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The Transformative Power of Words in Positive Affirmations


The power of words in positive affirmations

The topic in this article, “the power of words in positive affirmations” is from all times.

Sociolinguist, Josiane Boutet responds here by drawing on a great diversity of social situations in which such power of words manifests itself.

Grasping words in their power of action requires examining “language practices” – a neologism coined by linguists, including the author – immersing oneself in the use of words, and so considering language actions as a social practice above all.

It’s about stressing the power of language’s action in opposition to a technological and technocratic vision of language and communication.

Its performativity in both the real and virtual worlds.

As a result, the words we use for affirmations should match our values.



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The Impact of Words on Our Reality

Words serve as vibrant affirmations of our beliefs, perceptions, and self-image.

They communicate to the world how we perceive ourselves, others, and our lives.

When we express our thoughts through powerful affirmations, we unlock the potential to transform our ideas into reality.

Yet, it is perplexing that we often underestimate this incredible asset at our disposal.


Unveiling Language Practices and Social Dynamics

To truly grasp the power of words, we must explore the dynamic interplay between language practices and social contexts.

Renowned linguists, including Josiane Boutet, have coined the term “language practices” to emphasize the immersive nature of words and the social implications they carry.

By immersing ourselves in the intricate web of language actions, we can understand the true essence of words as a social practice.


The Power of Language in a Technological World

Amidst a technocratic vision of language and communication, it becomes paramount to emphasize the potency of language’s action.

Words transcend the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds, holding significant performativity in both realms.

As we harness the power of positive affirmations, it becomes essential to align our choice of words with our deeply held values.


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How Words Shape Our Lives

The impact of words extends beyond the realm of abstract concepts. Our choice of words profoundly influences our perception of reality and shapes the outcomes we experience.

In the pursuit of meaning, it becomes evident that words seldom possess a perfect one-to-one correspondence with the objects they represent.

However, this realization should not diminish their significance but rather enhance our understanding of their complex role in our lives.


Transcending Concepts to Embrace Reality

It is common to find ourselves engrossed in debates and internal dialogues focused on concepts rather than the reality of things.

This preoccupation with abstract ideas often separates us from the true essence of the world surrounding us.

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s groundbreaking work, exemplified in the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, sheds light on the limits and biases of language in our search for truth.

By acknowledging these limitations, we embark on a journey of clarifying language and logic, enabling a deeper connection with reality.


The Beauty of Words: Poetry in Expression

While it is valuable to recognize the limitations of words, we must also appreciate their beauty and the poetic potential they hold.

As humans, spoken language serves as an essential tool for communication.

Words carry an innate charm, and when skillfully selected, they convey feelings and emotions that were once thought to be incommunicable.

Engaging in conversations that accurately express our thoughts brings immense joy, allowing us to feel understood and accepted.


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The infinite wealth of words

Knowing how to stray from words is therefore saving, and I recommend that you try the experiment as often as possible, especially with the help of mindfulness.

But we are human, and spoken language is essential to our lives. I like the words. I love their sound, and the poetry that we sometimes discover, despite ourselves, by putting them together.

I like, by choosing them, to try to stick as well as possible to what I want to express.

So yes, of course, the word will never mean the thing perfectly …

But how pleasant it is to read from the pen of other feelings that we thought were incommunicable!

What joy, in a conversation, to know how to put words into what one thinks, and to finally feel understood and accepted!

Now imagine using the words in the same way in your affirmations.

The power of words in positive affirmations is stronger when you use words that mean something to you and bring positive images too.


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Ways to Use Words in Positive Affirmations

In an excellent article, KATHERINE HURST shares three ways to use words properly.

I want to share some of the main ideas of her article so you can use the power of words in positive affirmations in a better way.


1. Choosing Your Words Wisely

As a culture, we have come to be conditioned to talk about our bad luck and also problems.

We take our analyses of events, people and also ourselves and connect them to the world, bringing them right into presence.

So by that admission, when we moan or whine regarding our lives to others, we are putting those unfavourable words out there to become a reality.

When you claim something out loud adequate times your words end up being the fact not just in your mind but psychological of everyone you are claiming them as well.

If this is truly so, after that ask on your own– do you want to inform yourself and everybody that you understand that you are unlucky crazy, not successful, miserable, bored or whatever else you have been whining concerning?

Specifically, now that you know that it is these precise words that are producing the life that you live?

Begin to select words that you talk about purposely.

Practice enhanced self-awareness over words that you use to define yourself as well as your life.

Negative, vulnerable words such as ‘can not, ‘should not’, ‘require’, ‘will not’ ought to all be prevented.

They strip you of your ability to materialize a life that you wish to live.

As the creator of your universe, what you claim goes.

For that reason, following time you catch on your own about to use adverse words, restore control and frame your word choices so that they have a much more favourable influence on your world.

As an example, if you would normally claim something such as ‘I am unhealthy and obese’ then why not turn this right into a more favourable, constructive statement such as ‘I am in the process of ending up being healthier as well as daily I get closer and closer to my ideal weight.

Your words are the paint with which you paint your reality.

Choose those words intelligently as well as favourably to produce a fact that benefits you.


2. ‘I Am What I Am

Affirm that you are, your dreams, your hopes and also your successes with 2 of the most effective words that an individual can ever before utter– ‘I am.

These two little but unbelievably powerful words need to be thought about as the most valuable words that you have in your whole vocabulary.

How we end the sentence ‘I am …’ defines that we are to ourselves and also to everybody around us.

So, when you claim ‘I am … fat/lazy/shy’ or ‘I am … beautiful/confident/successful/ happy’ this is the exact reality that you are creating for yourself.

It does not also matter if there is any kind of fact in the words that you are stating, just how you finish those two little words is how you specify your truth.

So why pass by a higher expression on your own?

Remind yourself of what you are and also what you desire to be by beginning each morning with a positive affirmation starting with those magical words ‘I Am.


3. Talk From The Heart

When we complain about our lot in life, talk anxiously or make use of inhuman words, we typically do so from a location of worry.

So, the primary step that you need to take to conquer this is to practice far better self-awareness over words that you are making use of.

Next time you open your mouth to complain or put yourself or others down, ask yourself:

‘Why am I about to say this?’
‘How is this going to serve me or my happiness?’
Ask yourself these two important questions and you will no doubt discover that you are in fact speaking out of fear. This is the fear that you are not good enough, fear that you are in the wrong relationship, the wrong career etc. Most importantly of all, you will realize that by voicing these fears you will be doing nothing for your happiness. Your words can only make you feel worse, manifesting these fears into your life with greater intensity.

So choose your words bravely, consciously and lovingly. Always speak from a place of love; for yourself, for your life and for others. Your words equal your world, so use them wisely.


Original: The Power of Words


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When to Implement Rehearsal Positive Affirmations?

The ideal is to repeat them in the morning when you wake up, and in the evening, before going to sleep.

Your subconscious is then more sensitive and receptive. However, you can use them as soon as you notice a drop in positive energy or when you want to change your thinking.

Remember that a little bit every day is better than a big isolated effort! It is consistency in everything that brings you results!

Do not use too much, it is recommended at the beginning to start step by step and to use a few in the morning which will follow you throughout the day.

It is important to be centred when making these affirmations. It must not be empty words that you say because you have to say them.

Look at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath, and make your affirmation.

Being in front of yourself is initially confusing. It’s like a promise you make eye to eye!

The night before you fall asleep, read a positive affirmation sentence.

This little phrase will allow you to wake up in a good mood!


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The Benefits of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are in this sense a precious help, because they help us to purify our thoughts and to restructure our cognitive and behavioural systems, and thus to consider all the possible ones.

Positive affirmations help us believe in our potential.

When we verbally articulate our dreams and ambitions, we instantly experience a deep sense of comfort that our wishes will come true.

Positive thinking allows you to gain kindness, allow yourself the right to make mistakes, congratulate yourself on small daily successes and accept the compliments of others.

This benevolence also applies to others.

The phenomenon also weakens our negative emotions and provides a lasting sense of well-being.

Positive thinking allows you to focus on the present moment, no longer anticipate problems, and fight against these ruminations.

We learn to let go of ballast, to stop wanting to control everything. By force of circumstances, we are obliged to be in the acceptance.

Positive thinking imposes a living environment. To heal your optimism, you should set goals, carry out your projects, establish regular schedules, and even have a light routine.

At the same time, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a regular sleep schedule, being in tune with your needs and eating a balanced diet helps you feel better in your body and mind.

Being happy and positive requires – among other things – a balanced diet.

Saturated fats and sugary foods have a detrimental impact on the brain, which itself regulates our moods.



Positive Affirmation Ideas

  • I only expect the best and always get it.
  • My body is perfectly healthy and my mind is clear.
  • I allow myself to think and dream limitlessly.
  • I am beautifying myself day by day
  • I do what I love, my work is a game.
  • I wake up already excited, and this enthusiasm follows me all-day
  • I appreciate and am grateful for everything I have.
  • I do whatever I want and I feel good.
  • I put love and a positive in everything I do.
  • I change the world around me by changing myself.
  • I let go easily because I know that no matter what happens in my life, the best always happens.
  • I am happy and in great shape.
  • I love my body the way it is.
  • I love my life, it is wonderful and fun.
  • I control everything that happens in my life.
  • I have a balanced lifestyle and I take care of myself.
  • I know everything will turn out perfectly.
  • I deserve to be happy.
  • I deserve to have everything I want.



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the power of words in positive affirmations

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