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Positive Affirmations Meaning – Writing Your Own Affirmations

You have read a lot about affirmations but still wonder what is the positive affirmations meaning.

Affirmations are declarations of what you desire or how you intend to live your life. Affirmations should be positive in nature, focusing on what you desire rather than what you don’t want.

‘Every day in every aspect, I’m feeling better and better,’ is a classic example of a positive affirmation.

This one has a long and illustrious history. It was developed by a physician in Europe in order to assist his patients in healing more quickly.

He realized the mind’s power over the body and the environment decades ago.

If you’ve used affirmations before, you know how powerful they can be.

Use them as a regular reminder of your goals in life.


The Positive affirmations meaning

You can find in self-development books and the Psychology Dictionary, much elaborated positive affirmations meaning.

In general, it is said that Positive affirmations are short words that are repeated regularly to stimulate positive, pleasant feelings, ideas, and attitudes.

Simply said, they’re affirmations that counteract negative, self-defeating, or unhelpful beliefs.

Positive affirmations are a proven tool to change your thoughts and create a new reality in your mind.

The most you use them, the better the results.


How often do we repeat affirmations to ourselves?

Most people that encourage affirmations don’t state how often they should be used, although most advise at least once a day.

This isn’t really specific, either.

I try to repeat my affirmations at least three times a day, with or without vocalizing them, depending on where I’m at.


How long should these affirmations be repeated?

I was watching a show with T. Harv Eker, author of the Millionaire Mind, and he had an excellent response to this subject.

His response was to repeat affirmations until you attain your goals.

A straightforward and straightforward response, but one that may not be clear to all.


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Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

Of course, the response is “it depends.”

It depends on the affirmation and the person’s level of belief… or, to be more precise, your level of denial.

If the affirmation you say or write doesn’t feel true or believable to you, it’s unlikely to appear in your life.

Your affirmations must make you “feel” wonderful.

So, in order to get the best outcomes, write your affirmation based on how you feel.

Affirmations assist you in moulding yourself into the person you want to be.

Keep the “how” affirmation open in your mind. There is no resistance to how anything can come to you when you say it freely and openly.

When we say “mould,” we imply that you are essentially altering yourself.


A Notebook with Affirmation Words

What is an example of a positive affirmation?

Be careful how you phrase your affirmation because if you don’t, you can find yourself in a state of turmoil while you work toward your goal.

For example, if you want a new job because your present one is stressful, you might be able to get one by being dismissed from your current one, or you might be able to find one that is even more demanding.

Work into your affirmation that you are achieving what you desire in an easy, peaceful approach to avoid disruption or drama.

So state in your affirmation that you are looking for a career that you will enjoy and that will provide you with good transformation.

“I am in the process of finding a career that is both enjoyable and satisfying, and I am doing so in a relaxed and stress-free manner.”

If you have no resistance to speaking it, repeat it once a day, every day.

Remember that just because your job doesn’t show up immediately away doesn’t mean it won’t show up later.

Things must first align, which means you must fully understand what you want… otherwise, you will not be in sync with it.

So, while you wait for the “ideal work,” remind yourself that your current position is stress-free and fun.

You’re all set now.


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How do I write my affirmation?

To write your own affirmations take good care of the positive affirmations meaning to you.

I mean, use words, phrases, expressions you are used to and that you are going to accept as true.

You must ensure that you write them in a manner that is significant and relevant to you.

Follow the simple and easy steps outlined below to accomplish this:


Decide what you want.

Before you can start writing your positive affirmations, you must first figure out what you want to accomplish.

We suggested dividing it into four categories: health, finances, family/friends, and community/spiritual.

So, first and foremost, figure out what you want to accomplish in each of these four categories. It’s important to remember that there must be a balance.


Make a list of your objectives.

Now, in the form of positive words, write down all you desire to accomplish in these four areas.

Make a list of your goals, whether it’s to make more money, improve your health, or spend more time with your family.

Start making your response as specific as possible, as this will aid you in the next step.


Make affirmations out of your desires.

You must make them meaningful and specific to you in order to accomplish this.

Begin with the statement “I am,” and keep the affirmations positive at all times. We don’t want any bad remarks to depress you.

Your affirmations don’t have to be long or be sophisticated to be effective.

I’m overjoyed that I now make $150k per year from passive income.

Today, I consider myself fortunate to be able to spend three hours each day with my family.

I’m happy and healthy now that I’m 73kg and eat a nutritious diet every day.

Start by creating positive affirmations if you want to make a positive impact in your life.

To do so, first, figure out what you want to accomplish, and then start writing affirmations that support that goal.

You will quickly be living them if you make sure they are precise, relevant to you, written in the positive tense, and contain some emotion.

All you have to do is read them over and over again every day. Here’s to your continued success.



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