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Attract Abundance of Money – With Subliminal AFFIRMATION & MANTRA

Attract abundance of money

How do you attract abundance of money?

So, first of all, to begin with, we wanted to clarify that abundance is not based solely on a notion of money.

Attracting abundance is the ability we have to attract energy, attract positive waves, and attract all forms of wealth that may come to us.

And as proof, the United States.

In the United States, Americans have done various studies to show that beyond $ 80,000, there was no longer a correlation between happiness and the level of financial wealth.

So to consider abundance, in our definition, is to go far beyond talking about money, then talking about euros, then talking about dollars.

The first key to really getting started is saying that if you are in the energy of scarcity, you cannot attract abundance of money.


So what is the energy of lack?

The energy of lack is every time we have a thought where we think we are missing something.

Running out of money, running out of time, running out of contracts, running out of energy, lacking the positive, running out of gifts, running out lacking …

So, the moment you feel this energy of scarcity, there’s a good chance that abundance isn’t knocking on your door.

The first point is to spot this and try to transform your thoughts as they happen.

You have to put yourself in another energy. This is the first secret of abundance.

This is because we can set up techniques, but if we are always in the energy of lack, finally we do + and -, which makes 0.

What we see, what we observe on this subject, is that many phenomena are unconscious phenomena.

And there is something in particular that we often encounter, it is the fact of limiting access to abundance by loyalty.

That is to say that unconsciously, we can limit our income, and own access to wealth in all its forms only because:

  • either we don’t want to overshadow those around us,
  • or also because we have put in place mechanisms that make us link the fact of being a little behind, of not casting a shadow, with an ability to attract love.

But conversely, if you have too much money, then you take the risk of no longer being loved by your environment.

So simply, remember that unconsciously but by the loyalty that we can have vis-à-vis our loved ones, we can limit our access to money or abundance in all its forms.


7,000+ Money Images and Pictures [HD] - Pixabay - Attract abundance of money


A little Story

It’s a story that takes place in the desert, where finally people who have walked all day in the desert are sweating, and need to cool off a little.

And then they go back into the tent. And there, imagine that the guide says to them “Bah, thin! We have a problem with the water supply.

There are 10 of you, but we only have half a bottle left ”.

This question in everyone’s brains is “Am I going to have enough water for myself?” Will, I will be able to drink when I am thirsty? “.

There, we are in the energy of lack, that is to say, that we are only observing that perhaps, his glass will be empty.

Also, there are going to fight. There are going to be conflicts. There is going to be anger or there is going to be frustration.

So you see, all this energy and all that we can feel by looking at others, by comparing ourselves in particular.

Now imagine the reverse scenario, where the guide has 120 bottles of water in the tent because he has plenty of supplies.

And so, relations will improve since there will be water for everyone. So there will be no tension.

Well, that’s it, abundance, that is to say, that the abundance in one’s life is already mental.

And it is to allow oneself to feel abundant, and it fills your glass with water to the brim as often as possible.

You don’t have to drink it right away. He may be beside the table, but he is there, he is present.

I don’t have to have an empty glass to be like everyone else and feel better. I have the right to have a full glass.

And we now wanted to share with you the keys that ultimately aim to put us in this energy of abundance.


Keys to Attract Abundance of Money

Abundance is a shower

The first, which is at the same time symbolic I want to say, and which can also be considered energetic, is to imagine, in the morning for example when you take your shower, the abundance of a shower. of gold.

That is to say put yourself in a configuration of receiving the energy of gold, of densifying yourself of this energy, of being in a configuration where you are going to bathe in gold.

And that is the first key because it aims to work very deeply, very daily at the time of the morning shower, it aims to put you in the configuration of no longer being lacking.

So you see that you are working layers which are ultimately unconscious layers by putting yourself on a vibration, on energy which is that (and what more could you dream of) which is that of gold.

And gold not only in its material value, gold in its value I want to say multi-dimensional, access to wealth in all senses of the word wealth.


The second tip is to act “as if”.

It means to place yourself in the skin, in the body of someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve, because if you say to yourself “ah bah maybe I will have …”, implied today hui, you do not have and therefore you are in the energy of lack.

You see (that) the energy of lack, can be more pernicious than it seems.

So immediately place yourself in the behaviour, the clothes of a person who has already succeeded at the level you want to reach.

The idea is that your brain has to believe in this abundance because if you don’t believe in it, it can’t work.

And thank the universe as if you already have it all.

Thank you is important (you don’t say thank you enough in your life) because when you say thank you, you vibrate very positive waves that attract others.


Give and take

So the third point that we wanted to discuss with you is a point that revolves around giving, that is to say, that there is a law ultimately, a universal law that recognizes those who give.

And if you give, at some point you’re going to receive.

So the mechanics will not necessarily be: I give to someone and I receive from that person.

We are really in functioning, virtuous loops which are much more universal and much broader than functioning from individual to individual. But the more you give, the more you will receive.

And you can also practice giving, if that is your wish, to give more and more value, I want to say without expecting a return.

Train yourself to give, but to give I want to say with the heart, that is to say without expecting an immediate return.

And you will see that the virtuous spiral will take place all around you and that at some point you will start to receive.


Learn how to receive

Receiving is an energy that is very interesting because when we are in abundance, it is because we have received.

And many people do not know, no longer know how to receive, they are embarrassed. You see the trick.

So maybe that energy you need to pay attention to.

And there is to receive from others obviously, but learn to receive also from yourself.

Give yourself gifts.

Do not neglect this point because by giving yourself gifts, somewhere you are bringing yourself, love.

So you are explaining to your heart, to your brain that it is good to have some and that you would like to have more of it.


The fifth key to attract abundance of money

So the fifth point is a point that is quite interesting I find, which revolves around money, therefore the coins, the banknotes that we have physically on us.

And so, what’s interesting about not staying in the scarcity of energy we were talking about earlier is that you can practice putting yourself in a zone to expand your comfort zone by having more and more cash on you.

Why is this important?

Because it goes far beyond the relationship with a credit card.

But the idea is really to feed your pockets, your wallet, the wallet that’s in your purse if you’re a woman.

It is to get into the habit of increasing the amount you have in cash with you because of the simple fact of possessing this money physically, of possessing these notes physically, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 300 dollars, 400 dollars, which are large sums.

Depending on your scale, it’s up to you to determine them.

But in any case, what is important is to connect yourself with a sum of money which is a sum of money that takes you out of your zone.


The feeling and the visualization

To visualize, that is to say, is to think, therefore, to see images in your brain of what you would like to have, what you would like to achieve, who you would like to become and to see the life that we would have in those moments.

So you can sit back, quietly in an armchair, close your eyes and get in the mood to say “well there you go, I am visualizing new life. I live it ”.

And as you live it, feel it deep in your body, in your guts, in your heart.

And it is because you fully feel these emotions that little by little, you will imbue the brain with this because (and the heart). After all, the emotions, are in the limbic brain in particular, and the limbic brain. , that’s where the memory is too.

It’s like you’re going to create a new life for yourself without having it yet.

But we must believe in it, we must reason it in the present. It’s very important.


The idea of ​​being able to fill and be filled

So to continue, in this idea of ​​putting ourselves on the channel of abundance, there is a point, the seventh point, which seems very important to us.

It is the idea of ​​being able to fill and be filled.

So, if we are talking about food, it’s filling your fridge.

If we are talking about a car if we have a car, it is to fill its tank.

If you are in nature, it means being able to fill yourself with oxygen, images, feelings, and smells.

So you can see that in our daily life we ​​have many ways of putting ourselves on the channel of abundance.

So think about this idea, seventh point, complete.


The eighth is faith, determination

Believe in yourself. Have absolute confidence, day in and day out. It doesn’t matter what happens.

Continue, improve, and experience new concepts. Rise, learn.

Faith means saying that your project is bigger than yourself. So, it is to find its reason for being.

If you haven’t found your calling, you are encouraged to do so.

Don’t expect results today, or tomorrow. Continue at all costs.

Remember (Thomas) Edison: 10,000 tries before he succeeded in making his project.

So keep going and at some point, you will emerge and climb the Himalayas.



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Attract Abundance Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful way to use your mind to get whatever you want.

I now suggest you discover 41 Powerful Positive Affirmations.

These Affirmations have been selected to help you attract money more easily into your life.

When we focus on how to attract abundance of money, positive affirmations are a great tool to achieve our goals.

But first, you must know the 6 Key Principles that allow you to properly integrate Powerful Positive Affirmations into your subconscious.


Here are the 6 rules:

  1. Choose your favourite Affirmations, according to your desires.
  2. Relax – with the technique of how to hypnotize yourself.
  3. Do you often repeat your Affirmations to attract money at the 2 key times of the day when your subconscious is the easiest to reach:
  4. in the morning when you wake up
  5. in the evening before you fall asleep.
  6.  Positive your thoughts as much as possible.


41 Powerful Positive Affirmations

  • I like money.
  • Money comes freely to me
  • I deserve a lot of money.
  • Making money is quick and easy
  • I’m worth a lot of money
  • Money is a good thing
  • I want to earn… € per month
  • My financial situation is healthy and positive
  • I deserve a good salary
  • Now I am successful because I know what I want and I ask for it
  • I’m a magnet that attracts money
  • Money is my friend
  • I attract wealth into my life
  • Money allows me to do good
  • I always have more and more money
  • Now I know what to do to make money and I do
  • I believe in abundance, I desire abundance, I receive abundance
  • It’s easy for me to make money
  • I trust life and life gives me a lot
  • Day and night, my interests prosper
  • I believe in myself and my ability to make money
  • Money is at my service
  • I can create happiness with my money
  • Today I accomplish great humanitarian projects with my money
  • I am rich inside and out
  • Money comes in and goes out of my life honestly
  • I am financially free
  • Thank you for what I am, for what I have and for what is to come
  • I am rich and I help others to become rich
  • Right now I earn more money than I spend
  • I now have enough time, energy, wisdom and money to make all my desires come true
  • My financial comfort is increasing every day
  • I now have more money at my disposal than I need
  • Today I have the money to do whatever I want
  • I earn enough money to meet my needs
  • Today I earn money with joy and I feel good
  • I have the money to do whatever I want
  • Now I am constantly developing my income
  • I enjoy great financial prosperity
  • Life puts people in my path who allow me to progress financially
  • I make money doing what I love the most


Video: Attract abundance of money


The subliminal sounds are going to help you concentrate on the visualization to attract abundance of money and also to repeat the affirmations over and over.

Let the affirmations penetrate your subconscious and feel their power.




# 1 What does Draw in Wealth indicate?

Whereas wealth means plenty, or a huge quantity of anything such as Money, Wealth, Joy, Land, Natural Resources etc.

By the term “Bring in abundance” we refer to taking regular aware and also unmindful activities that guide more abundance into yourself.

Points like affirmations, abundance mindset, belief in global wealth, envisioning, focusing on abundance as opposed to scarcity or limiting ideas, are a few of the instances to attract abundance of money with the Law of Attraction


# 2 Connection of Wealth with Law of Attraction.

Ideas of abundance reply to comparable thoughts. Affluence within us and all around us is the secret of the law of attraction. It is this inexhaustible source of supply of success in our product life.

That way you will attract abundance of money or of anything you want.


# 3 Why people are not rich

The human race jointly is perfectly abundant. If particular people are poor, it is since they stay in a state of concern and also lack. They hesitate to request what they want, and they do not believe that they can get it.

They are not knowledgeable about the idea of universal wealth. Either they are not applying effectively the Law of Attraction or not applying it at all.


# 4 Why with Law of Attraction stop working to bring in Wealth

People ask for what they want when they are hopeless, or they ask on a begging note without thinking what they are asking for will be granted.

They tend to concentrate far more on what they don’t have instead of what they do have. Way too many individuals trap themselves right into poverty because they simply do not understand the infinity of deep space.

What individuals concentrate on is what they constantly draw in into their lives.


Find More about Money Manifestation




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