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Law of Attraction: How to Use Bay Leaves to Manifest Your Dreams

Bay leaves to manifest your dreams

Is it true it is useful bay leaves to manifest your dreams?

Bay Leaf, also known as bay laurel, is a potent herb that aids in manifestation, prosperity, protection, cleaning, and psychic development.

It is a popular herb among many because it is readily available, has a wide range of magical applications, and is simple to grow in your home or yard.



How to use bay leaves to manifest your dreams?

Long used in the green medicine branch, laurel is now entering as a cleaning product.

It turns out that this plant is an excellent antiseptic and an effective repellent against insects.

Effective and economical, bay leaf does not have to be ashamed of other cleaning products on the market.



Why use bay leaves to manifest your dreams?

For Native Americans, laurel is a legendary and sacred plant. It is often used in pharmacies, spas and relaxation centres.

This plant is also used as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and even an antifungal.

Above all, it is a remarkably effective cleaning product.

In other words, using laurel is the ideal solution for a clean house.

By adding laurel to cleaning products, it is possible to eliminate bacteria present in toilets as well as moulds that have developed in the walls.

This plant gives off a pleasant aroma which, in addition to eliminating unpleasant odours, constitutes a formidable repellant for cockroaches and other harmful insects.

In principle, laurel does not represent any danger to health and the environment.

It is a good alternative to chemical cleaning products.

bay leaves to manifest your dreams - bay leaves to manifest your dreams

How to distinguish the varieties of laurel?

The name laurel gathers in reality several types of plants that are themselves declined in various species.

They can generally be classified into two categories: ornamental laurels and aromatic laurels.

Ornamental laurels are decorative shrubs. Some of them are toxic, while others are not.

Cherry laurel, Portugal laurel, tin laurel and oleander are found in many French households.

Planted in a garden, they enhance the exterior of the house.

The only species of aromatic laurel is the laurel sauce or the noble laurel.

Used in the kitchen as a condiment, it is also used for cleaning.



Clean all parts with bay leaf

Bay leaves can be used to clean any room in a home.
From the kitchen to the bedroom, passing through the living room and the bathroom, the bay leaf transforms the house into a true haven of peace where hygiene and cleanliness are the same.

For your information, this plant can be used for:

  • Wash the floor and the shutters
  • Eradicate Bacteria and viruses
  • Polish ceramic surfaces
  • Prevent mould formation


How to use laurel to maintain the house?

Laurel can be used in different ways.

To wash the floor, simply pour a few drops of laurel essential oil in water to obtain a cleaning solution.

For even more efficiency, it is recommended to add white vinegar.

This tip helps to reinforce the effectiveness of the natural active ingredients contained in the bay leaf.

Another technique is to boil bay leaves and then use the resulting liquid to clean the floor.

To eliminate bad odours and bacteria installed in the toilet bowl, pour in a container a mixture of household alcohol, water and a few drops of essential oil of bay laurel sauce.

This liquid will thoroughly clean the toilet.

It is even possible to pour the solution directly into the toilet. This will not cause any damage to the plumbing.

Laurel is also very effective in eliminating odours from frying.

Some households use this plant to dispel bad odours from soiled furniture and carpets.

Mixed with water or household alcohol, laurel essential oil is a natural deodorant.

Sprayed on the curtains, it releases a light fragrance.

For long-term diffusion, it is advisable to coat the ampoules with bay leaf essential oil.

Spreading a few drops in an incense diffuser keeps insects away from the house.


bay leaves to manifest your dreams

Burn bay leaves for a Zen atmosphere

Common in yoga rooms and spas, laurel has also been adopted by a large number of households because of its relaxing and anti-stress properties.

It is currently used by 1 in 10 households in France.

You should know that this plant is mainly used to chase negative waves, thus creating a Zen and relaxed atmosphere. Purification can be done in different ways.

The easiest way is to burn bay leaves on charcoal.

For successful purification, it is important to follow this guide:

  1. Lighting charcoal in a metal saucer or other container
  2. Cut the leaves into small pieces for better distribution
  3. Throw the leaf pieces on the hot coal
  4. Smoke all the rooms of the house
  5. Ventilate the house to evacuate smoke


Stop the proliferation of insects with laurel

By invading rooms in the house, insects spread dirt and can carry bacteria.

A disinsection operation is therefore essential to keep a healthy interior.

To do this, there is no need to use insecticides, because there is a natural and effective solution to hunt these pests: laurel.

This flower is a natural repellant that gives off an unbearable odour for insects.

However, it is important to use it correctly. Below are different ways to use the bay leaf to control unwanted insects:

  1. Place the bay leaves cut in the places where ants and cockroaches are used to passing or settling.
  2. Diffuse laurel essential oil using an incense diffuser to keep mosquitoes and cockroaches away.
  3. Throw a few drops of laurel essential oil on electrical appliances to prevent insects from settling there and founding their colonies.
  4. Place bay leaves in the cupboards to get rid of mites (note that it is recommended to clean the storage boxes with white vinegar before placing the bay leaves).



Warning before using bay leaf

Even if the laurel does not present any danger to health, it is more prudent to consider certain points before considering its use.

People with asthma and babies should, as much as possible, avoid contact with the bay leaf at the risk of developing an allergy.

The smell of the plant can also cause hyperventilation.

Smoking the parts with bay leaves can cause respiratory tract infections and lung disease.



Sleep with a bay leaf under Your Cushion

I was adamant to believe that exactly how can a bay leaf which is an aromatic leaf used in cooking jobs wonders for you simply by placing it under your cushion during the night.

So, I determined why not to try it myself.

I wasn’t able to sleep appropriately during the night for a lot of months as well as I constantly complained about back pain and low stress.

Also when I did sleep correctly one night, the various other evenings I used to be vast awake also at 4 remain in the morning.

So, I came across videos on YouTube where fantastic hearts were teaching how to increase your manifestation as well as deal with the law of attraction.

After countless sleep-deprived nights for months and also despite trying to practice the law of attraction for months without outcomes.

I attempted to rest one night with a bay fell leaf under my pillow and lo! I had one of the most outstanding calm sleep that night as well as I tried to think about all the favourable things I wish to show up in my life as well as indeed, its functioning.


Below down is the listing of things for which You can make use of bay leaf in the evening before resting:

1. Write down your desire on the bay fallen leave and placed it under your cushion, with time your wish will certainly get satisfied.
2. Place a bay leaf under your pillow to get rid of headaches and get a peaceful sleep.
3. Use it as a device to materialize your desires and desires at night while you go to sleep.
4. Utilize it to clean the negativity surrounding you by putting it under your cushion in the evening.

Now, there’s never a night for me without putting a bay fallen leave under my cushion.

I believe that the good life is all about attracting the favourable things in your mind and surrounding and also manifesting them into truth.






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bay leaves to manifest your dreams

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