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How to Use the Law of Polarity to Your Advantage

The law of polarity

The Law of Polarity states that everything that exists in the universe has an equal and exact opposite.

Two extremes of the same nature, different only to a certain degree and cannot exist without each other.

According to the Law of Polarity, everything is dual.

This law helps us understand the principles of yin and yang.

Some energies attract, while others repel. One is not significantly superior to the other, but both exist.



How does the law of polarity work?

The law of polarity is also known as the law of the opposite or the law of duality, the same law with different names, tells us everything has an equal and exact opposite, two parts within a whole.

That they are equal means that they appear as opposites, when in reality they are just extremes of the same, there may be two sides of a coin, but there is only one coin.

Both sides are present in the same situation, a negative or a positive side.

Keep in mind that no matter what happens, if what happens is negative, it must also have a positive side.

Accurate means that if there is a long way to the top of a building, there must be a long way to the bottom.

If there is a kilometer from point A to point B, then there must be a kilometer from point B to point A.

They are not just opposites, they are equal, exact and opposite.


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Importance of the law of polarity

In any situation or circumstance you find yourself in, there is a possibility of reversing it.

The only thing that determines the probability or the final result lies in the choice.

Precisely your choice of which end of the spectrum you will test.

The only deciding factor between these two seemingly opposite states is what you believe to be true.

The initial perception may be negative, but according to this rule, there should be an equal chance of positivity in the situation.

The faster you learn to look for opportunities, the faster what seems negative will disappear.

It is true that when a difficult situation tests you and you cannot see the positive side.

Although I found that, in hindsight, there was always a silver lining.

What you need to learn and master what you need to achieve is to see the positive side when a negative event occurs.


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How do we apply the law of polarity?

Once you understand that there are polar opposites in everything and learn to see both sides in every situation, you will be able to consciously decide which side you will experience.

Now, learning to use the law of polarity is essential because, even knowing the concept, it is not always used correctly.

With an example, I hope to explain the best way to apply the law of polarity.

At first glance, hot and cold seem like opposites.

But really, they are just different temperatures.

For example, if you are cold, do not focus on the cold to solve the problem, the solution is to generate heat, because cold does not mean heat.

The trick is not to focus on what is happening (the negative), you have to see the other side and work for it.

If you suffer from poverty and want to get out of it, you do not focus on studying poverty or investigating its causes, on the contrary, you focus on creating wealth.

It is important to understand that when you want something, you have to be against something.

That is why the campaigns were against poverty, disease, etc. Inactive.

What they do is focus their energy mainly on the negative side, instead of the opposite and the positive, wealth, health, etc.

For example, campaigning for peace instead of war.

A campaign to promote wealth, not to eradicate poverty, a campaign to promote health, not to fight disease.


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How to use the law of polarity

The vast majority of the population seems to be mentally programmed to pay attention to the negative side of life and ignore the positive.

They focus on what is not working instead of on the solution.

As human beings we have the natural tendency to go to one of the extremes, the extreme that requires less effort.

For example, most people choose laziness over effort.

As a general rule the masses, by nature, go to the negative side, the law of the opposite or law of polarity, suggests that the only way you will achieve success is by moving on a different path than the masses.

The law of opposites states that the path to success requires going against the norm.

It requires doing the unpopular, the irrational, thinking differently, taking the road less travelled.

This law explains that the only way you will achieve the success you want to create is by walking a different path from the masses.

Simply put, do the opposite of the average person.

Another use that you can give to the law of polarity is to use it to discover what you really want.

Most people don’t know what they want in life. Take a test. Ask three friends how they see themselves in a year, chances are they won’t know.


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Relationship with other Universal Laws

One of the Universal Laws that is most associated with the Law of Polarity is the Law of Relativity.

The Law of Relativity tells us that everything is relative, everything depends on the angle from which it is viewed.

It’s the old “glass half full or half empty” story.

Between the two extremes there is a wide range of possibilities.

PSIf you’re five feet seven and everyone around you is five feet seven, you’re tall too. But if everyone around you is two meters tall, now you are short,

A million dollars is a lot compared to the salary, but it’s not a lot compared to the billionaires on the Forbes list.

Where you find tension, you find absence of peace. However, somewhere peace may still exist or there may be tension.

If you find darkness, it will likely turn to light.

Regardless of the situation, look for the positive side of what is happening.

As you do this over and over again, it will become a habit, you will develop the ability to see the positive, even when everyone around you only sees the negative.


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One of the great lessons in understanding this law is that every situation can be interpreted in at least two ways.

Adopting an optimistic attitude from here on out will be based on knowledge, not simple inspiration.

That is why in the environment of the followers of the Law of Attraction, The Secret and related topics, you are insisted on seeing the positive within each situation.

As you will be able to intuit as you get to know the Universal Laws, transforming your life into success, abundance and happiness is an act of choice.

It is your decision to apply the laws for a better life or ignore them and continue to feel that you are a simple victim of circumstances.



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