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Put Your Subconscious Mind on AutoPilot To Attract What You Want

Put your subconscious mind on autopilot

Put Your Subconscious MIND on AutoPilot

The subconscious is a realm unknown to human beings.

An impressive amount of information is stored in it in the form of images, sounds, smells, colours, feelings and emotions of all kinds.

And it is precisely there where most of the blockages that prevent us from exploiting our full potential are installed.

Is there a way to free ourselves from that burden?

Those who study the Law of Attraction are convinced that it is. They indicate that a change in mentality is possible and not only that, it is desirable.



The Subconscious relates everything

The subconscious not only stores information but also relates it.

That is why if throughout our lives we have heard, seen, and felt that money is difficult, that it is bad and that it only brings misfortune, when you think of money, the alarms start to work.

And it is so with everything.

If romantic relationships are difficult for us, surely there are experiences, our own or those of other people, lodged in our subconscious that sabotage any attempt at a relationship.

Makes sense right?

The lack of affection, opportunities, money and everything we want has its origin in the negative information that we have saved.

It is simply normal that everything that causes us fear, is there, ready to be activated as a simple survival mechanism.

How do we react when we find ourselves in a dangerous situation?

We receive sensations, feelings and vibrations of alarm.

Our basic sense of survival tells us to move away or to take some action to get to safety.


subconcious mind on autopilot


Reprogramming relationships in the subconscious

The vital survival functions are a blessing and they work wonderfully well.

This moves us to think that everything that has to do with our daily life can be improved by creating new relationships or connections within the subconscious.

Before any blockage, let’s start by looking for its origin and everything that is connected to it.

It can be unpleasant to face our ghosts, but if we want to move towards a better life, we must do it.


Four steps to put your subconscious mind on autopilot

1- Face the situation by creating a mental movie.

Control your nerves and your feelings and mentally review the situation as if it were a movie.

You are a simple spectator who is watching it. Don’t get involved in the plot.

Seek to expand the details, the origins of the problem and realize the true story.

2- Observe your feelings

Observe in tranquillity what those images cause you. The feelings that wake you up.

In stillness, knowing that you are a neutral observer (even if it is your problem), realize how much it has affected you up to this point.

3- Stay calm and serene

As the neutral observer that you are, let it go. Forgive the offences and the characters who have intervened. Begin by forgiving yourself.

He appreciates the teaching received. Everything happens for a reason, to receive teaching and for our personal growth.

Forgive and be thankful and free yourself from that burden in harmony and perfection.

4- Create positive affirmations

Now create positive affirmations about your experience.

If it is something related to unhappiness, you can try something like “I am happy, radiant and wise. Forgiveness and happiness are my guides.”

Put it in your own words so they have real meaning to you and become powerful.

Love and forgiveness are the basis for true happiness. Everything else comes hand in hand.

Find more on how to reprogram your mind.


Put your subconscious mind on auto pilot


Fixing a Hole

Using the four steps I mentioned above, you can solve all the situations that you don’t like in your life.

You must muster the courage to face the fears, phobias, rejections, and memories related to them, but it is well worth it.

It is very true that “the truth will set you free.” Understanding the origin of our blocks and removing their power over us is the basis for a life full of abundance and happiness.

It is our fears that feed our worst nightmares, but if we face them, learn from them and transform them into a weapon in our favour, we are done.

Fixing a hole is a task of perseverance and patience.

Of dedication and self-respect. Learning to use the power that lies within us is our mission to create a much better world for all.

From now on become an effective observer.

Do not allow strange, negative or harmful ideas to settle in you, in your subconscious.

Spread your wings and get rid of all unnecessary weight because it’s time to fly.

Fly high, far, towards the highest of your desires and aspirations.

We have all been blessed with the power to create our own universe and this will be what we want it to be.


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Put your subconscious mind on auto pilotDate: 2019-04-21 15:11:04

Put your subconscious mind on autopilot to attract what you want!

The subconscious mind uses automatic processes that run our lives and create and manifest reality.

By learning how to use this autopilot mode, we can direct the subconscious mind to automatically seek out ways to attract what we want.

When we understand how the mind participates in the way we experience physical reality, we can train it to begin automatically manifesting precise results.

The subconscious mind is limitless and contains no boundaries.

When we harness the power of this portion of the brain intentionally, there is nothing that cannot be attracted or created in life!

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The Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns.

These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have.

You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire!





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Put your subconscious mind on autopilot

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