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Can Law of Attraction Change Destiny? – Exploring Possibilities

Can Law of Attraction Change Destiny?

I´ve been asked several times if can Law of Attraction changes destiny.

My answer will always be yes but not because of the reasons you could be thinking of.

The law of attraction allows you to take control of your destiny. It is true spirituality that allows you to recognize God within yourself.

It also doesn’t require you to become a monk or a saint, but it does empower you to live your genuine calling.

I think we write our own stories with our decisions and we are responsible for our lives for right or wrong.

But there is much more to aggregate to it.


Can Law of Attraction change destiny?

For a long time, it was difficult for me to understand the essence of what I was capturing when I was drawing cards for people who came to meet me.

People would ask me: how do you do that, do you see that, do you perceive that?  Silence.  I was simply unable to answer them.

I started with something very intuitive. First the cards and the plot that she lets me a glimpse.

Then, words or phrases that reach my ears, and which I subsequently identified as the voice of entities or spirits.

Pictures of places or a few times of people come to my mind.

And then empathy. Share without the other telling you his feelings, his emotions, his state of mind.

For my part, my clairvoyance is made up of this subtle mixture that I took years to explain, to identify.

If I do it today, it is because by opening my self-clairvoyance business, I came to know another branch on my way: the law of attraction.

This made me ask a lot of questions about these two notions (clairvoyance and the law of attraction) and they allow me today to open new avenues.

I discovered concretely -If it could be concrete- the law of attraction about two years ago, but I have been practising it intuitively since I was little.

Just that I came across this term which characterizes what I do (and believe) for a very long time.


can law of attraction change destiny


So what is the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction (described very extensively in Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret) explains how the thoughts that we visualize, as well as the emotions that accompany our thoughts, come true.

In short, you attract to yourself what you want.

Some say that the law of attraction is the law that governs the universe because in reality everything is connected.

It doesn’t differentiate between what you want or doesn’t want. It reacts to your thoughts, which are conveyed by your emotions from matter.

In a way, you are your creator, and you create your reality from what you think and generate in the world.

I can’t resist quoting one of my greatest friends who said so beautifully Everything starts from itself and springs out onto the world.

If the law of attraction can be criticized in many ways in its foundations, it cannot be denied that the theory set out by Rhonda Byrne in The Secret is not new.

If you read this book well, she does not attribute this concept to herself anyway, since she shows that great men known as Ralf Waldo Emerson, Martin Luther King, and Albert Einstein already applied The Secret.


Understanding the Law of Attraction

Like attracts like is the foundation of the Law of Attraction.

This means that if you put your attention on having positive thoughts and intentions, you will draw favorable circumstances and results into your life.

On the other hand, if you concentrate on negative feelings and thoughts, you will draw in unfavorable circumstances and results.

The concept of manifestation, which entails picturing and affirming your objectives in order to make them come true, is sometimes linked to the Law of Attraction.

Although the Law of Attraction is unsupported by science, many people think it can be a potent tool for building a more satisfying life.


Examining the concept of destiny

The idea that our lives are predetermined and that we have little control over the future is frequently connected with the concept of destiny.

However, proponents of the Law of Attraction contend that via our thoughts and deeds, we have the capacity to control our own future.

By focusing on positive thoughts and intentions, we can attract positive experiences and outcomes into our lives, ultimately altering our destinies.

Many people think that the Law of Attraction can be a potent tool for helping them create the life they want, even though the idea of altering one’s destiny may appear absurd to some.


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If we can remain sceptical in the face of this demonstration, we cannot deny the great religious texts like the Bible or the Tao Te King (imputed to Lao Tseu) which, -translated in a certain way-, also carry this idea.

We also attribute to Buddha the following sentence: Everything that we are results from our thoughts. in his time We were born, Capable of becoming, what we want.

But then, you will tell me, if we carry the creative fire within us, what happens to clairvoyance? Because of this fact, we no longer suffer the events that come to us … We cause them.

In a way, yes.


State of Mind

What the clairvoyant / medium captures is above all the course of events from the state of mind – at the moment – when the consultant comes to see you.

In other words, the person comes to you with a certain state of mind.

This is what I will capture. And from there, I’m also going to be able to identify the events that will most likely unfold if the person stays in that state of mind. (Which is often the case).

Nevertheless (and this is why apart from the fact that we are not superhumans and that of course we are sometimes mistaken), according to the principle of impermanence, the human being can (at the cost of certain efforts, rigour… and faith) decide to change the course of his life and in fact, to change his state of mind.

Some will call it changing his fate. For my part, he has nothing.

Because everything is impermanence, and each one carries within him the power to change his life, his way of being and his state of mind.


The potential power of positive thinking

According to the theory behind the Law of Attraction, our thoughts and feelings have a significant impact on the people, things, and situations that we attract into our life.

Focusing on good thoughts and feelings can help us attract good experiences and results, whilst bad thoughts and feelings will help us attract bad experiences and results.

Despite the Law of Attraction’s seemingly straightforward theory, many individuals think it might be a potent tool for achieving the life they want.

People can take charge of their fate and create their own futures by developing a positive outlook and concentrating on their objectives and desires.



Can the Law of Attraction Change Destiny?

Nothing is therefore inevitable. It all depends on what you want.

Clairvoyance, therefore, allows you to glimpse where you are going about your current state of mind. It is a good indicator to warn you, reassure you, and alert you to major events that are going to occur.

The law of attraction when it comes to it allows whoever applies it to change the course of things

if he wants to. Some will tell you it’s easy.

I do not think so. Changing to align with what we want, to get closer to what we want to be, is a daily job.

This is why a little above I speak of efforts, rigour and faith.

Of course, clairvoyance helps to illuminate the path (obviously) we are going to go if we do not have the deep urge to change whatever it is that we are going through now.

And it is a very honourable choice as well. It also helps to focus on a possible path that we are going to take.

It can cause a click. Or quite simply prepare ourselves for what we are going to experience.


Because not everyone wants to change.

There are many reasons why we practice the principles of the law of attraction.

But some do not feel a deep need. Because changing is a risk.

A risk that can lead to many upheavals in his life. It is therefore something that must be evaluated, weighed … and above all felt as being right, as being the way that seems to us to be our current truth.

And this truth had better be strong to stay the course …


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Law of Attraction Helps to Reach Goals

The law of attraction is in my opinion useful to all those who set a specific goal at a time, and who give themselves body and soul in the hope of making this dream come true.

Who receive the clear message from their soul that they must move on. Who wants to change their mindset, their way of seeing things?

Change in depth. Set up a daily dynamic, daily work on yourself to bring about this change.

Clairvoyance allows us to crack the veil on where we are going from this moment T if nothing is changed in our way of thinking or believing. If we move forward as we are now.

They are therefore not opposed. For me, clairvoyance and the law of attraction are complementary. They both allow awareness and light a path … in a different way, and according to your own will.



Taking action to manifest your desires

While the Law of Attraction emphasizes the power of positive thinking, it’s important to remember that action is also a crucial component of manifesting your desires.

It is not sufficient to simply visualize your aspirations and ambitions; you must also take actual action to make them a reality.

This may involve setting specific goals, creating a plan of action, and taking consistent steps towards your desired outcome.

You may use the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you truly want by putting positive thinking and action together.


Balancing the Law of Attraction with personal responsibility

Although the Law of Attraction can be an effective tool for realizing your goals,

It’s crucial to keep in mind that personal responsibility also influences your fate.

Although you may not have entire control over your life, you do have complete power over the thoughts, actions, and reactions you have to the things that happen.

By taking ownership of your choices and actions, you can get a sense of empowerment and control over your life.

You may therefore be able to draw more fulfilling experiences and opportunities into your life as a result of this.

Therefore, even while the Law of Attraction can be a useful tool, it’s crucial to combine it with personal accountability and initiative.



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can the law of attraction change destiny
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