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The Amazing Power of I AM Prosperity Affirmations

I AM Prosperity Affirmations

As we wrote in several posts before, affirmations are an excellent tool to change your mindset.

So if you use prosperity affirmations daily, you are changing the thoughts in your head and start manifesting a new reality.

Are prosperity affirmations effective?

Repeating prosperity affirmations is an excellent way of filling our heads with an abundance of thoughts to overcome this.  Self-affirmation tactics are used by the most successful executives to boost their performance and power, according to studies.

And when you add the words I AM, you recognise in the first person that you can attract what you want by applying your inner power.

In this article, we go in-depth so you can benefit from prosperity affirmations in a better way.



I AM Prosperity Affirmations

You might not realize this, but most of the time we tend to think negatively.

You have certainly happened to talk and think about things you don’t want, things you don’t want to happen to you; more than the things you want, love and desire.

We think about things we did wrong, about mistakes we made, about missed opportunities.

A lot of this happens during our little internal monologues.

Think of the words: “I AM”.

Usually, the following are sentences like: “so tired”, “so frustrated” or “so stupid for saying that”.

And the list could go on …

How different do you think your life would be if, instead of talking to yourself all the time, you said to yourself, “I’m in love with my life”?

There is a lot of self-judgment in our minds. Some of these false judgments are often deeply ingrained in our minds subconsciously; a part of our mind where our beliefs, habits and behaviours are formed and reinforced.



Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations allow you to awaken your consciousness to a different and new perspective.

For this to work, however, you have to affirm them, think about them, and write them down regularly.

The more you use them, the more aware you will become of your negative thought patterns.

Never forget: Affirmation is a tool that can help create a positive outlook and minimize the threat of a negative takeover.

Use affirmations to attract wealth and prosperity.


prosperity affirmations


Why the words “I am”?

Because these are very powerful creative words.

The words that you associate with these 2 words “I am” will determine your reality step by step: by reprogramming your subconscious with positive affirmations.

You attract the best in your life: prosperity, love, confidence, serenity, and happiness.


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A Selection of Positive Affirmations

Every day is an opportunity. The possibility of practising more love towards oneself and others.

The possibility of being more grateful. The ability to change the things you don’t like. The possibility of growing up.

Here is a list including I AM prosperity affirmations you can use every day.


List of positive affirmations “I am”

    • I am open to receiving the best in my life
    • I am healthy
    • I am rich in all areas
    • I am motivated)
    • I am a motor
    • I am intelligence
    • I am in the present moment
    • I am love
    • I am beauty
    • I am connected to my inner truth and I express it
    • I am the master of my life
    • I’m good in my body and my head
    • I am a ray of sunshine
    • I am strength
    • I am in good shape
    • I am courage
    • I’m honest
    • I am a source of energy
    • I am prosperity
    • I am creativity
    • I am wonderful
    • I am filled with confidence
    • I am charismatic
    • I am happiness
    • I’m proud of who I am
    • I am abundance
    • I am gratitude
    • I am successful
    • I am ready to receive the best in my life
    • I am the change I want to see in this world
    • I am full of abilities
    • I am my intuition
    • I am positivity
    • I am all that I am
    • I am the creator of my life
    • I am optimistic
    • I am at the service of the well-being of all
    • I listen to my body and my thoughts
    • I’m letting go
    • I am benevolence
    • I am fulfilled
    • I am relaxed
    • I’m in control of my life
    • I am centred
    • I am anchored
    • I am loved)
    • I am guided
    • I am protected
    • I’m calm
    • I am serenity
    • I am unity
    • I am unlimited
    • I am connected to my inner guidance
    • I am filled with positive energies
    • I am responsible for my life
    • I am fluid like water
    • I am the best version of myself
    • I am listening to solutions
    • I am aligned
    • I am balanced
    • I am determined)
    • I am in harmony with life
    • I am here to learn and experience
    • I am the master of my thoughts and my actions
    • I am a wonderful person
    • I am open to the magic of life
    • I am open and receptive to all forms of abundance
    • I am at peace with my surroundings and with myself
    • I am connected to my unlimited potential
    • I am light
    • I am fantastic
    • I am caring
    • I am joy
    • I am extraordinary
    • I am wisdom
    • I’m free
    • I am power
    • I am generosity
    • I am intelligence
    • I am connected
    • I am passion
    • I am full of humour
    • I am resilience
    • I am lightness
    • I am power
    • I am clarity
    • I am magnetic
    • I am will
    • I am energy
    • I am fair
    • I am unique
    • I am exceptional
    • I am pure consciousness
    • I am compassion
    • I am dynamic
    • I am kind of communication
    • I am sincere
    • I am inspired
    • I am connected to my inner strength
    • I’m in tune with the whole universe
    • I am a source of joy
    • I am well-being
    • I am sweetness
    • I am amazed
    • I am Innocence
    • I am purity
    • I am connected to universal intelligence
    • I am an excellent communicator
    • I am a conductor
    • I am connected to nature
    • I am a spark of life


Confidence – fears – challenges

    • I am brave.
    • My challenges help me grow
    • I choose to let go of everything that doesn’t serve me
    • I live my life on my own terms
    • My life is full of purpose and passion
    • I am free from worry and anxiety
    • By defying my fears, I become stronger.
    • Everything is fine in my world, I feel safe
    • I let go of all limiting thoughts and beliefs


Dreams – goals

    • I set myself clear goals
    • I believe in myself
    • Today I am taking action to achieve my goals
    • I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone and make a change
    • My mind is focused and clear
    • Creativity flows through me easily
    • I am worthy of my dreams and I will make them come true
    • I am an unlimited creative being
    • I have a strong will and can easily change my ways
    • My vision and my purpose are clear to me
    • I already have the wisdom and courage to make my dreams come true
    • I feel strong and inspired every day



    • I communicate with honesty and compassion
    • I see love in everyone and everywhere I go
    • There is love all around me
    • I practice and show kindness to everyone around me
    • My heart is open, I only speak with loving words
    • I choose to surround myself only with positive people who uplift my energy
    • I am grateful for all the love and the wonderful relationships in my life
    • I am infinitely loved and I love infinitely
    • My love for others is unconditional


Love of self

    • I am loved
    • My body is healthy, my heart is at peace
    • I am unique and nothing can replace me
    • I am allowed to feel good about myself
    • I love myself, unconditionally
    • I respect myself with every decision I make
    • I won’t let my past define me
    • I am at peace with myself
    • I honour who I am
    • I’m worthy of all the love and joy life has to offer
    • I take the time to show myself how special I am
    • I bring self-love and compassion into my life



    • I already have everything I need to create the life I love
    • I give myself permission to prosper
    • Prosperity flows to me effortlessly
    • Abundance flows through my life, freely
    • I allow all the good things to come into my life
    • I’m thankful for everything I have in my life
    • The source of my prosperity is within me
    • I like to work on my growth




Video: I AM Prosperity Affirmations!


Date: 2019-10-01 08:19:47

Excellent prosperity affirmations that will help you to achieve your goals.

Listen for 21 Days and the energy flow to manifest your desires.

Remember to take action so these “I AM prosperity affirmations” become a part of your mind program.




Daily positive affirmations and practice won’t change your life overnight in a snap, but they will help you reprogram your mind.

If you’ve ever thought of yourself as not good enough, not smart enough, if you often think, “I can’t,” try some of them for at least a week.

From now on, let go of those limiting thoughts and beliefs, and use affirmations as a tool to manifest change.

Write them down, say them out loud, and use Post-its to stick them in a place where you will see them often.






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I AM Prosperity Affirmations

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