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4 Mind Bending Facts About Your Brain That Will Change Reality

4 Mind Bending Facts About Your Brain

The brain is a very powerful machine, but the ability to transform everything about a person’s reality.

Every second of every day, it takes in a tremendous amount of information.

When is in, compares this information with the data, it has previously stored to create a perception at any given moment.

We know how the brain works. We have new information to work with to create new outcomes.


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4 Mind Bending Facts About Your Brain

Visualization expands your field of perception you may have already heard that simply imagining something is a great way to create a new future.

Studies show that when a person uses visualization the brain will create an anticipatory signal this act puts us one step ahead of the brain’s normal processing.

The brain is constantly deciding about sounds and visual stimuli and the meaning behind them.

Let me create a visual image and our mind and combined it with any other sensory perception. It becomes more important to the brain.

What’s the repetition of this type of imagined act the brain calculates it as having value and it goes to work to help you notice the qualities of your visualization in your field of perception?

In another word, you begin to observe more things that relate to this visualization and have an increased chance of actually experiencing it as a part of your life because your brain seeks it out.


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The brain can Make Changes

You can build muscle lose weight increase endurance and even change your body temperature with your brain.

Much like the previous fact, the mere Act of imagining exercise can cause a person’s body to respond as if they were doing so depending on the type of visualization and the repetition of it

Studies have proven that using the imagination in this way can result in strengthening muscles improving weight loss and increasing the duration of physical activity.

More so just adding the task of doing mental puzzles while performing physical exercise tricks the brain into believing that the exercise is more demanding than it is.

When this is done regularly Studies have shown that it can improve overall Fitness more than just exercising alone.

Research also shows that you can lose weight just by visualizing exercise sufficiently enough that your brain believes. You have been performing the task.

Additionally, there was a study performed in 1985 by a Harvard doctor named Herbert Benson to wear in his research showed that monks who practised a form of meditation that presumably generates heat change the temperature of their bodies.

These marks were wrapped in cold towels and used meditation to fully dry the towels with the temperature of their bodies in record time.

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4 Mind Bending Facts About Your Brain - Multicolored Abstract Painting


Your brain is always learning changing and rewiring itself

This means that you can change any aspect of your life by understanding how to use your brain effectively.

Thought is a physical pathway in the brain. The more you have the same thought the more you strengthen that pathway.

This is why meditation imagination and positively reframing negative events can have a lasting impact on how the brain views life stores information and creates neural networks that assist a person and having an overall healthier and happier life.

He’s also no such thing as knowing too much or learning so much that you can’t retain any more information.

Your brain doesn’t have a finite space for storage like your computer or smartphone.

We can build our cognitive function through new learning and new experiences.

Individuals who challenged and strengthen their brains have been shown to have better coping skills and an overall happier way of living.

And those who meditate regularly demonstrate a greater ability to recall information faster screen out mental noise and have a working memory that searches and finds information more quickly and efficiently opening them up to a new reality of experience.


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Visual brains have greater storage capacity than our linguistic brains

We store information visually we can recall it much faster.

An easy way to prove this to yourself is by visualizing the inside of your home. When you mentally walk to your house, you can see where every room piece of furniture picture plant or trinket is.

All the details are easily accessible and it’s a very large amount of information that your brain is stored.

If you want to improve your memory, especially when trying to remember something you read creating a mental picture will increase your chances of recalling it later.

This is a great way to generate positive affirmations that not only last but that your brain stores for later retrieval.

For example, if you say I am worthy of having a life that I dream of convert that affirmation into an image of you having the life you dream of.

The next time you say it or hear someone else say it your brain will easily be able to recall an image of you living the life of your dreams and Azan is the first tip.

This will make it easier for your brain to seek out this type of life for you and bring it into your field of perception.

Our brains hold an awesome power with the ability to Transform Our Lives.

It has many important functions that we often don’t realize that we need much more than just a memory or intelligence to enjoy our lives.

It’s important to learn how to enhance and improve a variety of brain functions. If we are to consciously create the type of life.

We want to live. Your brain is a magnificent tool just waiting for you to take conscious control of it and use it to your advantage.

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Video: 4 Mind-Bending Facts About Your Brain


Date: 2018-10-28 15:11:13

In this video are 4 mind-bending facts about your brain that will change your reality.

The brain is a very powerful machine with the ability to transform everything about a person’s reality.

When we know how the brain works, we have new information to work with to create new, future outcomes.

Through new knowledge, we can eliminate any mysteries of the brain and begin to use our minds to manifest anything we want from life.

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4 Mind-Bending Facts About Your Brain

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