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Abundance And Perfection Universe Awaiting For You

Abundance and Perfection Universe Awaiting For You

Abundance and Perfection Universe Awaiting For You

Great news!  There is an abundance and perfection Universe awating for you.

You have in the palm of your hand everything you ever wanted just learning how to apply the Law of Attraction in the right way.

As you know, it is said that anyting you want to manifest or make real into your life, shall become real with three steps: Ask, Believe, Receive.

I know you might have tried it with poor or no results at all.

That is because there is more than this in the equation.  There are things you have to learn and comprehend due to succeed.

So let me show you something I´ve learned long ago about the abundance and perfection Universe awating for you.


Starry Sky In Timelapse Mode


The Supreme Plan

There is a great Plan, the Supreme Plan, according to which everything that exists has been manifested and its main characteristics are Abundance and Perfection.

Perhaps you are not able to understand the full meaning of perfection, it exists.

However, in the dynamism that leads beings and things towards their complete expression, according to a quick and wise process.

Look around you and you will see how abundant they manifest in everything, an infinite life and energy.

Millions and millions of stars populate space without limits, millions and millions of forms are born, grow and live everywhere in the four kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal and human.

This infinite life manifests itself in harmony, love and wisdom. under the action of an irresistible internal power, which operates invisibly and silently and of which the forces of Nature are a demonstration.

Harmony is the rhythmic result of perfect organization, of the cooperation of natural laws. Love is the creative power of all harmonic conditions that is constantly active.

Wisdom directs the manifestation of love and harmony with irresistible power.

The invisible Power works in all the kingdoms of nature and man is the best adapted being for its manifestation.


Abundance and Perfection Universe Awaiting For You

Unconscious application of the Power

Now think, meditate, reflect. How is it that if I live in a world of infinite manifestations, of an abundant and omnipresent life, I can lack something, I can suffer or be sick?

And you will realize that your situation in life, your current position is due to an ignorant unconscious application of any of these forces.

Or it can be by not having made use of the resources that every human being carries within himself.

Meditate that if your living conditions are good, it is because of a positive, albeit unconscious, application of these same forces.

That is why through the conscious and intelligent use of these forces, we are going to remake your existence, your environment, your circumstances.

You will be producing positive ideas that will allow the Perfect Ideal to manifest in you, instead of continuing to reproduce the habitually negative ones that have hindered and they hinder that perfect manifestation.

That way you bring the abundance and perfection Universe awating for you.


abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you - Man in Gray Sweater Sitting on White Chair Beside Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt


A New Life

I’m sure you want me to tell you more about these forces and even to explain what to do, but it is not the time for it yet.

On the contrary, I want you to have a little confidence, so that you put into practice what I will tell you later.

However, the practices that I am going to propose will lead you to positive experiences, which are the solid basis for the transformation of your life.

Keep in mind that at this stage of your path to a better life, the work should be as simple and effective as possible.

Also keep in mind that we must begin with your subjective preparation and that this has nothing to do with the intellect.

In order to achieve practical results as soon as possible, it is advisable not to distract your attention with more or less interesting explanations and instead, propose effective work to do.

Keep in mind that all this means the preparation to cooperate with the Supreme Plan by producing the mental conditions that are to facilitate the manifestation of the Perfect Ideal.

Once the results we seek have been achieved, the seed of new life is sown, you will be able to manifest all the potential that is in you, always and in perfection.

The term new life does not mean something to be created, but the manifestation of life in perfection, abundance and harmony that perhaps is new to you.


Woman Meditating In Bedroom - abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you


Your First Practice

Transforming Understanding

Taking a positive method to life suggests approving responsibility for our decisions.

The universe created it to make sure that nobody is ideal and that nobody constantly makes the right decisions.

We’re not anticipated to. Yet what we are expected to do is learn from previous mistakes and not repeat them. As well as to educate ourselves before we do choose.

So whatever decisions we have actually made up to this point, we constantly have the chance to stop responding as well as begin taking charge.

By altering our perception of our circumstance, we can change our emphasis and start moving in the right direction.

The worse off points are, the more possibility that we need to take charge.

By taking an aggressive approach, we initially take action to correct the present circumstance the best we can.

After that we choose that we’re mosting likely to do whatever is required not to let this sort of scenario ever happen again.

Such choices can be life transforming, since being proactive forces us to pay attention to our inner guidence or voice.


Observe the abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you

So sit down confortable, take your time.  Concentrate in your breath.

Now, bring the most beautiful images you can into your mind.  Stars, nature, people, good moments, whatever.

Feel the joy, the pleasure deep inside.  Vibrate with that frequency.  Rejoice and notice what a wonderful world exists right now.

Try to keep the vision, the emotion and the vibration for some minutes.

Open your eyes and think about the experience you just have lived.


Perfection in Imperfection

Now you are involved in that awake state, pay attention as well as to be positive to ensure that the scenario does not get out of hand.

Think about yourself.  Think about the things you love about yourself.  Imagine you are looking at you from the distance.

With calm and serenity, take a look at what you want to change.  No hard feelings.  Be analitic.

We as humans are not perfect, but there is perfection in the imperfection.

The light needs shadows to be noticed and the stars need the night to be appreciated in all its magnificense.

So you might have defects you hate, but they are nothing but parts of your personality.  With that quiet check what is there to be changed.

Take notes of the experience.  Those notes will help you through your evolution to your dream life.


Pile of Rock Near Lake - abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you


Wealth, Abundance and also Health Manifesting Exercise

We each have our own assumption of the significance of these words and that is perfect.

a) Whatever “Riches” indicates to you is excellent.

b) Whatever “Abundance” suggests to you is perfect.

c) Whatever “Health” indicates to you is best.

I think there is a flow of Riches, Abundance as well as Wellness moving to us at all times and also the only factor we do not get it is due to the fact that we are not open to getting it or permitting our great to find to us.

We have been educated that we are not deserving or that we do not be entitled to.

Know that you MERIT as well as you DO should have – simply since you were birthed. You do not have to do anything to deserve it.

This workout is intended to aid you launch those beliefs as well as start to experience the circulation of more Wide range, Abundance and Health in your life NOW.


The Affirmations – Remember them

a) I NOW release all resistance to the Divine circulation of Riches, Abundance and also Health.

b) I AM currently obtaining the Divine flow of Riches, Abundance and also Well-Being.

c) I am GRATEFUL for the Divine circulation of Riches, Abundance and Wellness.

The Exercise

Execute as most of the following actions as often as you can throughout your day.

Designate a Notebook and a few vivid pens and also create and repeat each of these Affirmations as often as feasible throughout your day – for a minimum of 5 mins each time.

Spend half an hour first thing in the early morning and also last point during the night in reflection as you duplicate these Affirmations.

Our mind focuses during sleep on the thoughts we believe for the last 30 – 45 minutes prior to rest.



Reflection can be as simple as focusing on your breathing.

Establish a timer for 5 minutes or thirty minutes or whatever time you choose to assign.

Throughout the day when you find yourself thinking an adverse idea, or sensation angry or depressing, or any other feeling apart from delight and also joy, repeat these affirmations as usually as possible.

Tip outside and also raise your arms to the Heavens as well as repeat these Affirmations as usually as feasible – OUT LOUD.

Repeat the Affirmations silently to yourself as typically as feasible.

IN OTHER WORDS, repeat these Affirmations until they are second nature to you. Let them end up being a part of your continuous ideas.

Write down exactly how you really feel, any changes or shifts in your feelings of Wide range, Abundance and also Wellness.

Maintain a record of any manifestation or any kind of proof of prosperity that you attract with your involvement in this exercise.

I will be envisioning hearing YOU repeating these Affirmations, understanding that you will certainly be manifesting great outcomes!


Photo of Northern Lights


Final Thoughts

I assume many individuals believe that by connecting with the Universe and regularly practicing the Universal Laws that their lives will certainly be Paradise.

That nothing bad will ever before take place if they make all the right choices.

Yet since we are incomplete beings as well as we fail to pay attention, every now and then we can not and won’t constantly make the right decisions.

What we can do is learn to live the very best life we possible can by being aggressive when circumstances do arise.

It’s the extraordinary variety and also distinctions that exist in the universe that makes us that we are.

It maintains us thinking, it makes us creative, and also it shows us our unlimited capacity. So as it is the universe and all it has is best in its flaw.

Things are as they’re expected to be.

If you have made the practice I recommended, you are aware that an abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you.



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abundance and perfection Universe awaiting for you

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