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Meditation Frequency Of God Thank You Universe For Everything

Meditation Frequency of God

The left side of the brain is used by artists and creative types.

Engineers and accountants, for example, use their right side of the brain more than others.

However, in order to appear in the way Jesus described, your brain must vibrate at a frequency known as Theta, or the “God Frequency,” as I call it.

It’s like attempting to obtain reception on your vehicle radio with no antenna if both sides aren’t vibrating at the same EXACT frequency.

Just like Jesus mentioned in his letter to his brother.  They employed meditation and prayer back then, you see.

After his legendary 40-day fast in the desert, Jesus accomplished some of his greatest miracles.

That’s because he meditated for 40 days and achieved perfect brain equilibrium at the exact appropriate frequency.



Vibration Frequency

Prior to all of the contemporary technology and overwhelm that keeps our brains even more out of balance and out of tune.

Making it more difficult than ever to tune our minds to “God Frequency.”

However, in order to express the way Jesus described in the Bible and in his hidden teachings…

This very particular “God Frequency” must be tuned into your brain.

After learning high-level meditation, some people can now put their brain into theta.

It was done in biblical times by Jesus and his disciples.

Most people, however, are incapable of doing so (even if they are too proud to admit it).

However, owing to contemporary technology, changing your brain’s frequency has never been easier.

A method that eliminates all of the labour…

I’ve developed a basic 15-minute daily routine.

It’s as simple as relaxing in your favorite easy chair for 15 minutes and putting on a pair of headphones.

There isn’t even a smidgeon of effort required.

Even Harvard University6 researchers acknowledge that this is a legitimate way for “manipulating cortical synchronization.”

And that after utilizing this strategy, you can “take advantage of the brain’s response.”


Meditation Frequency Of God


Meditation Frequency Of God

What are you going to find on the following video?

You have been gifted so that you can bless others, dear Soul.

Allow this inspiring prayer music to lead you in your spiritual journey.

Speak to God with gratitude, realizing that when you are in the presence of the divine, miracles happen spontaneously.

By expressing thankfulness to the higher power for every single favor bestowed to you, you attract more good things into your life.

You, ear spirit, are a good vessel. You deserve more because you are God’s holy instrument in spreading abundance and love throughout the earth.

Most of the time, we forget how we got to where we are now, while at the same time, we see others in poor health.

Have we expressed gratitude to the Universe/God for what we have today? Will you give thanks to God or the Universe for who you will become tomorrow?

According to the secret law of attraction, what we believe, repeat, and rehearse in our minds multiple times becomes a reality one day.

It’s possible that you’re repeating negative thoughts in your head that are preventing you from achieving your goals or creating what you want in your life.



Video: Meditation Frequency Of God


Date: 2019-09-23 09:40:42

Why use 963Hz?

The frequency controls the existence of divinity, which is increased, allowing love and light to take the lead in the current encounter.

We awaken to an ideal state as we live in this strength.

This frequency has long been recognized as one of the solfeggio’s past soothing spectrum for healing the mind, soul, and body.

The frequency reconnects you with your soul or the psychic world’s non-vibrational vitalities. It will enable you to experience oneness.

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Meditation Frequency Of God

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