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7 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening for Real

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Are you seeing the signs of a spiritual awakening?

Before you try to answer you might ask what spiritual awakening means and you are not the only one with that question.

The term “spiritual awakening” creates a lot of confusion and in this post, I am going to try to make things clear.


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What is the spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is a process we all experiment with sooner or later in our lives.

Jessica Dimas in her blog provides a crystal clear definition:

A spiritual awakening, quite simply, is when you have strong desire and come into alignment with that desire–with your own Being, with the Universe, with your Soul.

So that indicates you surely have experimented or will experiment with many spiritual awakenings in your life.

It is said that the process creates confusion and even some pain in us.

“There´s have to be more than this in life” is a frequently thought that makes us doubt our lives and circumstances.

But don´t be afraid, that is part of the process and you will leave strengthened and with a more excellent vision of your role in life.


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Signs of a Spiritual Awakening for Real

Jose Bulao  wrote:

The signs of a spiritual awakening are similar to the signs of a physical awakening when we try to get out of bed.

That is an excellent example to understand the subject.

If we go deeper, we are going to find many similarities between them.


Physical Signs, Spiritual Signs

First off, in the physical awakening, we get to a factor in our awareness when we are no longer pleased with just relaxing in bed.

We are tired of just resting. Our body is informing us to rise.

The sign here is the agitation we feel as we depend on the bed. This agitation delicately presses us to get up.

So also, in the spiritual awakening, we realise that we are no more satisfied with the state of our spiritual life. Our spirit is telling us to proceed.

These are the signs of spiritual awakening.

We are not pleased with our state of spirituality. We want to rise above our present level of spirituality.


Daylight and Inner Light

Secondly, in physical awakening, the light being dropped over our eyes by the early rays of the sunlight (if we are not oversleeping in a room near to inbound light) would certainly activate the nerves around our face to tell us that it is morning already and that we need to awaken and do our job.

The indication here is the flash of light over our face, first faint, however, it gets brighter as the morning moves on.

So likewise in spiritual stirring up,  the light from the Spirit, who brings to birth all various other spirits, would certainly radiate on our spirits to indicate to us that it is already the morning of our spiritual life and that we have job to do.

The indicator below is the enlightenment of the Spirit falling upon our consciousness, telling us that it is time to get up from our spiritual sleep and rise to do the job he has appointed us to do.



Thirdly, in the physical awakening, we get up because in the rear of our consciousness we have intended already a job to be done throughout that day.

Generally during the evening before we rest we are thinking about our work for the next day.

So when early morning comes, our mind remembers this work and we are brought about to get up to do this work, whether that job becomes part of our day-to-day regimen or something that is out of the normal regimen.

So also in spiritual stirring up the indicator that we are going to stir up emotionally is that our spiritual awareness informs us that there are many jobs to be provided for others worldwide.

And so we awaken emotionally. We pertain to our spiritual detects, as it were.


Danger Alarms

Furthermore, in physical awakening in some cases, we are stirred up because there is a danger that encounters us.

Someone is shouting that a home has ignited or a break-in is taking place. We are stirred up by strange audio and we rise to see what the meaning of this odd sound is.

This might be accompanied by a state of confusion.

So likewise in the spiritual awakening, we might be awakened by someone shouting at our spirits that there is danger around.

This shouting may come from a preacher who informs us that we are in danger of getting lost in our lives, we are slipping away from the meaning of our existence.

It might come from a book we are silently checking out, telling us that the earth is being engulfed in risk of tremendous percentage.

The sign here is this shouting of threat heard by our spirits. This threat may be the occurrence of improbity around.

Because of this, somebody prays for it, a kind of yelling to heaven, an acknowledgement of transgressions as well as failures.

Confusion might occur yet enlightenment follows with the spiritual awakening.


Physical and Spiritual Senses

In an area of congested individuals resting, such as in a transport incurable or a discharge facility, we get up because we notice someone else has currently wakened up and quickly all the others will certainly be stirred up additionally.

We do not intend to be the last to wake up. So we get up. The indicator here is the activity of the very first risers from sleep.

So also in spiritual awakening, others wake up ahead of us and we read about them or read about them as well as we likewise want to awaken emotionally, that is.

We wonder what this spiritual awakening is that is occurring to other individuals. And also we do not intend to be the last to wake up emotionally.

The indicator here is the campaign of these leaders in spiritual awakening.

Throughout the globe, spirituality has become a favoured subject of discussion, especially amongst sociologists and company individuals.

We do not wish to be the last to make use of these new advancements in society and also the business globe.


Inner Signs

In physical awakening, we might be awakened by cravings and/or thirst.

We feel we are starving and also we require to awaken, increase and prepare something for breakfast.

The indicator here is our feeling of physical hunger.

This sensation tells us it is time to awaken. Those who have consumed alcohol the evening prior would certainly feel dehydrated in the early morning.

A mug of cold water or another round of alcohol is what they crave, now that they are problem drinkers.

So likewise in the spiritual awakening, we feel spiritual hunger or spiritual thirst, our spirits are starving for better points in life.

Not just more of this world’s items such as wide range, or physical enjoyment or fame.

Our spirits are longing for the worths that eventually matter, like withstanding love, incorporating care for the setting, and compassion for the disadvantaged in life.


Discovery and Adventure

Finally, if we get on a tour or school trip on a high hill we may be awakened by a need to see the lovely view around us.

We can hardly await the initial touches of dawn to expose the appeal of the plain before us.

So additionally in the spiritual awakening, we may have begun an experience in the walk of the spirit and also we can barely wait for the unfolding of this spirit before our eyes, therefore, we awaken spiritually to witness this grandeur presenting its wonder within us.

The sign of spiritual awakening here is the need to contemplate this spiritual appeal within us.

We wish to experience our oneness with others and the entire universe.


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7 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

In summary, these are the most relevant 7 signs of spiritual awakening:

1) spiritual uneasiness, discontentment with our state of spirituality;
2) the enlightenment of the Spirit coming across us, enlightening our existence;
3) the awareness of work for others, not for our very own just, a feeling of goal;
4) the shouting of threat heard by our spirits;
5) there is a campaign of others in spiritual awakening;
6) the feeling of spiritual hunger or spiritual thirst, our spirits are hungry for much better values in life;
7) the wish to contemplate the spiritual appeal within us.

Currently, these seven indicators can be skilled separately or socially.

It can be experienced by someone or by a group of persons and even a whole country.

A nation can be so dissatisfied with the spiritual state of its residents that people will begin to pray for its stirring up emotionally.

This happened to England throughout George Whitefield and also the Wesley Brothers in the 18th century.

A prophet might emerge as well as scream that there is a risk to the country or the churches.

And afterwards, pockets of people hear this shouting. This occurred to A. W. Tozer, the prophet of the 20th century.

Today we are taking advantage of the shouting of this prophet.

As well as shall we take place to state the appeal of the inner awareness revealed to us by Eckhart Tolle of our times.

All at once,  more than 2 million individuals,  participated in a workshop series last 2008 hosted by Oprah Winfrey online about the coming forth of brand-new earth, called “the very first globe mentor seminar, at no cost, online!”?

Spiritual awakening is happening throughout us. The signs of a spiritual awakening are all there!

Woe to the person who goes on oversleeping these amazing times of the Spirit.


Video: More Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

I want to share this video from Melanie Kate Love where she offers more clues about the signs of a spiritual awakening.

In this video, she shares her experience of her spiritual awakening journey.


Is the Spiritual Awakening Painful?

We already talked about the confusion and sometimes, anguish you can experiment in the process, but don´t worry.

Going back to Jessica Dimas, she states :

The main reason why painful events can trigger what many call a “spiritual awakening” is because a person is forced to let go of control. In this state, they realize the magnitude of life, love and everything that they are.

Every time we have to move from our comfort zone, there is a little pain in it.

But as you have read above, this is just a part of the process.

On the other hand, you may not feel any pain, trouble or anguish at all.  Your spiritual awakening process could be joyful.

If you want to start your spiritual awakening, check this training program that is going to help you make the process easier:


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Are You Experiencing Spiritual Awakening?

Now you know what the signs of a spiritual awakening are.

So the next time it seems like your life has struck a barricade or you are amazed by old problems, take heart in recognizing that also though it could seem like a breakdown, it’s deep space prodding you to see it as an innovation as well as realign with your highest capacity.

Anyway, as a summary here are the usual signs that what you are experiencing is probably a spiritual awakening:

  • You observe old problems, obstacles, as well as issues you thought, were long solved, and start resurfacing.

So you find yourself confused concerning the course you are on as well as you deal with distorted thinking.

Also, if you feel like you have been knocked off the training course, shed your ground, instructions or momentum.

  • You experience waves of extreme emotions.

Also, you go from rejoicing, depressing, angry, lonesome, scared, joyful, and back again, sometimes in a reasonably brief period.

  • You discover different levels of energy as well as sleep patterns alter.

For sure you might feel restless, yet still have lots of energy or you feel wide awake, although you may not have had much rest.

  • Your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection heightens and also you feel a desire to be healthier as well as to live a much healthier, much more well-balanced way of living.

All Your eating behaviours, as well as tastes, change and you start to naturally support your body via exercise, making favourable modifications concerning your physical existence.

  • You start seeing physical sensations.

Sensations like: shivers, goose-bumps, cools, tingles, hair standing on end, pressure, vibration or humming around your pineal eye and crown chakras.

  • You start having terrific flashes of insight, ideas, understanding and also expanded reasoning.

Notice that you are flooded with information, data and an understanding of just how things function.

Unexpectedly intricate subjects make good sense. You have limitless creative thinking, inspiration and motivation.

  • You start to discover a sense of deep, profound love, compassion and also compassion for others and also the world you live in.

Suddenly you feel in service to others.

  • Your 6th sense is triggered and you come to be intuitively conscious of the subtle energies that border you.

You observe flashes of light, shadows, balls of light, movement in your peripheral vision or grids of relocating energy.

Maybe you hear your name being called, voices, humming or buzzing in your ears.

You may scent fleeting odours like smoke and also fragrances or have the feeling a person is near you.

These are all indicators of our spirit guides and divine allies disclosing their visibility.

  • You begin discovering indications, symbols and also messages that talk straight to you that before you were incapable to recognize or understanding.

You discover repeating patterns, numbers and images and you comprehend the meaning behind this info.

  • Synchronicities, coincidences and happenstance begin taking place for you increasingly more.

The right people, circumstances and also conditions enter your experience that assists your goals and reveals you are on the ideal course.

  • Your instinct starts clarifying the parts of yourself that no more serve you

There is a wish to break away from limiting patterns, restricting ideas, and bad habits as well as screwing up actions that have ended up being roadblocks.

You start to make invasions to allow go of the important things that are standing in the way.

  • Your view of yourself as well as the globe changes.

At some point you view yourself in different ways concerning your location in it, and also you begin running from this expanded perspective.

Subsequently, the world begins replying to you differently and you begin seeing indications of deep space conspiring to offer you all you are straightened with.

  • You start developing trust in yourself and much deeper recognizing, that whatsoever times, you are protected as well as directed to your greatest good and function.






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