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What Law of Attraction Means and How to Benefit from It

what law of attraction means

What law of attraction means

The energy nature of the human body and the Universe is linked to the law of attraction. Let’s take a closer look at what the law of attraction means.

The law of attraction provides a straightforward approach to explaining and comprehending complicated ideas.

The energetic nature of the human body and the Universe is closely tied to the law of attraction; without this energetic nature, there would be no law of attraction.

The explanation of the law of universal attraction takes place on this bioenergetics site, which describes the human body as matter-energy and its connection with Vital Energy, Self, Vibratory Signature, or Soul in religious terms.

That is what the law of attraction means.

Americans are the kings of marketing, they have found the name “Law of Attraction” which is more attractive than “physical-chemistry”, so much the better!

If this causes a significant number of individuals to get interested in the vibratory nature of the human person, to comprehend these scientific concepts, and, more importantly, to better their lives by applying these ideas to their lives, then it will be a success.

Many people, however, are unable to succeed despite their honest belief that they are correctly utilizing the law of attraction.

The “law of attraction” is both simple and subtle at the same time.


Thought is a way of shaping Energy.

Positive thinking is therefore essential and fundamental to having positive results in life and good health.

But it is only the emerging part of a larger and deeper understanding of the human being in all these dimensions.

It is not “positive thinking” as such that brings healing, abundance or the ideal partner that you are waiting for.

But it is necessary to think positively to access and allow this dimension IN itself called Personal Energy,  who, SHE, guides us to allow us to achieve and materialize healing, abundance or meeting with the ideal partner desired.

Energy is a key element of what the law of attraction means.


An important point concerning the law of attraction:

A surfer sends me an email in which he writes ironically:

– “I visualized for months that my ex-girlfriend and I would be together but nothing happened on the contrary she has a new man in her life. So where is this law of attraction? ” 

I, therefore, remind you that:

You can NOT choose and decide for others. 

Choosing and deciding for others amounts to taking away their free will, which is exactly the opposite of the law of attraction!

The law of attraction is based on free will and Abundance.

In the case of this Internet user why insist on a person with whom it did not work when there are more than 7 billion human beings including several thousand women with whom it could work well for him with them?


File:-LOVE-love-36983825-1680-1050.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Essence of the Law of Attraction is Love.

Let me be clear on what the law of attraction means: The law of attraction is in no case a power, domination, over others, in NO case.

Rather, it is about balance and harmony.

Individuals are FREE to live all the relational experiences and life situations that they want and/or that they do not want (in this case it is most often unconscious).

The entire FREEDOM of everyone to live what they want to live: it is the very ESSENCE of the law of attraction.

In other words, you can ask EVERYTHING you want for YOU then it is a question of leaving the universal physical principles or even “the law of attraction” whose Essence IS Love.

Therefore, to bring you: / the ideal partner, the ideal job, the accommodation you requested, etc.

Remembering that:

  • The Universe is abundant
  • There is abundance for each and every one

Astronomers estimate that there are between 100 and 200 billion galaxies in the known universe, ie… between 14 and 26 galaxies per inhabitant of the Earth.

Knowing that a single galaxy contains 100 billion stars!

There is REALLY enough energy for everyone and everyone.

In the example above, rather than visualizing for months that he and his ex-girlfriend would be together: dependence, egotistical thought of domination and not the law of attraction.

This Internet user could have asked and visualized for example:



What Law of Attraction Means: Simplicity

The law of attraction is both very SIMPLE and very subtle.

As I wrote above it is a simple way to explain complex concepts, the law of attraction does not exempt from the path of self-knowledge.

It is even the opposite: wanting to understand the law of attraction and deliberately putting it into practice in one’s life IS a process of awareness and growth.

Whenever you don’t get the results you want in your life, it’s an invitation to get to know yourself better, to know yourself better and to look IN on yourself.

The Law of Attraction IS the power of Love.

I wrote the power of love, not ego, not fears, not attachments, not limitations etc …

Love begins with yourself first.  In other words from an energy point of view: ALIGNMENT is with SOI first.

The biggest problem of this society is that individuals seek to align themselves with other people individually: father, mother, brother, sister, famous star etc. or collectively “others” society in general, the party, the religious movement etc.) rather than aligning with yourself first.

Since the law of attraction IS the power of Love, the more you learn to love yourself, the more you will be able to attract to yourself the good things you want in your life, out of love and in the love of YOU, that of the Universe responding, through others as well, harmoniously to your positive and loving requests for YOURSELF.

  • Love heals.
  • Always Love soothes.
  • Love revitalizes.
  • When it hurts, it is NOT love, it is wounds that reveal themselves and require healing.


Law of Attraction Always Work

The law of attraction is at work, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME, WITH EVERYONE and in ALL areas even when it “seems” that it does not work.

The Law of Attraction does NOT exempt you from knowing the basic rules of communication and life in society.

Sometimes, some people would benefit from forgetting the law of attraction and simply thinking about their daily behaviours to improve their results in their lives.

The Law of Attraction is also NOT about sitting around waiting for everything to change around you like a magic wand (or until Bruce Willis arrives in his helicopter!).

It requires active participation.

The law of attraction requires active listening to oneself, the brakes that one carries within oneself but also inspirations to take such or such action, to call such or such person, to carry out such or such step.

Be aware The law of attraction requires us to fully experience the present moment.

The law of attraction is to passionately love Life and to be passionately in Life.

It is not by reading the pages of books or the Internet, even many books and many Internet pages, that we get RESULTS but by PRACTICE.


Mind Reprogram

Like a computer that idles because an unwanted program unnecessarily uses precious resources, the problem when you want to consciously and deliberately use the Law of Attraction is sort of “the unwanted background program.”

Which turns out without anyone realizing it.

My consultations are aimed in particular at removing the obstacles to the achievement of what we want.

That is to bring to consciousness “the basic program” which prevents or blocks the achievement of what we want and to go beyond it.

The law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe.

Each thought gives off vibration and emits a signal, see thought-energy, which attracts a corresponding signal to it. We call this process the Law of Attraction.


Energy precedes matter

Under this law, what looks alike comes together. So you could think of this mighty Law of Attraction as some kind of universal management system that makes all thoughts of a similar nature line up together.

You have a demonstration of this principle when you turn on the radio and tune into a station whose signal is being emitted from a transmission tower.

Of course, you don’t expect to hear music on FM 101 when your radio receiver is tuned to FM 98.6.

You understand that the radio frequency transmitted must correspond to the radio frequency tuning, which is following the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, when you experience something that causes you to emit the vibrations of any desire, you must then find a way to keep yourself constantly in vibrational harmony with this desire so that you can reap the results.


Law of Attraction Keys

Four Components of a Wealthy Life — Part 1 — Health

So to find out what the law of attraction means it is important to take a look at some of the LOA keys.

What do you pay attention to?

Whatever you pay attention to causes you to emit a vibration, and as this is tantamount to a request, it becomes your point of attraction.

If there is one thing you want, you just need to focus your attention on it.

Under the Law of Attraction, it will manifest to you, because by thinking about it or feeling this desire, you emit a vibration from which this thing must necessarily come to you.

However, if your attention is focused mainly on the fact that you do NOT have the desired thing, then the Law of Attraction will cause the result to match this vibration of lack and you will continue to not get what you desire. Such is this law.


Law of attraction I imagine what I want

How do I know what I’m attracting?

The key to getting what you want is to establish vibrational harmony with what you want.

And the simplest way to achieve this is to imagine that you have obtained it, to pretend that the object of your desire is already part of your reality, to visualize that you are taking full advantage of it.

By practising to keep such thoughts and constantly emitting this vibration, you will thus establish in yourself the state of being necessary to ensure its manifestation.

Furthermore, by observing how you feel, you can easily know if you are paying attention to your desire or if you are thinking only of its absence.

When your thoughts correspond perfectly to your desire, you feel good, your emotional range then passes from contentment to hope, from longing to joy.

If, on the other hand, your attention is focused on lack or absence, then your emotions are dominated by pessimism, worry, discouragement, anger, insecurity and depression.

By becoming aware of your emotions, see Realizing the Union (chapter on the emotional plane), you will always know if you are doing well in terms of the permission aspect of your creative process and you will never misunderstand why things happen the way they do.

Your emotions constitute for you a wonderful Guidance System.

If you pay attention to them, you will be able to guide yourself until you get everything you want.


Law of attraction of thoughts to make you feel good

You get what you think about, whether you like it or not.

Under the powerful law of universal attraction, you draw to yourself the essence of all that predominates in your thoughts.

Therefore, if you think above all about the desired things, your life experience will reflect this.

Likewise, if you mainly think about what you don’t want, it will also be reflected in your life.

When you think of something, it can be compared to planning a future event, just like when you appreciate something or worry about something.

To worry about anything is to use your imagination to create that unwanted thing.

Each thought, each idea, each thing emits a vibration. So, when you focus your attention on something, even for a few moments.

The vibration emanating from your Being begins to reflect the thing to which you are paying your attention.

The more you think about it, the more you vibrate in phase with this thing, and the more your vibration harmonizes with it, the more you attract to you what is of the same nature as this one.

This attraction will continue to increase until you emit a different vibration, and then the things corresponding to this new vibration will be attracted to you.

When you understand how the Law of Attraction works, you will never be surprised at what happens in your life, because you will understand that you have invited by your thoughts everything that happens.

As there are no exceptions to this powerful universal law, it is easy to fully understand how it works.

Once you get it right that you get what you think about and, just as important, that you stay alert to what you think, then you can exercise absolute control over your own life.



How wide are your vibrational differences?

Here are some examples.

There are important vibrational differences in your thoughts of appreciation for your partner, as well as in those related to the things you would like to see changed in him or her.

The relationships you have with your partner inevitably reflect your predominant thoughts about him.

Indeed, even if it is not conscious, it is the force of your thought that made your relationship flourish and flourish.

Your desire to improve your financial situation cannot be realized if you often feel jealous of your neighbour’s good fortune, because the vibration of your desire and that of your feeling of jealousy is very different one the other.

A good understanding of your vibrational nature will lead you to easily and deliberately create your reality.

Thereafter, with time and practice, you will discover that all your desires can come to fruition, because there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

You are a gatherer of vibrational energy.

You are consciousness, energy, vibration, electricity, source of energy and creator.


Law of attraction you become what you imagine

You are a creative genius expressing his presence in this spatiotemporal reality, intending to bring thought beyond what it may have been before.

Even if it may seem strange to you at the beginning, it will be useful that you gradually accept the fact that you are a being of vibratory nature, since you live in a universe where everything is vibration, where the laws which govern it are based on vibration control.

As soon as, in all conscience, you have become one with the universal laws, as soon as you have acquired a perfect understanding of the reason why things react as they do, all that is the source of mystery and confusion in your mind will give way to clarity and understanding.

Doubt and fear will be replaced by knowledge and confidence, uncertainty will become a certainty, and joy will once again be the first foundation of your existence.


When your desires and beliefs are in vibrational harmony

According to the Law of Attraction according to which what looks alike assembles, the vibration of your Being must harmonize with that of your desire so that you can fully receive what will result from it.

You cannot desire to obtain a thing, to have for only concern the absence of this thing, and then hope to receive it, because the vibratory frequency of its absence is at places of that of its presence.

In other words, to receive what you wish to obtain, the vibration of your desire and that of your belief must perfectly match.

Here is a more general overview of what awaits you.

Thanks to all the experiences that you live here in your unique perspective, you manage to identify, consciously or unconsciously, your personal preferences.

However, as this happens, there is an immediate vibrational response to your requests, which are also vibratory, whether you have verbalized them or not.

Your current space-time reality, your culture, your way of seeing things – everything that contributes to forming your perspective – have evolved over countless generations.

In fact, it would be impossible to trace all the desires, all the conclusions and perceptions that have engendered the unique point of view that you have on things here and now.

No matter what is behind your unique point of view, it does exist. You exist

what law of attraction means

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