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Let Go Of Anxiety Before Sleep Guided Meditation


Let Go Of Anxiety Before Sleep

Nothing could be more dramatically simple. Though.  Whoever speaks of nocturnal anguish evokes, of course, anguish at night.

That is to say languishing of body and mind. When it’s time to sleep.

  • To rest.
  • To release the pressure of the day.

It is also during these nights that are intended to be “restorative” that the brain classifies all the information.

Those accumulated throughout the day.



Let Go Of Anxiety Before Sleep

The brain ranks them in order of importance. By theme. In short, the brain needs our nights of sleep to regulate itself.

It recharges the batteries to be ready the next day. It is therefore not good to suffer from nocturnal anxiety.

Otherwise, it’s anxiety disorder guaranteed! Of that anxiety that brings you in control. Breathing, heartbeat. Or heart problems. Anxiety disorders fueled by sweating. Hot flashes.

Any signs of anxiety. Your goal? Avoid insomnia.

Falling asleep is characterized by that moment when the body and mind relax. They surrender.

The moment during which, nothing more belongs to us. It is a necessary moment. So as not to write vital. We all need sleep. Restful sleep. Night anxiety is the reverse process.

Everything is turned upside down. Nothing is possible anymore. In this regard, torturers in all countries know how to use lack of sleep as an instrument of torture.


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Nocturnal anxiety and sleep phase

At the start of this article, I wrote: Anxiety at Night. That is not exactly correct. Nocturnal anxiety, or nocturnal anxiety, manifests itself in the first moments of sleep.

Shortly after the first moments of falling asleep.

That moment when body and mind have found the cycle so that we can relax. It is about being rested the next day. To be relaxed.

This is without a doubt the most important moment in our sleep phase.

This is why the symptoms of nocturnal anxiety are both simple and specific. They don’t appear all the time during your night’s sleep.

These symptoms even lead to insomnia. Which, of course, affects the quality of your sleep.


Symptoms of nocturnal anxiety

Imagine that you are lying down. For some time now. I specify. For a few minutes. Not for hours.

You feel your body languish. Your mind relaxes. You feel well. At least you believe it. Because something’s going to happen.

Something you’ve probably been through before. Or, something you dread.

You even dreaded it before going to bed. You are vaguely distressed. Diffuse anguish. Nighttime anxiety? You are worried about falling asleep again. Or trouble

Despite your fear of nocturnal anxiety, you go to bed. Strategically, you delay as much as possible when you go to sleep.

History of being very tired (e). And reassure you that you are falling asleep. It’s fine but unnecessary. You do not dream! You are indeed the victim of nocturnal anxiety.

So lying down, you can feel sleep taking you. You try to let go. You try to let go. Then you fall asleep. Without realizing it.

Your body repairs itself. Outside of your control. You let your brain take control.

All of a sudden you wake up. Suddenly. Brutal. Violent. You have sweated. Without being aware of it. Your heart is beating very fast.

You feel severe tightness in your rib cage.


The nighttime anxiety attack or nocturnal panic attack

Your breathing is difficult. Perhaps you are having an attack of spasmophilia.

In short, you are in the middle of a nighttime anxiety attack. And this is for no reason that you can identify. You are going into a sort of panic attack.

Also called a panic attack. You don’t understand what’s going on and you may even feel like you are losing your mind.

You have palpitations. Hyperventilate. You are nauseous and afraid of dying. Afraid of having a heart attack. You are there.

Like flabbergasted. Eyes wide open. although seized with intense fear, you are trying to decrease the anxiety.

Ultimately, your night terrors are such that you reach a considerable level of stress. At the thought of losing more hours of sleep, you experience intense anxiety.

The very one that makes you think you’re going to end up in psychiatry.


Night anxiety versus death anxiety

In the most severe cases, you may experience death anxiety. It is often accompanied by the terrible feeling of going crazy. Or crazy.

Nothing belongs to you anymore. You no longer control anything. Maybe you don’t understand what is happening to you. You are the victim of night terror.

Are you outside of reality? While being aware that you are in an awakened unreality. This feeling is horrible. I don’t wish it on anyone. Night anxiety is also that.

In any case, apart from the symptoms of nocturnal anxiety, there are no rational explanations for nocturnal anxiety.

Psychological factors explain several things that facilitate the treatment of nocturnal anxiety in adults. Or the way of nocturnal anxiety in children.

But there are also affective factors that must be taken into account.


How to treat nighttime anxiety

There are different methods of overcoming nighttime anxiety. Some people think that relaxation or meditation are remedies.

It’s wrong. They are helpers. But no solutions. There is also auto-suggestion. I am thinking of the Coué method. This method consists of trying to convince yourself that you are going to sleep.

The goal is to let go of anxiety before sleep

However, most adults who suffer from symptoms of nocturnal anxiety rush to their doctor to be prescribed medication. Sleeping pills. It’s like a reflex.

Humanly, such an approach is understandable. But it helps to maintain the problem. And this although it reduces the symptoms.

Indeed, isn’t the an induced risk of becoming “addicted” to these drugs? To become dependent on benzodiazepines. Or antidepressants?

Addicted to the point of not being able to imagine a night without sleep? Without having taken a little pill? I understand. It is unbearable to live with the anxiety of not sleeping.

There are methods that some consider being alternatives. They have proven their effectiveness in the treatment of nocturnal anxiety in adults.

All the more so when it comes to dealing with anguish and anxiety.

If rational methods gave you effective and lasting treatment for deep anxieties, you would know it. If so, you would not be reading this article. Is not it?


Anxiety Fear Mystic - Free photo on Pixabay - Let Go Of Anxiety Before Sleep


Two behavioural methods to treat nocturnal anxiety

Below, I present two solutions to overcome nocturnal anxiety. Or control a nighttime anxiety attack.

By doing this you are going to let go of anxiety before sleep.


Treatment of adult nocturnal anxiety. 1st Solution

It consists of entering into the problem of nocturnal anxiety. Rather than avoiding it. This is how it works.

Two hours before your more or less usual bedtime, isolate yourself in a room. At your house.

The bedroom seems ideal to me. Lie on your back. Arms along the body. Legs stretched out in front of you.

You can refer to another article related to CBT as I recommend it in my behavioural method .

  • You imagine the terrible nightmare night you are going through.
  • You imagine how you are going to suffer.
  • You imagine that no solution will allow you to no longer suffer from nocturnal anxiety.

Then, how durably you are affected by this sleepless night. Think about the consequences the next day. About your work. About your emotional relationships. Family. Social. Etc.

After ten minutes of this very special treatment for your nocturnal anxiety, stop the exercise. Get up quietly. Then, go about your business. And this is until your bedtime.


Nocturnal anxiety in adults.  2nd Solution

15 minutes before going to bed, take a sheet of paper. Write down everything that comes to mind on it.

And this, even as you write. Be spontaneous in your writing. Do not try to control its content. It doesn’t matter what you write. Write, that’s all!

When you feel like you’ve come to the end of what you’re thinking about right now, tear up the sheet. Then throw it away. Then go to bed.

I can already hear you say to me: “- And what happens if I cannot sleep? ”

Please. Don’t talk about what you don’t know. You haven’t tried this exercise yet. Try to trust me. If your nighttime anxiety persists, do the following.


Before bedtime tips

  • Take a hot bath for 20 minutes. Nightly. It helps you relax
  • Have a light dinner. Moderate your consumption of alcohol or narcotic substances
  • Read instead of playing at a console
  • Listen to soft music
  • An hour before bedtime, switch off your phone. Thus, you avoid painful telephone situations (animated discussion, conflict management) before you fall asleep
  • Try to find something other than your cell phone as a morning wake-up call. Indeed, awake in the middle of the night, there is a strong temptation to use your cell phone to view photos. Or watch videos. It “electrifies” your brain. Suddenly, you risk delaying falling asleep again. Or even prevent it.


1st exercise to treat nighttime anxiety

  • Every night, 15 minutes before going to bed, take a sheet of paper. And a pen. Or a pencil. Then write down whatever comes to mind
  • Don’t try to write meaningful things. Or consistent. Just write. Spontaneously. Write things as they come to mind
  • Do you feel that you have completed everything that comes to your mind? So, tear off the sheet. Then throw it in there. And, don’t re-read what you wrote
  • With that sheet thrown away, write down one positive item related to your day. Describe this positive element that you experienced
  • Along the same lines, write down one positive thing that you have done for yourself. Once done, reread what you just wrote. Then tear off the sheet. And throw it in there.


2nd exercise to overcome nocturnal anxiety

Choose a time to fall asleep. Let’s take 10:30 p.m. For example. Proceed as follows:

  • 15 minutes before going to bed, write down everything that comes to your mind at the time. In the same way as in the previous exercise.

It is, therefore, 10:30 p.m. About.

  • Try to fall asleep. To do so, think of positive and pleasant things
  • If, after 15 minutes (10:45 p.m.), you are not asleep, get up. Write down on a piece of paper whatever comes to mind at the time. Then tear off the sheet. And throw there
  • Go back to bed. Try to go back to sleep. Always thinking of positive and pleasant things
  • 20 more minutes have passed? It is 11:00 p.m. About. You are not sleeping? Get up. And repeat the exercise. And so on. By increasing your time to fall asleep by 5 minutes each time. And this, until, finally, you fall asleep
  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night? So, you are not allowed to stay awake. You must resume the exercise. In the same way as before. Until you fall asleep



Let Go Of Anxiety Before Sleep


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Let Go Of Anxiety Before Sleep

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