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Abundance Affirmations – Using Most Powerful Affirmations

Abundance affirmations have been around for quite some time.

However, it is only recently that they have become popular with many people. It seems that people are looking for more than just basic affirmation.

They want to be able to feel the abundance in their lives and to know that they deserve it.

In terms of the LAw of Attraction, when we talk about the abundance we mean it spiritually.

What does spiritual abundance imply?

In a spiritual context, abundance or plenty is less about material situations and more about an appreciation of life in all of its fullness, joy, and vigour of mind, body, and soul (once fundamental requirements are fulfilled). This is the practice of cultivating reverence for the universe’s creative energy.

So we want an abundance of money, love, success, luxury, good life, etc.

Abundance affirmations are going to help you get anything you want when you use them properly.



How to use abundance affirmations

There are many ways to use affirmations.

You can do them out loud or silently. You can do them while meditating or while doing your daily activities.

The most important thing is to make sure that you get the message across clearly.

If you don’t, then you won’t get the results that you desire.


How do you affirm abundance?

Affirmations are not magic.

They are tools that you can use to help you create the life that you desire.

There are many things that you need to consider when using affirmations. These include:


1. The right words.

Your affirmations need to be powerful and effective. They need to be written in a way that is easy to understand.


2. The right tone.

Your affirmations need to have the right tone. They should be spoken with confidence and belief.


3. The right time.

Your affirmations need to happen at the right time. They need to be said at the right time.


4. The right environment.

Your affirmations need to take place in the right environment. You should be in a quiet, calm place where you will not be disturbed.


5. The right energy.

Your affirmations need to come from a place of peace and love. This will help you to create a positive energy field around yourself.


6. The right attitude.

Your affirmations need to match your attitude. You must believe that they will happen.

You must have a positive attitude towards your affirmations.


7. The right action.

Your affirmations need to inspire you to take action. You must take action so that you can see the results.


8. The right timing.

Your affirmations need to coincide with the right time. You must be ready for them.


9. The right place.

Your affirmations need to occur in the right place. You must be able to focus on what you want to achieve.


10. The right people.

Your affirmations need to involve the right people. They need to involve those who are going to support you.


11. The right circumstances.

Your affirmations need to create the right circumstances. They need to be in line with what you want to achieve. You need to make sure that the circumstances are right for you.


12. The right feeling.

Your affirmations need to produce the right feeling. You need to feel good about what you are saying.


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Do prosperity affirmations work?

Affirmations that are done correctly and combined with other approaches can make a significant effect.

The wrong affirmations, uttered incorrectly and improperly used, will be entirely unproductive and can lead to disaster in your life.

So, how can you properly use the appropriate affirmations to attain the results you want?

Your subconscious mind receives instructions from your thoughts.

Thoughts that are repeated frequently become beliefs. After a while, you begin to believe what you think over and over again.

Now, just because you think you might get into a car accident doesn’t imply you will.

However, if you BELIEVE you will be involved in a car accident, there is a good probability you will.

You must believe affirmations for them to be effective.

This is why most affirmations are ineffective: most people say them but don’t believe them.

However, if you write the appropriate affirmations, apply them effectively, and employ other tactics to assist you to believe the affirmations you say on a regular basis, affirmations can work.

Here’s an example of a weak affirmation that will almost certainly have no effect.

“Money flows to me freely and readily,” I’ve heard people say over and over, only to be disappointed by the consequences.

Why isn’t this affirmation working for you?

First and foremost, money does not flow. It’s not a river, and your mind has trouble relating to the idea of money flowing.


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How can I attract money to my life?

Money is something you work for and earn. Money is exchanged.

You provide something in exchange for money; even winning the lottery needs you to offer money in exchange for a ticket with a chance of winning.

You don’t see money flowing, and your mind can’t accept that it does because there isn’t a reference point to suggest it does.

In order for the affirmation to be effective, your mind must be able to accept and trust it, which necessitates the use of a reference point.

You can begin to believe your affirmation once you have a reference point that supports it, something that your mind can look to in order to back it up.

For example, it’s tough to accept an affirmation like “I’m a millionaire” until you’ve been a millionaire before.

Create the correct affirmations if you want affirmations to work.

Make sure your affirmations are specific and have a strong foundation. Your affirmations should be credible, therefore back them up with specific instances of how they might be achieved.

Thoughts are affirmations, and your thoughts are affirmations.

So, if you constantly tell yourself terrible things or think negative thoughts, you’re actually giving your subconscious mind unfavourable instructions.


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How do I affirm my manifestation?

Abundance affirmations are set to attract plenty of whatever you want.

Every time you focus your attention on something, the attraction starts working.

So the first thing is to have clear what is that you want.

There might be a lot of things but you need a starting point.  You have to start just with one thing.

You can use affirmations in any area of your life. Some examples include:

1. In business – You can use affirmations to improve your sales, increase your profits and expand your business.

2. In health – You can use affirmations for better health, increased energy and improved vitality.

3. In relationships – You can use affirmations in order to improve your relationships, strengthen your marriage and improve your family life.

4. In finances – You can use affirmations so that you can get rid of debt, create financial freedom and live an abundant lifestyle.

5. In career – You can use affirmations if you want to achieve success in your career, become a leader, increase your income and achieve financial freedom.

6. In self-improvement – You can use affirmations when you want to become a better person, improve your life, overcome fears and improve your mental abilities.

7. In spirituality – You can use affirmations as part of your spiritual journey. You can use them to achieve your spiritual growth, connect with your higher power and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

8. In happiness – You can use affirmations on a regular basis to increase your joy, happiness and inner peace.

9. In personal development – You can use affirmations whenever you want to change your behaviour, improve your performance and become a better person.



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What do you say when manifesting abundance?

As I said before, using affirmations is a very powerful tool.

It can help you to achieve anything that you desire.

So creating your abundance affirmations is a process that starts with all the points shown above; the right words, the right timing, etc.

A good recommendation is always to check your phrases make sense to you.

Use your own language, expressions, slags and whatever makes you feel comfortable.

There are so many examples you might get inspiration from.  In this article, I share a guide on how to create abundance affirmations with examples.



Video: abundance affirmations




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