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How to Manifest on a Full Moon Anything You Want – Step by Step

How to Manifest on a Full Moon

For centuries humans have had a fascination for the moon.

The full moon has been associated with magical powers, mystical vibrations and spiritual connections.

The truth is that the moon influences with its power of attraction the tides of the oceans and since we are a large percentage of water, the moon influences us.

If we understand that influence and how it works, we can take advantage to use it on how to manifest on a full moon.

Let me guide you through this interesting process of manifesting anything you want.



Can humans be affected by a full moon?

There are different points of view about it.

Though its influence has been shown in other organisms—corals, for example, seem to time their spawning by the lunar cycle—there is no concrete evidence that the Moon has an impact on human mental and physical health.

No scientific proof in a nutshell.

But there are a lot of ideas and concepts about the moon’s influence in popular culture.

Even today, many people believe that the full moon’s magical powers cause irrational conduct, admissions to mental hospitals, suicides, killings, calls to the emergency room, car accidents, fights at professional hockey games, dog attacks, and a variety of other bizarre occurrences.

It looks like there is too much superstition about the moon´s influence on humans but there is a powerful reason to think it affects us.

About 60% of an adult man’s body is made up of water.

Due to the amount of water in our body, many metaphysical scholars claim that the moon influences us.

They point out that the different stages of the moon affect our biorhythm and our vibration.

This is the reason why, through the centuries, full moon rituals have been created to make the most of the potential that the star can generate in us naturally.


how to manifest on a full moon


How to use the energy of the full moon to your benefit

The full moon is an interesting phase in terms of energy.

The (waxing) cycle and the growing cycle of our intention are both finished at the time of the full moon.

This is the ideal time to write down your most profound inner thoughts and then release all that expended energy by watching it burn up since the full Moon is all about completion—cleansing, releasing, and removing what no longer serves you.

The power of the Full Moon is at its highest point.

This energy might help us identify what is no longer supporting our goals.

At the height of this stage, it’s normal to feel overly emotional and distant.

Every full moon has a unique enchantment, but a Super Blood Wolf Moon is particularly potent due to a confluence of celestial factors:

The Supermoon happens when the moon is both full and at its closest point to Earth in its orbit.

That moon energy is very useful if we learn how to use it properly so let´s move to how to manifest on a full moon.



The Full Moon Rituals

Many people use the full moon phase to make a purification ritual.

Because it has taken a whole lunar cycle for it to become active, a full moon is the most potent lunar phase.

You’ll be better able to realize your goals when you channel the full moon energy. You’ll also take in the calming light of the moon.

Your rituals will be amplified by using the Moon’s magic.

One of my favourite methods for manifesting is to use the New Moon and Full Moon together.

The New Moon is all about fresh starts and making requests.

Also, the Full Moon is all about completeness – purging, letting go of, and getting rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

These opposites might be used in rituals and ceremonies.

If something is keeping you from manifesting something during the Full Moon, just ask for it to happen during a New Moon and then release your intentions.

Full moon rituals help in:

  • Utilizing the nourishing energy of the full moon to call in self-love.
  • With the illumination of the full moon, you may shed light on what you want to fix.
  • Using the intensity of the full moon to increase your creative output.
  • Since the full moon, your psychic talents will improve by using your intuition.
  • Achieving your objectives as the full moon encourages manifestation.

Learn more about Full Moon Rituals


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Steps on how to manifest on a full moon

Now you know the power of the moon and how to use it to your benefit.

To manifest on a full moon anything you want, you can use any of the manifestation methods available every time there is a full moon.

The additional energy you receive during this period is going to help you achieve your goals and dreams easier and faster, just because you are better focused and energized.

Here are some effective steps on how to manifest on a full moon.


Create Your Special Space

Find a place where no one and nothing may disturb you.  Be sure you are away from curious eyes.

Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to become mentally and emotionally relaxed.

Focus on the moment and seriously take the following steps.


Create a Manifestation List

Take pen and paper and start to identify what you want to manifest.

It doesn´t matter how big, small, easy or hard it is.  Simply open your heart and write down what you want.

Make that list of what you want to manifest and how you plan to do it.

It is important to put your emphasis on the “what”, not on the “how”.  The idea to plan how to do it is just to create motivation and take action to achieve it.



Visualize your goals becoming reality.

Print emotion to your visualization to make it the most realistic experience possible.

Visualize your desired outcome in as much detail as possible and feel the joy.

Create a positive affirmation to focus on while on the full moon.

Speak your affirmation out loud to yourself several times, focusing on the feeling of satisfaction that will come with your manifestation.


Take Action

Take action towards your goals and be patient with the process.

You were told to write the things you want and how you planned to achieve them so start moving.

Pay attention to your intuition.  You are going to see signs, get ideas and find people who are going to lead you to achieve your goals.

You are going to get inspiration and guidance on what to do next, what steps to take and what moves to make.


Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

This exercise is going to make you feel really good.

You are going to feel great enthusiasm and joy to go after your dreams, so keep the fire burning!

When you are ready, let go and allow the energy of the full moon to work its magic.

Thank the moon for its support and let go of any negative thoughts or worries.

Open your eyes and enjoy the results of your manifestation.


How to Manifest on a Full Moon Resources

To end this article, I want to share an excellent program that is going to help you with how to manifest on the full moon.

This manifestation training program is a sound travel system that operates during REM, the deepest state of sleep.

The audio recordings you get have vibrational frequencies that stimulate the thalamus.

Your conscious mind will become less active as a result, but your subconscious mind will continue to function normally.

In this manner, the program will have access to your complete mind and being, facilitating the effortless manifestation of your objectives.

Check this Manifestation Resource



Frequently Asked Questions about Manifesting on a Full Moon

What is the significance of manifesting on a full moon?

Manifesting on a full moon is believed to harness the heightened energy and illumination associated with this lunar phase. The full moon is seen as a powerful time for setting intentions and amplifying the manifestation process.

How do I prepare for manifesting on a full moon?

Preparation can involve creating a serene space, gathering materials like crystals or candles, and engaging in mindfulness practices. Clearing your mind and focusing on positive intentions during this time is key for effective manifestation.

Are there specific rituals or techniques for manifesting on a full moon?

Various rituals can be incorporated, such as writing down intentions, charging crystals, or practicing meditation under the full moon’s light. The key is to choose techniques that resonate with you and enhance your connection to the lunar energy.

Can I manifest anything during a full moon, or are there specific things that work best?

While you can manifest various desires, some people believe that intentions related to release, abundance, and personal growth align particularly well with the energy of the full moon. It’s about focusing on what aligns with your goals and aspirations.

How often should I practice manifesting on a full moon for optimal results?

The frequency can vary based on personal preference, but many people choose to manifest during every full moon. Consistency is essential, and over time, it helps strengthen the connection between your intentions and the lunar energy, potentially enhancing the manifestation process.



Video: How to Manifest on a Full Moon

Video courtesy to Master Sri Akarshana   Visit his channel



Your energy and emotions are amplified by the full moon. You feel the Moon’s “pull” strongly because it influences the tides and since you are 70% water.

You won’t be able to suppress your sentiments since the full moon energy pushes them all to the forefront. You’ll become more aware of your actual wants and open your heart to them.

Be thankful for yourself under the full moon. List your accomplishments and the reasons you think highly of yourself.

Then, as a form of self-care, allow yourself to be filled with joy, a rare feeling that will be heightened during this extraordinary lunar period.

Take advantage of the lunar energy on how to manifest on a full moon.





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how to manifest on a full moon

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