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The Truth about the Law of Attraction – L.O.A. Exposed

The truth about the Law of Attraction

I just have read an interesting story that reveals the truth about the Law of Attraction.

Air Force Colonel George Hall was locked in a little, dark North Vietnamese jail for seven years.

While the majority would certainly shed their minds in such situations, Hall went to his delighted area, in a manner of speaking, by emotionally playing golf every day of his imprisonment.

His visualizations were very thorough and also included whatever from hitting the ball off the tee, raking the sand traps, really feeling the wind, and also obviously tapping the ball right into the hole.

Regardless of being weak and also 100 pounds lighter than before his capture, among the first things Hall wanted to do after his release played a legit round of golf.

He was welcomed to the Greater New Orleans Open where he astoundingly fired a 76.

When a member of the press suggested his efficiency was a case of newbies’ good luck, Hall responded, “Luck, I never 3-putted an eco-friendly in the last 5 years!”.

So, regardless of his physical damage as well as not stepping on a course in over 7 years, his body had developed muscle mass memory-based merely on his fantasies.


Truth about the Law of Attraction


What is the truth about the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is related to the energetic nature of the human body and the Universe.

It is on this bioenergetic site which makes known the human body as matter-energy and its link with Vital Energy or Self or Vibratory Signature or even Soul in religious language, that the presentation of the universal law of attraction is in its place.

I wrote my book “Realizing Union” BEFORE the name “Law of Attraction” was used.

Americans are the kings of marketing, they have found the name “Law of Attraction” which is more attractive than “physical chemistry”, so much the better!

If this allows a large number of people to be interested in the vibratory nature of the human being and understand these scientific principles and especially improve their life by applying these principles in their lives.

But often by sincerely believing that they are applying the law of attraction correctly, many people prevent themselves from being successful.

The “law of attraction” is indeed both simple and subtle.



Understanding the law of attraction

Positive thinking is therefore essential and fundamental to have positive results in one’s life and good health.

But it is only the emerging part of a larger and deeper understanding of the human being in all these dimensions.

It is not “positive thinking” as such that brings the healing, abundance or the ideal partner that you expect.

It is necessary to think positively to access and allow this dimension IN oneself called Personal Energy, which, guides us to allow us to achieve and materialize the cure, the abundance or the meeting with the desired ideal partner.

(For the Abraham-Hicks authors this EN dimension in itself is called a “vortex”.)

The consultations I practice ARE a mental, emotional, spiritual (RE-) ALIGNMENT in energetic form.

They are conducted from beyond the mind to allow this Union to be made with this dimension IN oneself which allows manifestation.

You CANNOT choose and decide for others. 

Choosing and deciding for others amounts to taking away their free will, which is exactly the opposite of the law of attraction!

The law of attraction is based on free will and Abundance.

(In the case of this Internet user, why insist on a person with whom it did not work when there are more than 7 billion human beings including several thousand women with whom it could work well for him with them?


Woman in Gray Sweater Drinking Coffee


Law of attraction is a lie?

Astronomers estimate that there are between 100 and 200 billion galaxies in the known universe, ie … between 14 and 26 galaxies per inhabitant of Earth, knowing that a single galaxy contains 100 billion stars!

There is enough energy for everyone.

In the example above, rather than visualizing for months that he and his ex-girlfriend would be together: dependence, egotistical thought of domination and not the law of attraction, this Internet user could have asked and visualized for example:

– “Now I meet a new person with whom I would feel good and who will feel good with me who has the qualities that I appreciated in my ex-girlfriend”.

It is even the opposite:  wanting to understand the law of attraction and deliberately putting it into practice in one’s life IS a process of awareness and growth.

The biggest problem with this society is that people seek to align themselves with other people individually: father, mother, brother, sister, famous star etc. or collectively with “others” society in general, party, religious movement etc.) rather than aligning with oneself first.


Woman Sitting on Sand


Law of Attraction Works

The law of attraction is at work, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME, WITH EVERYONE and in ALL areas even when it “seems” to be not working.

The Law of Attraction does NOT exempt you from knowing the basic rules of communication and social life.

Sometimes, some people would benefit from forgetting the law of attraction and simply reflecting on their daily behaviours to improve their outcomes in their life.

The Law of Attraction is also NOT about sitting around waiting for everything to change like a wave of a magic wand (or Bruce Willis to arrive in his helicopter!).

It requires active participation.

The law of attraction requires active listening to oneself, the brakes that one carries in oneself but also inspirations to take such or such action, to call such or such person, to accomplish such or such approach.

Also, the law of attraction requires living fully in the present moment.

The law of attraction is to passionately love Life and to be passionately in Life.


The truth about the Law of Attraction

It is not by reading the pages of books or the internet, even a lot of books and a lot of internet pages, that we get RESULTS but by PRACTICE.

Like a computer that runs slowly because an unwanted program unnecessarily uses up precious resources, the problem with knowingly and deliberately using the Law of Attraction is sort of “the unwanted background program.” Which turns without realizing it.

We have to learn to act, not to react.  Action is creation.


Video: The truth about the Law of Attraction



Frequently Asked Questions


Is the law of attraction confirmed?

In the New Thought viewpoint, the Law of Attraction is the belief that favourable or negative ideas bring favourable or negative experiences right into a person’s life. …

The Law of Attraction has no scientific basis and also has been dubbed a pseudoscience.


How efficient is the law of attraction?

Using the Law of Attraction for Pleasure, Relationships, Cash & Success. The Law of Attraction enables infinite possibilities, limitless abundance, and infinite delight.

It understands no order of trouble, and also it can transform your life in every way if you let it.


For how long does the Law of Attraction require to function?

There is no local time on how much time it will certainly take for the law of attraction to manifest your desires. It depends on 3 primary variables.

Your belief that you can have what you wish to materialize, your alignment with your desire and also your capability to allow go and trust in the result.




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The truth about the Law of Attraction

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