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Law Of Attraction Our Thoughts Create Our Reality


Law Of Attraction Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

When a hypnotherapist a few months ago brought up the “law of attraction” in front of me, I raised a distracted eyebrow.

The law of what? Shortly after, a friend in business coach also uses the expression. I prick up my ears. The attraction of what? Three weeks later, at the same weekend, a shaman and a social worker still cite, as evidence, the “law of attraction” as a key to success …

What is behind this funny denomination? Why is she, in the midst of personal development, of all conversations?

It all started in 2006 with Rhonda Byrne’s book and film The Secret.

Inspired at the outset by the spiritual teachings of Jerry and Esther Hicks, they popularize the notion in more prosaic aspects: obtaining the house of his dreams, the spouse of his dreams, the job of his dreams …

Translated into forty languages, the best-seller American attracts more than twenty million readers.


A story of vibrations

Law of attraction: the term may surprise. What relation with that, described by Newton, and reviewed by Einstein, explains the influence of matter and energy on the movement of bodies and stars?

“This rule of life is based on the principle that everything in the universe is made up of energy and emits a frequency,” says Slavica Bogdanov, author of a Small exercise book for practising the law of attraction.

Including our attitudes and thoughts, the vibration of which is said to have the capacity to act on our environment and “constantly attract to us, whether we are aware of it or not, people and experiences that reflect our state of mind. “.

Applied to the field of the psyche, the term appears as early as 1906 in the book Vibration of Thought and the Law of Attraction in the Thought World, by William Walker Atkinson, where he expresses the power of will, focus and suggestion.


Learn how to take advantage of your biorythm


Law Of Attraction Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

In medicine, this influence of the spirit in the process of illness and healing is no longer to be proven.

According to Russian physicist Vadim Zeland, author of the bestseller Transsurfing, the quantum theory could even explain it: according to this new approach to life, everything is a network of connections and potentialities, and reality has no material existence. frozen, the intention of the observer influences the observed result, we hold the power to shape our lives. I think therefore I create?

“Negative feelings like anger, depression or guilt induce bad vibrations, which attract bad encounters or experiences to us, ” says The Secret in essence, while “enthusiasm, love or gratitude” can boost our future.

“Everything that happens to us – the best and the worst – responds to our thoughts and our behaviour,” confirms Slavica Bogdanov. If we have problems, maybe we have decided to accept them. Taking responsibility for our environment gives us the power to change it. ”


From the strength of intention …

Not easy to hear, when you are born in a disadvantaged environment, faced with hunger, misery or segregation. “It’s true, admits Slavica Bogdanov, but I am the example that it can work. I come from a modest family. As a child, I was excessively shy, others mistreated me. 

Until 2006, my entire existence was in bankruptcy: two catastrophic marriages, professional bankruptcy, overweight and health problems… I could see no way out. 

Until the day I was offered The Secret, as well as Secrets of a Millionaire Spirit, by T. Harv Eker. I had nothing to lose, I tried. Two years later, my life changed dramatically. “

How? ‘Or’ What? Feeling gratitude for what you have is a “good way to break a negative spiral”. Then by stopping to rehash what hurts or displeases us, to concentrate on a positive, precise, concrete goal. “What do you want? asks The Secret. 

Write it in the present tense. Visualize the result, vibrate now with the pleasure it will give you. “Cultivate this perspective, repeat it like a mantra. Follow the momentum it gives you … And have confidence.

In you, in life, in your ability to earn success, in the magic of effort and the bundle of connections, it will bring forth.

Act smoothly, without letting doubts or hazards let you down: little by little, people will perceive your change of energy, and signs will appear, which will end up creating favourable circumstances for the realization of your project.



Powerful thoughts

Under an attractive label, the “law” incorporates principles present in many ancestral pearls of wisdom. “Everything that we are is the result of what we have thought,” said Buddha.

“Karma advocates that we harvest what we sow, recalls Zen priest Ruth Ozeki. All our thoughts, attitudes and actions are imprinted and have a consequence, hence the need to choose them very carefully. 

 A vision of the world dubbed by certain scientific discoveries: ” One day, when entering her office, the researcher specializing in emotions Sigal Barsade felt that the atmosphere had changed, says journalist Lynne McTaggart, author of quantum link. 

It was usually a very cold place, where no one spoke to each other. 

Suddenly everyone was talking. Sigal Barsade realized that a colleague who was still in a bad mood was on vacation. When the latter returns, the atmosphere is back to normal. His research confirmed that our actions and behaviours, like those of others, were contagious. 

Studies at Harvard have shown that if we are happy, we tend to have happy friends. Not just because we choose happy people, but because of the natural spread of happiness throughout the social network. 

We share information on a much more fundamental level than just the mind, and we are constantly synchronizing with our emotions. “

In yoga, there is also the notion of Sankalpa, a seed that you plant in a corner of your head in a state of deep relaxation and which, if you cultivate it, ends up germinating …

“It goes way beyond thought. positive, says Christian Möllenhoff, yoga and meditation teacher in Paris. Our personal, educational or cultural conditioning shapes a wide range of ideas about what we believe we can or should do in our lives. 

These prejudices are so ingrained that we often let them control us, without questioning them. “ Who are we? What do we want, deeply?

Why do we want it, exactly?


… To that of attention

For years Esther Kasri-Wick, author of The Practical Guide to Your Success, has sought to live her dreams.

“I always said to myself: be positive, work on your thinking. I concentrated, I had ups and downs. But the ups were short-lived. The stockings dragged on ” … Because she was doing “ a job of repeating affirmations rather than certainties and feelings ”.

Beyond the power of intention, the law of attraction, therefore, leads to attention: becoming aware of the mechanisms that govern us, the emotions and ideas that grip us.

Then let go of the mind to listen to our deep sensations, learn to perceive what they have to say to us and go towards what makes us vibrate, viscerally, beyond desires and surface postures, ” without asking too many questions, ” says Slavica Bogdanov.

Only then, in this search for accuracy of being rather than having it, will the law of attraction take on its full force. “To attract the best to yourself, you have to be able to transform yourself internally”, confirms Slavica Bogdanov.

Achieve its coherence, its resonance, nourish its senses of tranquillity and fulfilment… And perhaps realize that the important thing is not the result, but the path. “Once a goal is reached, many run towards another! 

Some people suffer so much to get there or are so afraid of losing their skills, that they feel no satisfaction. What is the point, if the present is not well lived? For the law of attraction to work fully, we must be in fullness daily. 

The more we walk, the more we learn, the more grateful we are, the more we shine, and the more we attract good things to ourselves. “

Until reaching a ” vibratory level “ where the universe surprisingly seems to conspire to make our wishes come true.“My life has become a series of blessed luck,” says Slavica Bogdanov.

Last example: two years ago, I decided to leave Canada – I couldn’t take the cold any longer. I pictured the place where I wanted to live…

This winter, on a Florida beach, I felt it was there: I was at home. My brain kicked around at all the changes it entailed, but within three weeks I had sold my furniture and my apartment, found accommodation there, changed my car registration, and made the bank transfers. 

Things just happened on their own, it was fascinating. “

Of course, following the law of attraction does not lift all barriers – they are part of life – but she learns to“Consider them as opportunities for adjustment, signs of a necessary change of direction,” says Esther Kasri-Wick.

To accept, bounce back, open up to new possibilities, find your “high vibration” more easily …

So, what do you want to attract? For you, for others. Because remember, “it’s a cooperative process: our environment creates us as much as we create it,” says Lynne McTaggart.

“And there comes a time in life when all we can wish for is helping others to radiate more joy and serenity,” concludes Slavica Bogdanov.

So this is how Our Thoughts Create Our Reality.



Video Law Of Attraction Our Thoughts Create Our Reality


Our Thoughts Create Our RealityDate: 2019-10-23 04:44:03

This is one of my first live recordings on Facebook Live.

In this video I talk about the Law of Attraction and Masaru Emoto’s Water and Rice Experiment.

Remember, Our Thoughts Create Our Reality.



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