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Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels

Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels

Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels

Each Archangel can bring us his protection.

You must call an archangel to benefit from his help and the support of the magic stones associated with him

Archangels possess more powerful power and energy than guardian angels.

Guardian Angel and some of us have more than one. These guardian angels protect us throughout the different stages of our life.

Because we have our free will and are free to make our choices, guardian angels do not intervene in our lives without our permission.

If we want help, we have to ask them, and they will be there for us.

Let´s find how to get Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels.


10 minute awakening


Who are the Archangels

Archangel Ariel

Ariel, the “Lion of God” is the archangel of teachers and healers, he protects the environment and animals.

Call on the Archangel Ariel to reassure your fears and to help you find the courage to face difficult situations.

Ariel will help you build your confidence, get involved in divine magic, and develop your intuition.

Its colour is pale pink, the stone associated with the Archangel Ariel is rose quartz


Archangel Azrael

Azrael is the angel of death. The end symbolizes renewal, the end of a period, the change of life.

Archangel Azrael brings comfort and love to those who mourn, to those who are about to die.

It facilitates contact with the afterlife.

Call upon the Archangel Azrael when you have to face death, be it that of a loved one, a friend or an animal.

Azrael is not to be feared, he should be seen as a guide who leads us from one existence to another.

He doesn’t just appear when death is near, he also stays there to allay our worries and fears.

Its colour is light yellow, and the stone associated with the Archangel Azrael is calcite, wearing this stone either in time of mourning or end of life can bring additional comfort.


Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel “He who sees God”, helps us to see clearly our way of life, to discover and meet the things, the situations and the people which will allow us to move forward.

He guides us on the path to personal and professional success through love and kindness.

Chamuel is the Angel of Divine Love. In Celtic mythology, Chamuel was the god of war.

Guardian of the gates of heaven, he was responsible for more than twelve thousand Angels of Destruction all by his side at the gates of Heaven charged with maintaining peace.

Call upon Archangel Chamuel when you have to face a complicated situation when you have to make a cause and need to find the strength and will to achieve your goal.

Its colour is pale green, and the stone associated with Archangel Chamuel is fluorite.


Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is the angel messenger, he likes to encourage writing, culture and letters.

Archangel Gabriel helps you discover the strength and power of your power by allowing you to communicate with the child you were buried in your subconscious.

It is the angel who promotes fertility, and the family, he watches over children, comforts and encourages them to keep hope. Gabriel is the defender of the element Water essential to the creation of life and renewal.

Call on Archangel Gabriel when you no longer know where you are in your life when you feel the situation is getting out of hand, that you are losing control.

Its colour is golden yellow, and the stone associated with the Archangel Gabriel is citrine.


Archangel Haniel

Haniel means “ the Glory of God ”, it allows us to come into harmony with the elements, divine magic and the powerful cycles of the moon.

It reveals our hidden talents to use in order to make the best use of them and encourages us to introspect and analyze our strengths, our qualities, our faults and our weaknesses.

Call on Archangel Haniel when you need to make new friends or family and find balance in all areas of your life

Its colour is azure white, and the stone associated with the Archangel Haniel is the moonstone.


Archangel Jeremiel

Jeremiel helps us to accept our fate, he explains to us that everything happens for a reason.

It helps us make important changes in our lives and take stock of our actions in order to move forward on a positive path by making the necessary decisions and adjustments to improve our daily lives.

He teaches us to forgive our mistakes and those of others in order to move forward.

Call on the Archangel Jeremiel to help you take a review of your life so that you can approach your problems with clarity and understanding.

Its colour is purple, and the stone associated with the Archangel Jeremiel is amethyst.


Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel symbolizes the beauty of God, he allows us to evacuate negative thoughts and bad energies by encouraging us to live in harmony with nature, to appreciate its benefits in order to feel inner peace and calm our anger.

He is the protector of artists, he infuses beautiful thoughts and the ability to see the positive side of things to attract more beauty into our lives.

Call on Archangel Jophiel when you see everything in the black when you feel like you are at a dead-end, when you feel depressed and need help to feel positive thoughts and regain the joy of life.

Its colour is the red rose, and the stone associated with the Archangel Jophiel is the red rose tourmaline, rubellite.


Archangel Metatron

Metatron is the angel of sacred geometry, of perfection, he is the highest Archangel, the most esteemed in the armies of God. It is revealed in green, white and red which represent judgment, grace and mercy.

Metatron, is the servant, the Messenger of the creator. He is the ruler of the world and the protective guide of children.

Call on Archangel Metatron when you need to approach a new situation, a significant change in your life, face upheaval, abandonment, and when you feel the need for companionship and security.

Its colours are green, white and red, the stone associated with Archangel Metatron is watermelon tourmaline.


Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, “He who is like God”, Michael is the defender of the Fire element, he is the angel of protection, a symbol of justice, strength, peace and security, clarity and progress in our life.

Michael protects us while we sleep, he watches over our dreams to allay our fears and fears. He teaches us to love and directs us on our journey in life.

Call on Archangel Michael when the environment you live in is about to change dramatically: new residence, new job, change in family dynamics or relationships.

Its colour is blue, and the stone associated with the Archangel Michael is sodalite.


Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel allows us to distinguish our feelings from those of others, he helps us maintain harmony and order in our relationships.

Acting as a mediator, he allows us to find solutions to our problems. In heaven, its primary role is to oversee all the archangels and angels to work together in a harmonious and orderly fashion.

Call on the Archangel Raguel when you have family, sentimental, or professional relationship problems… he is the mediator who can help you find harmony in all situations.

Its colour is light blue, the stone associated with Archangel Raguel is aquamarine


Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the doctor of the sky, he gives his advice to obtain a healthier life and helps to relieve and heal the painful situations, the sudden and unforeseen changes that turn our life upside down.

Archangel Raphael is the defender of the Air element, he is the guardian of the tree of life.

Call upon Archangel Raphael for his healing powers when you are faced with illness, a situation of suffering, or a significant transition in your life.

Its colour is emerald green, and the stone associated with Archangel Raphael is emerald or malachite.


Archangel Raziel

Raziel knows all the secrets of the universe and how it works.

It helps us gain a deeper spiritual understanding and apply it practically.

He takes you on a journey into your dreams to discover the truth and ancient wisdom there so that they will abide in you when you wake up and help you increase your ability to see, hear and feel Divine direction. Raziel is the patron of secret wisdom, divine knowledge, and the keeper of pure thought.

Call on Archangel Raziel to find new ideas that allow you to improve your spiritual and material life.

Its colours are all those of the rainbow, the stone associated with the Archangel Raziel is rock crystal.


Archangel Sandalphon

Sandalphon is the archangel of music, he helps us to communicate, to express our thoughts frankly, to speak the truth, take the time to enjoy the pleasures of life and live in integrity with our spirituality.

Call on Archangel Sandalphon when you need harmony in your life, when you need to find common ground between obligations and pleasures when you feel overwhelmed with daily tasks and are unable to succeed anymore. to find a moment of peace and physical or intellectual rest.

Its colour is turquoise blue, and the stone associated with the Archangel Sandaphon is turquoise.


Archangel Uriel

Uriel symbolizes the fire and light of God, he gives warnings and prophetic information. Uriel is considered to be the Archangel who helps us in extremely serious cases in which Divine communication takes its place, he is the defender of the Earth element, the angel of Nature.

Call on the Archangel Uriel to communicate with the afterlife, develop your psychic and telepathic powers, and obtain the gift of clairvoyance.

Its colour is orange, the stone associated with the archangel Uriel is amber


Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is the archangel of compassion, he helps us not to hold grudges and learn to forgive, not to make judgments and to free us from too much emotion.

Call on the Archangel Zadkiel to help you forgive those who have hurt you and to make forgive what you have done to others so that you can free your mind from the suffering it is feeling.

The colour associated with Zadkiel is deep dark blue, the stone associated with the Archangel Zadkiel is lapis lazuli.


Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels


invoke the archangel Raphael to ask for his protection

Being of light with a name meaning God Heals, Archangel Raphael is one of the three archangels recognized as the Divine Physician.

A popular figure in Christian, Hebrew and Muslim books, this celestial being is seen as a guardian angel par excellence as well as a patron of soul smugglers.

If the Archangel Raphael is distinguished by his gift of healing, he also acts as a protective shield to protect himself from bad energies.

At the bottom of this page, you will find tips for summoning Archangel Raphael!


Who is the Archangel Raphael?

Invoking during difficult times such as physical ailments and emotional or psychological problems, this archangel is solicited by the couriers of souls and the medium to prove their gift of healing.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to appeal to Archangel Raphael. Only people who have a true belief in beings of light can invoke this spiritual being.

How to get in touch with the Archangel Raphael?

Archangels and angels are classified among the ever-evolving supreme beings in the spiritual world.

Their main role is to come to the aid of humanity and to protect yourself when you are an empath. Healer of soul and body, Archangel Raphael acts to bring well-being to living beings on Earth.

Everyone deserves the compassion and the gift of healing offered by this Archangel because he can intervene at any place and at any time for those who ask for his help.


The conditions for invoking the archangel

It is necessary to note that the fact of soliciting the archangels imposes humility and respect.

In this specific case, the person must have a pure heart before invoking this supreme being.

Purity allows you to enjoy the healing gifts provided by the archangel to protect yourself from bad energies.

In addition to this element, the person will have to demonstrate an unshakeable faith in calling the being of light by name.

Able to chase negative thoughts and restore the balance between mind and body, Archangel Raphael makes you feel better with an immediate effect.

The powers of this being are used by the medium to heal or to convey a message from the universe.

As difficult as it may sound, the archangel intervenes by helping surgeons, therapists or doctors in their work.


When to call on the Archangel Raphael?

In most cases, the divine light that surrounds Archangel Raphael translates as an aura.

The latter is the source of energy for healing since it brings influences emotion and mood. Thus, the majority of people in a situation of suffering request the gift of the archangel.

With its healing power, the being of light is translated as the giver of the gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Because of this, Archangel Raphael relieves people who are suffering, whether on an emotional, physical or spiritual level.

You can pray for the Archangel to protect yourself from bad energies that cause negative thoughts.

You also have the option of asking to release stress, discomfort, and anxiety to make room for positive thoughts.

Prayer for Archangel Raphael can also help you heal an emotional wound to allow you to forgive and keep your heart from carrying a heavy burden.


Knowing how to feel the presence of the Archangel

The divine intervention of the Eternal on the universe can be established starting from the archangels and the angels. Indeed,

it is these beings of light who will in turn manifest their presence with signs.

This is why you must have a certain open-mindedness when you ask the Archangel Raphael for a shield of protection against bad thoughts.

Here, it is essential to leave room for meditation professionals to invoke this being. He will connect to the person by taking the form of spontaneous thought.

However, know that the Archangel will constantly manifest his powers with positive energy, especially healing. By unlocking a person’s negative emotions,

Aside from healing, the presence of Archangel Raphael sometimes takes the form of courage.

A person needs positive change to heal their soul, it supports you by motivating you to fight against evil and achieve your goals.


Channelling and Archangel Raphael, how is it going?

Since it is difficult to reach the archangels, some people are empowered to offer help to those in need.

For his part, the archangel uses his extraordinary power of perception to divulge the message of the universe.

We speak of channelling or clairvoyance of the being to communicate with the couriers of souls and mediums.

These people can use this mode of perception to increase their healing power and assist souls in psychological distress.


How to invoke the Archangel Raphael?

Do a visualization technique. Concentrate and imagine a light enveloping you, this light will protect you in the event of a problem.

Repeat this exercise with your eyes closed.

Then imagine this bubble you are in, growing more and more. This energy bubble will make you ascend towards the divine, we cannot put images on angels, nor even souls, but we cannot visualize the light.

Be convinced that Archangel Raphael is there to protect you no matter what, make a prayer, you can write it yourself otherwise do these.

“Dear Archangel Raphael, I ask for your divine protection to allow me to accomplish my mission and to ward off the dark energies that could lose me, protect me in all circumstances, day and night.

Purify my soul so that I do not do not get lost in earthly wanderings so that difficulties do not cross my path, make me a good person, and open my heart to receive only happiness. dear Archangel, I thank you for your divine intervention ”

Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels.


Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels


Archangel Michael’s psychic protection flame

Archangel Mickaël offered us this energy to protect us from psychic attacks.

It is an important protection, especially in these modern times when we are constantly bombarded with external energies.

Psychic attacks are more common than you might think. They take place all the time.

We were born with a natural defence against psychic attacks, a sort of spiritual immune system if you will, which normally protects us from psychic attacks.

Sometimes this system will be weakened due to psychic attacks, traumas, illnesses or any other negative element which will have an impact on this spiritual immune system.

When this happens, the individual will become vulnerable to psychic attacks, much more vulnerable than usual.

Someone who has a strong spiritual immune system may be subject to persistent psychic attacks or from outside groups.

Healers and Lightworkers are particularly vulnerable because they are faced with dark energies. In addition, people who receive treatment are often heavily loaded with negative energies.

It is therefore important that all healers protect themselves regularly. It is for this reason that psychic protection is important.

The flame of psychic protection only serves to protect against psychic attacks, it also repairs the spiritual immune system with each activation of the flame.

This is how the protective flame unleashes psychic attacks and provides long-term protection by strengthening the spiritual immune system.



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You can use the power of the Archangels to create a circle of psychic protection in your life.

Discover the Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels.


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Psychic Protection with the Power of the Archangels

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