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The Secret of an Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Living in abundance is a goal every human being should speak of.

A life of plenty, enjoying the abundance of love, health, wealth, joy and opportunities is something philosophers, intellectuals and spiritual people have been looking for since ever.

The word “abundant life” refers to Christian teachings on living a full life.

It is a label given to the teachings and expectations of the groups and people who follow the teachings, rather than an organised movement or a specific theology.

When faced with adversity, abundant life teachings may contain expectations of prosperity and health, but they may also include other forms of fullness of life.

On this site, we want to share some of the lessons and alternatives collected from sources, so you can decide which is better for you.

There are religions, philosophies and currents of thought based on this concept we do not subscribe specifically to any of them.

We share information to help people live better lives.



The Meaning of Abundant Life

“Abundant life” refers to life in all of its joy and vigour for the spirit, soul, and body.

So, “Abundant life” contrasts with emotions of lack, emptiness, and unhappiness, which can lead to a person seeking the purpose of life and a change in their existence.

You can find in almost every religion a reference to abundant life and even though each has its path to a better living, the coincidence is evident.

When you develop an abundance mindset, your life changes.

That is the moment when the best of humanity is shown.

Spiritual and material development is necessary in the world we live in to enjoy this life with all its possibilities.


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There are too many ways for us to live an abundant life.

For some people, motivation and inspiration are the best sources.

Some others hang on to spiritual notions to find their purpose in life and grow their inside.

In recent years, something called “new thought” focused the attention on the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws found in books like the Kybalion.

From there, terms like “manifestation“, “visualization” and “mind reprogramming” became a part of our popular culture.

Reconciling our spiritual part with the material needs of daily life has managed to become the main desire of many people around the world.

As we can see, all roads lead to Rome, so taking advantage of the knowledge of our ancestors and putting it into practice will allow us to achieve an abundant life.


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The Secret of an Abundant Life

Many different sources to enjoy an abundant life is there to be used and it is our choice to take action or not.

The secret of abundant life is setting our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions in one direction to manifest what we want in our lives.

Following are the main ingredients and a brief explanation of each of them:



The process of initiating, guiding, and maintaining goal-oriented behaviours is known as motivation.

It’s what motivates you to take action, whether it’s drinking a glass of water to quench your thirst or reading a book to learn something new.

The biological, emotional, social, and cognitive variables that activate behaviour are all part of the motivation.

Motivation is the basis of any progress towards a goal in our lives.

Maintaining the commitment until we achieve what we want despite the obstacles and even ourselves, will help you achieve your goal.



In a spiritual context, the idea of abundance or plenty is less concerned with worldly circumstances and, instead, revolves around an appreciation of life in all of its richness, joy, and power of mind, body, and soul (once fundamental necessities are satisfied).

This is the development of reverence for the universe’s creative energy.

A life that is plentiful leaves behind unpleasant emotions of scarcity, discontentment, and emptiness. Instead, it is receptive to the love and light that emanate from a higher realm.

Remembering the liberation you feel while on vacation, having adventures in uncharted territory, or conversing with locals might be beneficial.

There is a connection between you and the abundance that supports the ecosystem around us as you look ahead to the uncharted territory in your life.

So, there are many wells here that you can draw from.


Universal Laws

The knowledge of the Universal Laws and above all, their understanding, will help you achieve an abundant life in a safer and faster way.

All laws are intertwined and complement each other perfectly.

The most popular is the Law of Attraction, but as I pointed out, neither law works on its own.

To attract we must vibrate, we must assume and we must be corresponding.

The Principle of Mentalism tells us how this can be achieved, and the laws of energy tell us that all energy changes form to give you what you want.

If you want to know more about the Universal Laws, visit this link.



“How do we effectively manifest?”

We may achieve our goals by focusing on who we want to become and how we want to feel.

Manifestation is the process of calling in the vibration of what we eventually desire to embody (using the law of attraction).

This is done by envisioning what you desire and imagining what it would be like to have it.

But there are too many manifestation methods to use.

Each one of them has been conceived to align your thoughts, feelings, emotions, assumptions and acts in one direction so you can vibrate and become what you want to manifest.

That is the secret to an abundant life.


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Tips for Living an Abundant Life

You can start your transformation to live an abundant life using the tips I´m going to share with you.


1. Be happy.

Living a rich life involves having fun and never letting anything or anyone, especially worry, ruin it.

No matter how busy you are, you must still do the activities you enjoy the most. Every once in a while, give yourself permission to indulge in the sport you’ve always adored.

Give your habit of reading a book some time, preferably before bed. Alternatively, when time and money permit, travel with your loved ones or by yourself.

Don’t forget to be grateful for God’s blessings as well.

Enjoy every second you have with your family. When you get home, take some time to enjoy the sunset. Also, treat yourself after each success.


2. Consistently smile.

The best method to make your day more cheerful is to smile.

Your grin has the power to uplift people and perhaps inspire them to persevere through a challenging day.

Additionally, it can keep you from seeming elderly, exhausted, depleted, and overburdened. It may be a powerful stress reliever.

Keep your smile on!


3. Remain in contact with God.

Staying close to God is one way to enjoy an abundant life.

Be faithful to God if you think He exists and that He bestows rewards. You can benefit spiritually and physically from studying the Bible.

Joshua 1:8 instructs, “Keep this Book of the Law always in your mouth; consider it day and night so that you may be careful to do all that is contained in it.

After that, you’ll prosper and succeed. Being successful and prosperous would extend beyond material prosperity and wealth.

It might also imply that God will support your spiritual growth.


4. Get your day going early.

To do more in a day, get a head start on the day. Rise up earlier than usual and give thanks to God for the new day.

After that, make sure to warm up your body with a workout to wake up your tired self.

Eat a healthy breakfast as well so you have the energy you need to start your day.


5. Rejoice in achievement while being grateful.

Each victory you achieve in life deserves to be celebrated.

Success, no matter how great or tiny, is a success.

Learn to cherish even the smallest accomplishments. You’ll be more content and appreciative in life if you do this.

Additionally, acknowledging your accomplishments will inspire you to strive even harder to advance to the next level.

Accepting mediocrity does not constitute being content.

Despite being content with and appreciative of your existing accomplishments, you should continually strive to get better.


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Take pleasure in other people’s achievements.

If they reach their objectives before you do, don’t be envious.

Being jealous is a bad quality that will only make you feel insecure and resentful.

Try to use the success of others as motivation to push harder toward your goals rather than being insecure.

To live an abundant life, you must feed your mind with positive thoughts.

Affluence is not necessary for an abundant existence.

A prosperous or successful life actually depends on how you view your circumstances. You have what it takes to be happy if you are a grateful and upbeat person.


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