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Law of Mentalism – Apply the Power of the Mind

The Law of Mentalism is one of the Universal Laws.

People find it easier to understand this law and its principles through psychology.

However, it is thanks to this law that the followers of the Law of Attraction have understood why it is possible to attract everything we want through our minds.

There are scientific studies that try to prove the power of the mind over matter.

Unfortunately, these tests and experiments have not been able to meet the standards of scientific rigour, so they are not accepted in this field.

For those who enjoy getting out of traditional schemes and concepts, quantum physics brings them a series of images and ideas that justify their beliefs.

The Law of Mentalism fits perfectly with this scientific profile.

So let’s examine the law of mentalism in more detail!



What is the Law of Mentalism?

The Law of Mentalism, which states that “Everything is Mind, Everything is Mental”, is the first of the seven Universal Laws.

This implies that the mind or consciousness is the fundamental substance of the entire Universe and that this consciousness is the Mind of the Absolute, the Universal Mind.

Nothing can and will change, as it is an immutable law that applies to all planes: physical, mental and spiritual.

However, the phrase ‘All is Mind’ does not imply that everything on the Mental Plane is part of it.

The mental plane, on the other hand, is the plane of the mind associated with mental functions such as thinking, imagination, and general mental health.

So, on all levels of existence, the Absolute, whose Divine Self is a Divine Spark, creates and governs all energy and matter, visible and invisible.

Your mind is identical to the entire Universal Mind.

Your environment, on the other hand, is nothing more than a projection of your consciousness, a manifestation of your thoughts.

Since everything is mind, this means that you are a mind rather than having a mind.

This is the essence of Mind Power.


Ley del Mentalismo

The application of the law of mentalism

All of these concepts may seem occult, but you may already be using the Law of Mentalism without realizing it.

A well-known case is when you continue to think positively.

One technique to use in the Law of Mentalism is to think positively.

Positive thinking makes good things happen in your life.

You must be aware that this works the same if you have bad beliefs in your head.


Parable of the Two Wolves

The Cherokee parable of the two wolves serves as an example of how attitude and development follow the same principles.

According to legend, every human being contains two wolves, one good and one bad.

The two wolves fight each other on a daily basis.

When asked which of the two wolves will prevail, the unrestricted answer is “the one you feed.”

Although this story comes from a different culture and employs unusual imagery, the essential idea is the same.

Our ideas create the world around us.

No matter what our current circumstances are, if we choose to think that we can become something more, it becomes a possibility.


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How to Align with the Law of Mentalism

Our mental health is determined by our emotional state (and eventually, our physical well-being).

The way we see our surroundings is what makes us feel gloomy or nervous.

Our lives would be more fulfilling if we focused on the things we love and the things that make us happy.

The Law of Mentalism describes how your thoughts influence the things you encounter on a daily basis. Here are some examples of how you can use it.


Be very clear about what you want.

When you are not sure about something, it can be difficult to express it.

If you can vividly visualize your goal, you can begin to focus your attention and thoughts on it.


Make sure your intent is clear.

No matter how well-intentioned you may be, basing our guidance on the wishes of others often leads to frustration and disappointment.

Even if you manage to get it, you will still feel dissatisfied since it was never really yours.


Pay attention to your thoughts.

You’d be surprised how often we think negatively.

We often have self-limiting ideas that are motivated by anxiety, worry, or fear.

You can catch yourself in the act by being aware of your thoughts.

Avoid being intimidated by negative ideas.


Learn to change your way of thinking.

It is one thing to be aware of the caliber of your ideas. Being proactive is something else.

A vital skill is reframing, which involves intentionally diverting your attention from obstacles to opportunities.

It is the same idea as being able to find the silver lining despite adversity.

After all, you have no control over the things that happen to you, but you can decide how to react to them.


Don’t succumb to social pressure.

Today, a wide range of factors, from what is considered beautiful to what is supposed to be necessary, affect our thoughts.

Don’t just accept these social conceptions; rather, consider whether you really believe them.

You can stay true to yourself if you think this way.

Also, it prevents you from accepting something simply because everyone else does.


law of mentalism



The power of the mind is immense.

One approach to using it to your advantage is to learn to design the life that makes you happy.

There are only seven Universal Laws, but the Law of Mentalism is the first for a reason. It interacts with all other laws and has an impact on them.

Having a deep understanding of this ancient idea will allow you to use it in a variety of ways in modern life, including mentalism tricks.

So keep that in mind as you work to build the life you want!


Video – Law of Mentalism


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