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5 Steps to Manifest Happiness in Your Life

How to Manifest Happiness in Your Life

Happiness should be the main goal of human beings, but if we do a quick search on the internet, most of the searches are focused on money and prosperity.

Certainly, these two topics are important, but finally and above all else, happiness is the basis of everything.

How to be happy living in poverty, illness and helplessness? It is not easy at all.

But these are circumstances that manifest themselves outside of us. They are the result of our thoughts and the decisions we have made.

We have forgotten that the Supreme Plan of the universe has provided everything we need, ready to be delivered … if we know how to ask for it.


Manifest happiness


Happiness a State of Mind

Happiness is not a goal to be achieved but rather a path to travel.

It is through a feeling of joy, excitement about the new challenge of each day that we will be able to manifest everything we want in our life.

Happiness is a state of mind which we constantly reject because of the concepts that have been implanted in us since our childhood.

They have shown it to us as a prize, as a distant aspiration and as an unattainable dream in this “valley of tears”.

But there is no bigger lie than that. The great spiritual guides throughout history have told us. The man must be happy.

Each of these leaders showed us a different way to be happy, but they all have a common goal: happiness.

In this articl,e I want to share with you a certain route so that you live in that suitable state of mind.


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Why you need to learn how to manifest happiness

The Law of Attraction tells us that we can have everything we want.

For this, it provides us with a route: Ask, Believe and Receive.

It tells us that we must vibrate at the correct frequency so that what we want, becomes reality.

Well, the perfect frequency of vibration is what gives us happiness. When we feel happy there is no obstacle to being too great.

The best in each one of us is shown when we are happy or feel that way.

When we are in that state of grace we help others, we share the best of ourselves and we manage to infect those around us with that supreme state of joy.

All good things are drawn to us and bad things seem to disappear into thin air.

Every little detail, previously insignificant, takes on a new magnitude before our eyes.

We are happy and it seems that the world is too.

Love, compassion, joy, abundance, prosperity and all the good things in life become part of our reality.

So, if we are able to extend that state of happiness in our life, everything, absolutely everything, will come into our life.


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5 Steps to Manifest Happiness in Your Life

There are many ways to live in a state of happiness as I mentioned earlier.

In terms of the Law of Attraction, here I share the 5 steps to manifest happiness in your life that will help you improve your life.



It sounds strange surely, but the first thing we need to do is get rid of all the negative load that is on our shoulders.

Reconciling ourselves with everything and with all those with whom we have negative feelings, emotions and thoughts is significantat first step.

The Law of Attraction tells us that we should live in constant gratitude, but it is almost impossible that you can show sincere gratitude towards everything that you currently hate.

Start by forgiving those you feel have offended you in some way and forgiving yourself for allowing those feelings to grow in you.

Look at yourself in the mirror and apologize. Be sincere. By forgiving, you release the burden and leave behind what is hopeless.

Reconcile yourself with your work, with your partner, your relatives, with your neighbourneighboursh the world.

From this moment you are a free person. Free of hate, grudges and emotionally negative ties.



Nowbyconciling yourself with everything that you do not like in your life, you can express gratitude.

I want to clarify that it is not gratitude towards unpleasant things but because thanks to those experiences, today you are who you are and where you are.

From this point on you can face the world and see it as it is.

Be grateful for what you have, be it a lot or a little. Be grateful for your life, your achievements, your relationships and everything that surrounds you today.

And be especially grateful, with even greater force, the capacity that you have within you to manifest all that you want from now on.

Be grateful for the power you have to live the life you have always wanted and that today, having reconciled with everything and everyone, you can begin to fully manifest.


Visualize and Materialize

In this moment of liberation, begin to visualize everything that makes you feel happy.

Create a movie in your mind where you are the main protagonist of the film.

The more details you add, the better.

Don’t just put images in your mind, give your movie sounds, smells, sensations and atmosphere. But above all, give him emotions.

Emotions of joy, excitement, gratitude and happiness to see the kind of life that is already yours and that will begin to manifest itself sooner than you imagine.

Create a detailed movie of each situation that you want to change in your life for the better.

Feel the power that you are permeating your visualization. When you visualize, you materialize.


Vibrate at the correct frequency

I should mention this step simply so that you can see the big picture more clearly.

If you look closely, the moment you visualize and feel the emotion before your mental creation, you are automatically vibrating at the correct frequency.

This, dear friend, is happiness. You have entered that powerful state of mind where anything is possible and achievable.

Hold the vibration for as long as possible and every time you feel things getting out of hand, go back to the previous steps to regenerate the vibrational frequency you want.

Acknowledge happiness for the magical feeling it provides and thank it with all your being.

Happiness is the most precious good you can have. Don’t let her get away because you didn’t take care of her.

Feed that state of grace every day. You already know how to do it. You know that it is a powerful engine that will take you where you want.


Bless your inner power

When you first do this exercise, you may be shocked and overwhelmed by your discovery.

Realizing the immense power that is within you can be unsettling.

But now you know, you can create and in fact, you have created, everything that is in your life.

Bless your inner power as it is the best way to thank the Universe that you are aware of it. You have opened your eyes to a new reality.

Today you are already aware that inside you there is the power, love and wisdom to overcome all obstacles and to manifest happiness in your life.

From this moment you will be aware that you are one with the creation and that the one who affirms “I am” is you in perfect consciousness.



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Try THIS to Manifest Happiness in Your Life

Each time you apply these five steps to manifest happiness, your power increases.

It is like exercise. Little by little, step by step, you are acquiring a greater condition and a better handling of the manifestation technique.

Now you are clear on how to free yourself from fear, anguish and negative thoughts.

This does not mean that negativity is going to disappear once and for all but that you already have the tools to not allow them to wreak havoc in your life.

Every time a negative thought appears, it is a warning that something is wrong within your realm of happiness.

Get down to business and begin the 5-step process to manifest happiness in your life.

Beforehand, you already know the result: total and absolute triumph.


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Manifest happiness resources

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