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What are You Thankful for – Gratitude is the Key to Open Doors

Gratitude is a terrible power to manifest whatever you want so, what are you thankful for?

Although there is a lot of overlap in the definitions, the main difference is rather straightforward.

You appreciate something someone has done for you and you can be grateful when someone does something good for you.

Being grateful is appropriate in this situation, but it may also be applied to being grateful in general.

But what does it mean to be grateful?

Being grateful is defined by dictionaries as a feeling of gratitude that comes from inside rather than a socially acceptable response to a pleasant gesture.

So being thankful, or having “gratitude,” can be aimed at individuals you admire as well as things that have helped you much in your life.

Practising gratitude daily is going to bring great benefits to your life.



What are you thankful for?

We forget the ability to feel grateful when we have everything too much.  But gratitude opens the door to a life of plenty.  What are you thankful for?

For when we have too much of everything, we take things for granted. When we are not grateful, we are dissatisfied.

When we become dissatisfied, we are unhappy and do not know how to come back grateful.

How alienated we are from reality.

The minced meat comes from a plastic box, a clothing store, a furniture store, a milk jar, a water tap and an interpersonal phone.

And what a huge job behind them!

What would be a world where suddenly this would no longer be the case?

Okay, this is the reality today. I’m not claiming that everything was better before or that the reality was wrong.

But all this abundance and ease blurs our gratitude for everyday things.

We can no longer be grateful for such simple things as food, health, rest and work.

So we can’t be grateful for everyday life. They are all burdens. Burdens that we should just be.

It is dangerous to be so ungrateful.

For it drives us to want more. To seek that happiness in the wrong places when it is no longer out of everyday life.

To seek that happiness everywhere outside of everyday life, while nullifying every “ordinary” day.


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What Is Thankfulness?

Gratitude, also known as thanks or appreciation, is a common and good feeling, particularly later in life (Chipperfield, Perry, & Weiner, 2003).

It is also regarded as a social feeling or at the very least an other-directed emotion because it is often oriented towards other people or outside of the self (Emmons & McCullough, 2004).

Importantly, expressing and feeling gratitude is positively associated with happiness and well-being (Bono, Emmons, & McCullough, 2004).

All of this is to indicate that being thankful feels nice and is beneficial for us. So why not do it as frequently as we can? To begin, here are some things to be thankful for.



Gratitude is the Key to Open Doors

One of the guiding stars of my life has been: to forget what cannot be changed is happiness. ”

It is easy to agree with this archaeologist Arvo Ylpö’s life wisdom.

However, the realization of wisdom many times seems to be a completely different matter.

It is worth taking pride in taking it seriously, because according to research, seeing the good in life improves health.

Gratitude has been found to lower blood pressure and improve immunity.

With gratitude, a person can even relieve himself of physical pain.

WHAT moves in our minds before falling asleep doesn’t matter. If we think about the themes of gratitude in life, we fall asleep relaxed.

In addition, we sleep better all night.

People who are prone to gratitude are also more merciful to themselves and their fellow travellers.

Almost always this does not happen by itself, but gratitude is a skill where there are many other things and thus it can be learned.

In any case, what you pay attention to is strengthened; whether it is good or bad!

Another plus of gratitude is that it increases a person’s ability to boldly pursue their dreams.


What you are thankful for manifests faster

EXCEPT FOR DREAMS, gratitude can open doors in difficult life situations.

When you have learned to be grateful for the little things of everyday life, your endurance in the face of adversity is greater.

Gratitude seems to cut off the tip from awkward feelings and give things the right proportions for the situation.

Whether it’s dreams or difficulties, a grateful person doesn’t have to be uncritical at all.

The situation and its possibilities can be seen realistically. Difficulties are difficulties, but they do not discourage them.

Just as Arvo Ylppö once said, it is wise to separate the things that can be influenced from the things that cannot be influenced.


Gratitude has some strange relationship with presence.

Stopping at good things is at the same time being present in the existing moment.

And when you are present for yourself, there is an opportunity to be present for other people as well.

For another person, being present can, at best, allow him or her to be an accepted and valuable person.

And that, in turn, gives cause for gratitude. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Gratitude does not come by force, but rather by gently inviting. One effective tool is a gratitude diary.

Simply put, in the evening you record the things you have been grateful for during the day and why.

It’s not for everyone to keep a gratitude diary every night. It can easily become a mere mechanical list.

However, when you start writing a diary, you may get the most out of writing every night, for example for three weeks.

BY THE way, what are you thankful for today?

The author is a lecturer in geography and biology at Kiuruvesi High School and the hostess of an organic dairy farm: Sari Tikkanen

What feeling does the article evoke in you? By expressing your feelings, you can see the reactions of others.


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A gratitude diary helps you notice the good

The counters stink, there is a bladder on the toe and the dog should run in the pouring rain.

The situation could also see as this: I have put on healthy food, bought good-looking shoes, and in addition to her workouts.

That’s what a person who is grateful and therefore also happy thinks.

It is easy to add a sense of gratitude. A proven way is to write a diary of gratitude.

Coach Anne Karilahti advises that at least every other night it is worth recording things that you appreciate and that are good that day.

Things that are important to the diary can be very mundane and self-evident. I’m healthy. I have wonderful friends. I periodically clean up.

There was a good cabbage box in the workplace canteen.

– If you think only about what is missing, you live in inadequacy.

When you write topics of gratitude, you start to notice whether it’s a nice program on the telly or whether it’s wonderful to get mail.

The ability to feel gratitude increases happiness, for a grateful person is not constantly thirsting for something more.

He knows how to stop and see that things are going well right now.

This way you never forget what are you thankful for.


What are you thankful for today?

Through my research, I have found some good examples for inspiration.

To the exact question of what are you thankful for today, this is what some interesting people referred to:

Actress-dancer Sami Sarjula:

  • A trap that loves me just the way I am.
  • That I get to share with my spouse the joy and excitement of expecting a child.
  • Wedding planning.
  • About finding a dream home for our family.
  • About a great job and co-workers.
  • Song gigs.
  • About the opportunity to play rallies and hockey.
  • That our dog Kaffe is super happy when we get home.

Personal trainer Mirella Koullias:

  • Happy kittens Blue and Fiona playing with each other.
  • Lovely parents and little sister.
  • About a man making spaghetti sauce when I come home tired.
  • Love and caring for loved ones.
  • Soft snooze blanket.
  • From emails sent by co-workers.
  • About calm stretching music.
  • About health and exercise.

Coach Anne Karilahti:

  • Awesome family.
  • Nice home with a utility room.
  • As for the clothes, I have already chosen for tomorrow.
  • From a new inspiring interior design book.
  • About the man cleaning the kitchen.
  • About the feelings of happiness.
  • For having time to watch the Click me series.
  • Breakfast in a new wonderful place.


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Practice gratitude every day

To live the life we want to live, it is important to be thankful for every little aspect of our present lives that makes us feel good.

You get many benefits when you practice gratitude.

Just focus on the positive things.  Focus on what pleases you and feel the joy of what you have become until now.

Take notice that, as you have done today, you can manifest or make real everything you want into your life.

Be aware that bad things can be attracted to, so keep your vision on whatever makes you glad.

Every morning wake up thanking a brand new day.  It is the opportunity to create a wonderful page of your personal story.

Gratitude is the power that makes you get closer to the things you want, so think again, what are you thankful for today?



Video – What are you thankful for


Gratitude F.A.Q.


What are you thankful for today?

Right here are 60 points that I am grateful for today: I am appreciative of my wellness. I am appreciative to have a God that loves me.

I am thankful that we have the flexibility to pray just how as well as where I want.


What are you most thankful for in your life?

Primarily, I am most grateful for the gift of health.

A lot of the high quality of one’s life depends upon health. I applaud and also bless God daily for the solid mind and body he has honoured me with.

I am appreciative that I have love in my life.


What are the points you are thankful for?

Things To Be Thankful For In Life

Healthiness. Even if your wellness isn’t terrific, it could be worse and also you likely still have some working parts to be happy for.

Deposit. Having simply a few coins makes you richer than lots of people in the world.

  • Great Friends. …
  • Freedom of Religion. …
  • Your Parents. …
  • Weekend breaks. …
  • Having a Partner. …
  • Pet dogs.

So let me ask you, what are you thankful for?


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