and adapting – we tap into the universe’s abundance and perfection.

We become co-creators of our reality, shaping our experiences into a tapestry woven with resilience, purpose, and positive transformation.

This proactive approach isn’t about achieving some unattainable ideal. It’s about embracing the journey, with all its imperfections, as the path to a richer, more fulfilling existence.

It’s about understanding that within the stumbles lies the potential for profound growth, and that the universe, in its infinite wisdom, supports us on every step of the way.


Observe the abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you

The universe is a place of abundance and perfection, overflowing with beauty waiting to be discovered. Imagine yourself nestled comfortably, taking a deep breath and letting the worries of the world melt away.

As you exhale, feel yourself becoming one with the rhythm of your breath.

Now, close your eyes and allow the most captivating images to fill your mind’s eye. Sparkling stars, the vibrant tapestry of nature, the smiles of loved ones, the echoes of happy memories – let them all flood your consciousness.

Sink into the joy, the pure pleasure that emanates from these visions. Feel yourself vibrating with this positive frequency, a testament to the abundance and perfection that surrounds you. Bask in the wonder of the world, existing right here, right now.

Hold onto this vision for a few precious minutes. Let the positive emotions and the high vibrations wash over you.

Finally, gently open your eyes and take a moment to reflect on this extraordinary experience. Remember, the universe is an endless well of abundance and perfection, always waiting to be tapped into.

You hold the key within you, and all you need to do is open your heart and let it flow.


Perfection in Imperfection

As you settle into this awakened state, a sense of calm washes over you. Here, in this space of awareness, positivity is key. It acts as a guiding light, ensuring the scenario you’re crafting doesn’t veer off course.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself bathed in the golden light of the universe’s abundance and perfection. Now, step outside yourself and observe. What qualities do you admire? What makes you, you?

With a gentle smile, turn your attention to areas you’d like to refine. Remember, there’s no blame here, just a spirit of analysis. We humans are not flawless, yet within our imperfections lies a unique kind of beauty.

Just as darkness allows light to shine, night enhances the brilliance of the stars.

Those perceived flaws? They’re simply facets of your personality, brushstrokes on the canvas of your being. So, in this tranquil space, identify what you wish to cultivate.

Take mental notes, for they’ll be your guideposts on this journey of transformation, leading you closer to the life you envision.

Each step is a brushstroke towards a masterpiece, a testament to the exquisite tapestry of your existence within the universe’s own abundance and perfection.


Pile of Rock Near Lake - abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you


Wealth, Abundance and also Health Manifesting Exercise

We each have our own assumption of the significance of these words and that is perfect.

a) Whatever “Riches” indicates to you is excellent.

b) Whatever “Abundance” suggests to you is perfect.

c) Whatever “Health” indicates to you is best.

I think there is a flow of Riches, Abundance as well as Wellness moving to us at all times and also the only factor we do not get it is due to the fact that we are not open to getting it or permitting our great to find to us.

We have been educated that we are not deserving or that we do not be entitled to.

Know that you MERIT as well as you DO should have – simply since you were birthed. You do not have to do anything to deserve it.

This workout is intended to aid you launch those beliefs as well as start to experience the circulation of more Wide range, Abundance and Health in your life NOW.


The Affirmations – Remember them

a) I NOW release all resistance to the Divine circulation of Riches, Abundance and also Health.

b) I AM currently obtaining the Divine flow of Riches, Abundance and also Well-Being.

c) I am GRATEFUL for the Divine circulation of Riches, Abundance and Wellness.

The Exercise

Execute as most of the following actions as often as you can throughout your day.

Designate a Notebook and a few vivid pens and also create and repeat each of these Affirmations as often as feasible throughout your day – for a minimum of 5 mins each time.

Spend half an hour first thing in the early morning and also last point during the night in reflection as you duplicate these Affirmations.

Our mind focuses during sleep on the thoughts we believe for the last 30 – 45 minutes prior to rest.



Reflection can be as simple as focusing on your breathing.

Establish a timer for 5 minutes or thirty minutes or whatever time you choose to assign.

Throughout the day when you find yourself thinking an adverse idea, or sensation angry or depressing, or any other feeling apart from delight and also joy, repeat these affirmations as usually as possible.

Tip outside and also raise your arms to the Heavens as well as repeat these Affirmations as usually as feasible – OUT LOUD.

Repeat the Affirmations silently to yourself as typically as feasible.

IN OTHER WORDS, repeat these Affirmations until they are second nature to you. Let them end up being a part of your continuous ideas.

Write down exactly how you really feel, any changes or shifts in your feelings of Wide range, Abundance and also Wellness.

Maintain a record of any manifestation or any kind of proof of prosperity that you attract with your involvement in this exercise.

I will be envisioning hearing YOU repeating these Affirmations, understanding that you will certainly be manifesting great outcomes!



Video – Abundance and Perfection Universe


Final Thoughts on Abundance and Perfection Universe

Many people believe that by aligning with the Universe and its fundamental laws, their lives will automatically become a paradise. A land where, by making all the “right” choices, nothing bad could ever happen.

But the truth is, we’re all works in progress. We make mistakes, we lose focus, and sometimes the “right” choice isn’t clear. That’s okay.

The Universe, in its magnificent abundance and perfection, isn’t a vending machine dispensing rewards for perfect decisions.

Instead, it’s the incredible variety and distinctions that exist within the Universe that make us who we are. These challenges, these imperfections, push us to think, to be creative, and to unlock the vast potential within us.

They are part of the grand design, a testament to the abundance and perfection of the Universe in all its complexity.

Things are exactly as they’re meant to be, unfolding perfectly in their own unique way. If you’ve been practicing what I’ve recommended, you’ll recognize this.

You’ll understand that within the challenges, the mistakes, and the unexpected turns, there lies an abundance and perfection Universe waiting for you to explore and grow within.

It’s not a destination of perfect choices, but a journey of continuous learning and evolution, embraced by the vast and beautiful tapestry of the Universe.




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abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you

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